How to become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram and get paid

Blogging can be a very fast and profitable way to build a brand and make money. Fashion bloggers especially have been able to make money on Instagram by showing people how to shop, where to shop and how to mix and match outfits. Starting a blog on Instagram is easier than starting a blog on Blogger or WordPress. Instagram fashion blogging has also become a career for stylish people. You can become a fashion blogger on Instagram and make money.

Nigerian bloggers such as Denola Grey, Angel Obasi, Chicamastyle and Marii Pazz have built careers for themselves posting outfit ideas on Instagram. There are 10 steps to creating a fashion blog on Instagram and they are outlined as below.


Steps to become a fashion blogger on Instagram

Follow these steps to become a fashion blogger on Instagram:

1. Download the Instagram app

You can easily download the Instagram app on the Apple Store if you use an iPhone or Google Play if you use an Android smartphone. Then, install the app.

2. Create an Instagram account

Launch the app and click on the sign up button and follow the instructions.

3. Choose a niche

Fashion blogging has many sub niches such as plus size fashion, denim fashion, 20s style, work wear etc. Choose the niche that resonates with your personal style, that you can easily create content around. If you are plus size for example, you can plus size fashion and show curvy women how to look stylish regardless of their size. choosing the right niche is critical to becoming a fashion blogger on Instagram

4. Choose a username

Choosing a name for your Instagram fashion blog can be quite tricky. Any name you choose is the way you will be known by. Therefore, it is very important you choose a name that you like. It can be quite difficult to change your name if you have built a brand around the previous name.

5. Decide which type of content you want to create

You can create images, videos or both.

6. Create a posting schedule

Being consistent on Instagram is key to your growth on the platform. Decide if you want to post daily or weekly. However, it is best if you post on your Instagram fashion blog everyday.

7. Choose an Instagram theme

Your Instagram theme is basically the look or feel an Instagram user gets when he/she visits your page. If your fashion account is about girly style, your feed can be colourful.  If you are a minimalist that loves to wear neutrals like black and white, your feed can be cool with a lot of grey, white and black colours. A user interested in fashion content can easily decide if he/she  will click the like or follow button. If such an Instagram user finds your content appealing, you gain a new follower. The easiest way to create a great Instagram theme is to use ready-made instagram templates.

8. Convert your fashion account into a business account

By default, new accounts on Instagram are personal accounts. However, as a fashion blogger, you should convert to a business account. A business account gives you access to your analytics. You easily view impressions on your account and photos or videos. You know how many people visited, their genders – male or female and their locations. This helps you tailor your content and make it better suited to your followers.

9. Follow other accounts only in your niche

Strictly follow only similar accounts. This is very crucial to the growth of your Instagram page. It is best if you only follow Instagram fashion blog accounts like yours. This exposes you to other fashion bloggers and other Instagram users who are interested in fashion content. Therefore, the accounts that come across your page are likely to follow you because they  love fashion content. You also become a part of the fashion community. Who you follow and the account you engage with determines who or what appears on your explore page.

10. Promote your fashion blog

You can run sponsored posts or ads on Instagram pages with large followings to promote your content to other people. Nobody knows you unless you advertise to potential followers who might be interested in your content.

How to get paid on Instagram

There are two major ways to get paid on Instagram:

1. Affiliate programs

You can make money via affiliate programs such as Jumia and get 3% of every sale you make.

2. Sponsorships

You can also work with brands and get paid a fee to promote their products.

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