How to make money on Twitter (Complete Guide)

If you have been searching for how to make money on Twitter, you are in the right place. In this article, we will look deeply at how to make money on Twitter. Hopefully, you can apply these methods and start earning money.

Why Twitter is a good platform to make money

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks with over 300 million active users every month. This makes it a very lucrative platform to make money. People are everything. Wherever you find lots of people in one place, there are definitely big opportunities to make money. And that is what Twitter offers everyone, a platform with millions of people in one place.

There are many ways you can make money on Twitter. You can become an official Twitter partner, you can make money on the platform with Affiliate marketing, Sponsored tweets and more. Just keep reading, we will be sharing it all. Nothing to hold back.

Before trying out these methods, try to grow your Twitter followers. Use hashtags such as #Followerback #FollowForFollow #FollowFriday to find people who are willing to follow you back.

Join conversations, tweet about trending topics. Retweet and favourite people’s tweet to increase your following.

How to make money on Twitter

Below are ways to make money on Twitter

1. Become a Twitter official partner

Twitter offers companies the opportunity to partner with it and help handle issues with its numerous customers. If run a company that specializes in marketing and ad technology, you can become Twitter’s Official Data Partner. This is a very good and beneficial partnership if your organization qualifies.

However, the terms to become Twitter Official Data Partner changes regularly. There are times when it is open to everyone and times it is on an invite-only basis. You can read more and keep in touch and apply here.

If you have a marketing team or specialize in ad technology and you are looking at how to make money on Twitter, this is for you.

2. Sponsored tweets

You can actually make money tweeting. There are companies, organizations and brands that are willing to pay you money to tweet. This is actually one of the most popular ways if you are looking at how to make money on Twitter.

Celebrities and famous people on Twitter make a lot of money tweeting sponsored tweets. Averagely, famous celebrities make over $10, 000 per tweet! That is unbelievable, right? But that is the power of Twitter.

However, it is not only celebrities that can make money tweeting, there are opportunities for everyone. As long as you are active on Twitter and continually building your followership, you can make money tweeting.

Go to Sponsored Tweets and open an account. Once you create an account, you can set how much you want to charge per tweet. The website will match you with big brands and you make money.

Additionally, as you become famous on Twitter, big brands will likely contact you directly to send sponsored tweets.

This one is for you if you are looking at how to make money on Twitter tweeting.

3. Affiliate marketing

You can make money on Twitter through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about referring products of other companies to your followers and getting paid when they make any purchase.

This will work very well for you if your tweets are focused on a particular niche. Let’s say you focus on any of these niches: fashion, games, Insurance, Health, Fitness, Phones and so on. All you have to do is contact companies in your niche and ask for affiliate links. Include these links in your tweets and whenever your followers click on it to make a purchase, register or engage their service, you get paid a commission.

Depending on the niche or how engaged your followers are, you can make lots of money.

Anyone can make money on Twitter through affiliate marketing. All you have to do is sign up with any affiliate network such as: Commission Junction, Linkshare, Impact Radius, Amazon Affiliate, Jumia Affiliates, Konga Affiliates or any other you know of. Once you are accepted. Look for products or services that will fit in your Twitter theme and get an affiliate link from it, then add the link to your tweets. Tweet regularly about the advantages of the product or services.

If your followers make any purchase or sign up depending on the affiliate arrangement, you make money.

Imagine you have up to 30, 000 followers and you share your affiliate links. About 500 of those followers purchase from it in a month for a product worth $500 where your commission is 20%. That will give you about $50, 000 every month!

Isn’t that amazing? While that is not an ideal situation but it just goes to show the power of affiliate marketing, when you promote the right niche and have loyal followers.

If you are concentrated on a particular niche with a reasonable amount of followers and you are looking at how to make money on Twitter, this is for you.

You can make money on Twitter by sharing links via short links service. This is simple, before you share any link, be it news or whatever on Twitter, just copy the link you want to share, go to a link shortener, shorten the link there and post the shortened version of the link on Twitter.

Whenever anyone clicks on the shortened link, it will show them some ads before redirecting them to the real page. That is how you make money.

You will likely not make big money from this, but it is a good passive income if you love sharing articles on Twitter and you have lots of reach and engagement.

Some popular link shorteners that you can use includes: Link Shrink, ADF and OUO.

If you are fond of sharing news, articles and all that on Twitter and you are looking at how to make money on Twitter, this is for you.

5. Sell Your product

You can make money on Twitter selling your own products. If you are planning to make big money and build a long-term business on Twitter, then consider this option.

