How to find a web search evaluator job from Google and others

Working as a web search evaluator for big brands like Google and others is one of the best ways to make money online from the comfort of your home. You are not just making money online, you are making a big impact in one of the most popular industries on the internet – search engines.

But becoming a web search evaluator is not as easy as it sounds. It takes determination and commitment. The good news is, it pays! You can make a good income working as a web search evaluator.

What is a web search evaluator job about?

The web search evaluator job also known as search engine evaluator, internet assessor, ads quality rater, or internet judge involves checking and analyzing search engine’s content to ensure quality.

This job is important for search engines because they want to ensure that search engine results are quality and meet what people are searching for. As you may know, on a regular, search engines are run by algorithms. But it is consumed by humans. So there is a need for humans to regularly check to ensure it meets expectations.

Popular search engines take this very seriously. Many other companies outside Google recruit people for this position and ultimately get them to work for Google and other search engines.

These jobs do not require any major qualification, but in some cases, qualifications maybe requested mostly a major qualification like a degree is not a requirement.

How to become a web search evaluator

Here are the steps you should take to become a web search evaluator:

1. Be an active user of Google search and other search engines

Your work will be about search engines. So you should be a regular user of it before you ever think of becoming a search engine evaluator. Because you will be asked questions relating to it in the process. So make sure, you use search engines as much as you can.

2. Get familiar with your language and culture

Understanding a second language is a big advantage. It could be Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Swahili, Afrikaans or whatever your local language is. That is because one of the goals of having a web search evaluator for search engines is to ensure the quality of search in relation to local people in different places. You should be able to understand the culture too.

However, there are positions of those who only understand English.

3. Ensure you have a working computer and internet

Since this job is a work-at-home job, you will need to have access to a computer and phone that are connected to the internet. It is very important. Because that will be your office. Where you work always.

4. Apply

You will need to look for a suitable company and apply to work. We will run down a list of companies that you can apply to, keep reading.

5. Study and pass exams

After your application has been accepted. Usually, you will be given study material to read and sit for exams online. Typically, you will be given about seven days to study and prepare for exams. Exams usually come in two types, First the theory and later the practical.

You will be given about seven days or so depending on the company to finish exams. This is not fixed, it depends on who you are working for.

6. Start working!

Once you have passed your exams, you are ready to start working. You will be notified as projects become available. You are paid from $7 to $25 per hour deepening on your location.

If you fail exams, you may be given an opportunity to retake them again. That is depending on the company.

Where to Find Web Search Evaluator Jobs.


Google is definitely one of the biggest companies in the world. They offer you the opportunity to make money working with them as a search engine evaluator. They usually refer to Web Search Evaluators as Ad Quality Raters.

You will be provided guidelines and  you are expected as a Ad Quality Rater to provide feedback on search results. Payment are made weekly and you will have to sign a Non disclosure agreement.

You need to have a good understanding of Google products.

Google recruit directly but mostly use third parties like others listed on this page to recruit. You can go to the Google career page here. And also use other third party companies listed here.


Lionbridge refers to its evaluators as personalized ads evaluators or internet accessors.  They also have numerous other jobs that are very related.

As an internet accessor, your job is to evaluate the quality of search results. They are a big name in the industry and work with many industry giants.

Job opportunities are frequently listed on the website, you can check to see if you qualify. Go here.


Appen is a very popular name in the internet evaluation industry. They offer you the opportunity to work remotely from your home and make good money. You should be good with your culture and legally able to work from there.

Also, you are expected to have a good knowledge of social media. You need to search for jobs and apply! To work with Appen go here.

They recently acquired another giant, Leapforce. This has made them even stronger and bigger.


ZeroChaos is a good option too to make money from your home working as an internet evaluator. But the problem is they only consider people from the United States.

If you find yourself in the US and will want to work with them, check them out

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