10 guaranteed websites that will pay you to write for them

If you looking for how to make extra money writing articles online, this article will guide you through. We will unveil the top ten websites that will pay you to write for them. But before we start, I need to make something absolutely clear, there is so many misleading information out there on this topic and it can be very frustrating to finally find what you were searching for but then discover that the content differs from what the headlines present.

Before writing this post I searched for “How to make money writing articles online”  and most of what I find out was far from normal, so I decided to write this articles to help those who are actively looking for how to make money writing articles online. I have used almost all of them and I can guarantee you that if you read through and follow every suggestions in this articles you will be making good money writing articles online.

Things you should consider as we progress:

Before writing to any of the websites below, make sure you read up to 5 articles on the website, understand their guidelines and style before sending in a post. The reason most writers fail to succeed online even with their talents is that most of them present their writing to the wrong audience, and expect to get good feedback; for instance,  if you have an article on relationship and send it to websites that publish only political news, your article will not be accepted.

Here are 10 guaranteed websites that will pay you to writes for them

1. Makemoney.ng

What we want: We pay for well-researched article on entrepreneurship, small business and Jobs opportunities. we also accept articles on personal stories e.g “How I made $10,000 blogging” with proof.

Our Story length: We only accept long form content

You can send us a pitch via admin@makemoney.ng and we will respond within 2-3 days

If you have any question or need special information or service, please leave a comment below this article and we will help you, we are here to make you succeed.

2. Cosmopolitan.com

What they want: Stories about friends, dating, class, partying, studying, working anything that happen to you in college or why you didn’t go to college

Story length: No more than 850

Pay: $100 per story

Click here to submit a story

3. Income Diary

What they want: They are looking for expert articles on Creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media, making money online Creating great content, Interviews with experts, Buying/Selling websites.

Story length: Any length

Pay: $200 per story

Click here to submit  a story now

4. I work well

What they want: They are looking for expert articles on all topics related to managing people

Story length: 1500 – 3500

Pay: $115 – $195

Click here to submit a story now

5. List verse

What they want: list-based articles covering topics ranging from the bizarre to entertainment to science.

Pay: $100

Click here to submit a story now

6. The Guardian

What they want: They accept news and opinion articles

Story Length: Long form articles

Pay: 310.68 GBP per 1000 words

Click here to submit an article now

7. Christian Science Monitor

What they want:  International and national news, features about people making a difference, a Christian perspective on science, books, the new economy, and energy voices

Story Length: Long and short form stories

Pay: $200 to $22

Click here to submit a story now

8. Barefoot writers

What they want: they want articles on how to build a writing career

Pay: $100 to $300

Click here to submit a story now

9. Upworthy

What they want: They want stories on  positive news, social justice, original stories that support the mission of creating a better world

Pay:  $0.23 to $0.35 per word

Click here to submit a story now

10. Graphic design school

What they want: they want articles on Graphic design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, open source design and utility software for designers

pay: $100 to $200 for every accepted article or tutorial

Click here to submit now

If you have any questions, share on the comment section, let discuss

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Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene

Abel is a python programmer, a small business influencer, a social media Strategist and a creative writer. He writes for Motivation.africa

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  1. Hello,

    I came across your website and it was really informative, i am not a writer i wish i could be, i learnt how to make money online using bitcoin faucets with some strategies i learnt online and some i developed. I was able to convert my bitcoin earnings to naira on an exchange site.
    I want people to learn how to earn as well, also getting referrals will be a plus for me, although i did not use refferals to earn.I did it on my own. I want to know if i can post an article on my experience and how much i will be paid for it.

  2. Nice post.
    Please since nigerians can’t use some online payment options such as PayPal, how can I go about selling websites on flippa

    • You can receive money from Flippa straight into your bank account. There are many options. One of them is bank wire if you use Flippa Escrow

  3. No doubt a well written article that will go on to help turn lives around. Am an experienced writer with massive years of experience, when i come across a worthy piece, i should be in a position to tell

    Kudos guys

  4. Great website with interesting contents. I am a writer that currently write for some companies similar to yours. It seems your company prefers stories on personal experience than anything else. I have series of personal experiences on my business sojourn (Especially in the world of forex). I would like to know if you look out for such articles and of what value is it to make money.ng. Must the article only be about positive experiences or any is accepted?

  5. This is bullshit. I was looking for websites within Nigeria – not some foreign rippers. Most articles, even by top experts, are rejected. They only use the high pay as a bait, knowing the chances of you succeeding is less than slim. Frankly, I think the author of this article doesn’t have the interest of anyone in his heart as he claimed. He is only trying to make money from the referral links he post for those website. No one should waste their time on this bullshit.
    There are many alternatives to these sites: iWriter, Writers-Domain.net, Topcontent.com, and much more. just make your research. Nothing in this article will help you. He’s only selling his referral links. What a shame!

    • What are you saying? This author does not own Makemoney and there is no affiliate or paid referral link in this article. If you understand, you could simply click on any link and monitor the url instead of dropping your hate here

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your honest observation. I suspected that the high prices are just a bait to. And what is the guarantee that one’s article will be accepted.
      The writer should have been a little honest and realistic instead of saying- sure websites…as if it’s a 100% assurance.

  6. Thank you very much. This is nice.
    I would like to write opinion articles for Guardian. I need clarification please. Does it mean I can write any opinion and sell to them?
    Then, for COSMOPOLITAN Can, do they accept fictions?
    I would like these answers please.
    Best Regards.

  7. i like this article it has really help me a lot , am also working on an article how to make money online trading on forex i wish i can sell it here.

  8. this has been so helpful ,am also working on an article how to earn money online trading on,forex i hope i can sell it here if it suits your reviees

  9. You did not include payment methods, because PayPal does not accept Nigeria to withdraw from it.

  10. Really informative
    I’m a writer and I have some articles.
    I don’t know if I can post it here and how much will I be paid for it.

  11. Hi
    I’m a Nigerian
    I’m not a writer but I wish to become one….
    Seeing this websites made me have more interest in blogging
    But my question is…
    What is your via for payment?

  12. Thank you so much for the information, I just want to know if a Nigerian can receive payment from these listed websites without having a PayPal…..or how do they pay their writers?

  13. Please I need help. I really need something to do. Can you please enlighten them for me?
    I will love to communicate with you

  14. Will interesting and romantic stories be accepted,I love writing interesting stories but this is only talking about an article and I’m wondering how can I be paid directly to my bank account

  15. Am a Forex trader and I really wish to write an article on how to start trading Forex as a bigginner but I don’t know if you will accept or like such articles

  16. A very wonderful piece of info no doubt. Please I want to know if there are companies (sites) that accept write-ups on mathematics topics and pay. Please I need feedback. Thanks.

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