Create a Twitter profile for your products, tweet about them and drop links to your product on your bio and tweets. How to sell your product on Twitter should not be a big issue. Make use of Twitter ads.

You can make money with Twitter ads by selling your own products. Let me explain.

If you sell shoes, and the profit for 50 shoes is $1000. You can spend $100 on Twitter ads to promote your shoes on Twitter and get the 50 shoes sold fast and make $900. That is smart! With the $100 you are spending on Twitter ads, they will help you reach your target audience and make conversation

You also gain new followers and increase your brand and customer reach.

Also, you can run Twitter promos, partner with influencers, and use popular hashtags to expose your products to buyers.

If you don’t have a product to sell, that is not a problem at all. You can open an online shop with shopify, and get a list of products from leading manufacturers around the world to display on your Shopify online shop. Whenever anyone comes to your shop to buy, the manufacturers or suppliers will ship the product to the buyer and give you your cut. Just like that, you don’t need to leave your home or have the product!

To learn how to create your own online shop, read our guide: How to create online shop very easily with Shopify.

If you are looking at how to make money on Twitter by building your own business, this one is for you.

6. Drive Traffic

You can use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog or YouTube channel.  Then from your blog or YouTube Channel, you can make money from the traffic with services like Google Adsense.

All you have to do is create a blog if you don’t have one. Write your content. Share these contents on Twitter. Use popular hashtags to share to get them discovered. And people will click on the link and come to your blog. From your blog you make money.

If you are interested in creating a blog then read our guide: How to create a blog in less than 20 minutes

Also, you can create a YouTube channel where you make videos.  Share them on Twitter. Use hashtags to optimize visibility. As people watch your videos, you can make money with it via Googe Adsense.

If you are interested in creating a YouTube Channel then read our guide: How to make money on YouTube

If you are passionate about blogging or videos and you are looking at how to make money on Twitter, this is for you.

7. Pay Per Click (PPC) Network

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an easy way to make money on Twitter. It is very easy. All you have to do is sign up with them. They will give you a link to share on your Twitter.

Then they pay you for every click it generates.

But as easy as it sounds, Pay per Click is very sensitive, you may get banned if they suspect you are clicking on your own links or getting people to click.

Examples of Pay Per Click networks include Viral9 and SharePop.

Try this if you are looking at how to make money on Twitter without doing too much.

8. Become a Social media manager

You can make money working as a social media manager for companies on Twitter.

Your duties will revolve around managing their Twitter accounts, responding to queries and building their brand on the social network. This is very interesting if you love social media.

You need to be very skilled and good with Twitter to work as a social media manager.

There are websites where you can search and find this kind of job. You can look for it at Indeed, Upwork and other related websites.

This is for you if understand Twitter so well and you are looking at how to make money on Twitter.

9. Work For Twitter

Is there any better way to make money on Twitter than by working for Twitter?

If you are skilled and talented and you will love a career with Twitter, why not give it a shot? You never know. You may just land that dream job with Twitter and work from the inside.

Twitter is a well-paying company and reportedly takes good care of its staff with lots of benefits and opportunities to grow.

You can apply to join Twitter here

This is for you if you are looking at how to make money on Twitter working for Twitter.

10. Find leads

Twitter has a good search engine that can help you find new leads for your business. Most Twitter users tweet about what they want directly and with hashtags.

You can search for things like “I need new shoes” “I need a cheap travel package” “Planing to travel” and all that. You will find people tweeting what they need.

All you have to do is reply to them with a promo package you are offering. And you have a customer!

Regularly search for terms relating to your business on Twitter and you will discover leads.

This is for you if you are looking at how to make money on Twitter generating leads.

11. Sell Your Twitter Account

You can sell your Twitter account and make money. Especially when you have lots of followers and you are considering quitting the social network for any reason. Sell it and make money.

Depending on your followers you can make up to $5000 or even up to $20, 000. Some time ago, a Twitter user @ drew sold his Twitter account for $25, 000.

Note that selling a Twitter account is only acceptable in certain circumstances, there are situations where it is considered illegal to sell.

So familiarize yourself with Twitter’s terms and conditions.

Websites that you can sell Twitter accounts include Viral Accounts, PlayerUp and others.

If you are looking at how to make money on Twitter selling your Twitter account, this is for you but be sure to read Twitter’s TOS.


It is very possible to make money on Twitter. If you are seriously looking at how to make money on Twitter, first consider how much you want to make. Selling your own product has the potential to bring in big money if you can master it. Affiliate marketing is good too. Whether it is passive or big income, everyone stands a chance to make money on Twitter.

If you are looking at other ways to make money online then read our guide:  How to make money online

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