10 Nigerian companies that hire remote workers

Remote work opportunities have become very popular in the world today, and Nigeria is not too far behind. Remote work is convenient and cost-saving for both employers and employees, which is why it is not surprising that the remote work world continues to grow. 

There are so many benefits to remote work for both the employer and the employee. Remote work lowers overhead costs incurred by companies, increases productivity, and provides employers access to a broader pool of candidates. For employees, remote work means better flexibility, work-life balance, cost, and time-saving. 

Nigerian companies that hire remote workers

Several companies are hiring remote workers in Nigeria, and the list keeps growing. If you’re interested in working remotely in Nigeria, then it is in your best interests to explore the companies below: 

1. Paystack

Paystack is a Nigerian fintech company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, that offers payment processing services to businesses. In 2020, Paystack was acquired for $200M by an Irish-American financial services company called Stripe. 

To attract top talents to its workforce, Paystack offers remote work opportunities. There are several roles available for remote workers in Paystack including customer support, engineering, sales, marketing, and product management. With the remote work opportunities Paytech offers, geographical constraints no longer hinder professionals from attaining their dream jobs in Paystack. 

2. Flutterwave

Founded in 2016 by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Adeleke Adekoya, and Olugbenga Agboola (current CEO), Flutterwave is a Nigerian fintech company that provides a payment infrastructure for merchants and payment service providers across Africa. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California with operations in Nigeria and 10 other African countries. 

Flutterwave has made great strides in making itself a leader in the financial technology space with its innovative payment infrastructure. The company continues to achieve new heights thanks to the hard work and expertise of its diverse team members. Flutterwave has also embraced remote work, providing Nigerians with opportunities to work from anywhere in the country. 

Flutterwave offers remote job opportunities across various departments and roles, including positions like software development, customer support, project management, marketing, and sales. 

3. Cowrywise

A key player in the digital wealth management space is Cowrywise, which is a Nigerian fintech startup. The company is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria and offers money management and investment services to its users.

Cowrywise is also one of the companies in Nigeria that offer remote work opportunities, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the country. The company offers remote job opportunities in various areas, including customer support, software development, marketing, and operations. 

4. Reliance HMO

Reliance HMO is a Nigerian health insurance company that uses “software, data science, and telemedicine to make health insurance delightful, affordable and easier to access”. They eliminate all the stress and inconvenience involved in obtaining health insurance in Nigeria. 

To contribute to the growth and accessibility of health insurance services across the country, Reliance HMO has created a flexible work environment to empower Nigerian professionals through their remote work opportunities. Reliance HMO offers remote job opportunities in various departments, including customer service, sales, software development, and administrative roles.  

5. Hotels.ng

One of the leading hotel booking platforms in Nigeria is Hotels. ng, which is an online travel agency that helps customers book hotel rooms online, provides recommendations and supports clients to ensure that they have a smooth hotel booking process.

Hotels. ng provides remote work opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the travel and hospitality industry. They embrace a remote work culture that allows employees to work from anywhere in Nigeria promoting flexible work arrangements, work-life balance, and geographical independence, and attracting talented individuals from all over the country. Remote job opportunities are offered in specific positions such as customer support, content creation, and digital marketing. 

6. BuyPower.ng

BuyPower.ng is an online platform in Nigeria that enables you to conveniently pay your electricity bills online anywhere you are. They make paying utility bills convenient and offer several other benefits to customers including the option to buy electricity on credit and pay back within 14 days; they make the management of electricity in private estates and communities easier by providing a vending system; and they offer a merchant program offering commission on every sale.

BuyPower.ng offers remote work opportunities to Nigerian professionals for roles such as customer support representatives, sales executives, and software developers. 

7. Konga

Founded in July 2012 and headquartered in Gbagada, Lagos, Konga is a leading Nigerian e-commerce platform. It offers a third-party online marketplace where Nigerians can buy and sell goods and services. It also works as a first-party direct retail platform where various categories of consumer goods are sold. Konga also has a logistics service called EXPRESS, which it uses to ship and deliver packages to customers.

Konga offers remote work opportunities to enable Nigerians to work from anywhere they want. They hire remote workers for various roles, including digital marketing, content creation, customer service, and logistics coordination. 

8. PiggyVest

One of the most secure online saving platforms in Nigeria is PiggyVest, which serves as both a digital savings and investment platform. PiggyVest was launched in January 2016, as the first online savings and investment app in West Africa. 

To leverage a greater pool of candidates and to help individuals to achieve their financial goals, PiggyVest hires remote workers in several positions such as software engineering, data analysis, customer support, and content creation. 

9. SystemSpecs

SystemSpecs is a Nigerian online payment and financial services company known for developing Remita, a popular payment platform. It was founded in 1991 by John Obaro and is currently headquartered in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The company offers remote positions such as software development, quality assurance, technical support, and project management. 

10. Prospa

Prospa is a Nigerian fintech startup that offers digital banking solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The company had achieved great success thanks to the hard work and talents of its vast pool of employees, including remote workers. They hire remote workers for roles such as software engineering, data analysis, marketing, customer support, and finance. 


For Nigerians interested in working remotely, companies abroad are not your only options as several companies in Nigeria also hire remote workers. To ensure that your remote work search is successful, you should make sure to make adequate research on the roles you’re interested in. Submit a well-crafted resume and cover letter, and ensure to ace your interview, then you can reap the benefits of remote work including, flexibility, cost saving, work-life balance, and many more. 

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