10 Highest paying jobs in the world (2024)

Since the creation of man, jobs have been used to keep up with the daily routines and demands of society. With the advent of the industrial revolution and recent technology, there has been a rise in varying new jobs globally. Today there exists over one hundred jobs with more than 2 billion people with expertise in varying areas.

This article provides a list of the top ten paying jobs on the planet. The methodology followed in this research work was the general overview of the global salary structures, the demand and the availability of personnel in the industry.

Top 10 highest paying jobs worldwide

1. Medical Practitioners

Average global salary: $210,000 annually 

Officially in every country of the globe, medical practitioners are the best-paid group of professional employment jobs. From Asia to Africa, medical practitioners earn incomes that beat other professions in the same country.

The best-paid medical practitioners globally are cardiologists who earn a median global salary of over $230,000 annually. What is more surprising is that practitioners in the medical field dominate the list of the world’s best-paying jobs if broken down into areas of specialization. Other medical practitioners are oncologists, dermatologists, surgeons, nurses, and others. Medical practitioners have a global median annual salary of $210,000.

2. Engineers

Average global salary: $134,000 annually

Engineers make it to the list as the second most paid job globally partly because of the influence and rise of the digital era and the huge demand for software, technology and other computerized-based engineers. 

Software engineers take the lion’s share in this industry; with about 1 software engineer to over a thousand tech companies, there is bound to be less competition and more income. Every year some of the best Universities across the world are pressured to release into the market additional software engineers that can close the large gap in the supply. Other engineers worthy of mention are mechanical, automotive, petroleum and aviation engineers.

Engineering has a combined median annual salary of $134,000.

3. Lawyers

Average global salary: $110,000 annually

Lawyers fall in as the 3rd best-paying profession in the globe. There exist varying opportunities for lawyers from criminal to corporate, family, medical, entertainment and others. The demand for lawyers goes back to the era of civilization and has continued to progress to this day. 

Just like other professions, corporate lawyers take the lead in this classification earning a global median salary of $191,000. For corporate lawyers understanding some of the best techniques in corporate litigation, contract classification, structuring transactions, and understanding key terms and processes to keep companies out of liability has become a high demand in recent times. Other better-earning specializations of lawyers are criminal attorneys, medical attorneys, tech and fintech attorneys and others. Lawyers have a combined global median salary of $110,000.

4. Financial analyst

Average global salary: $107,000 annually

Financial analysts offer services to banks and other financial corporations on the possibility or strategy of the possible revenue success of a transaction or otherwise. Businesses function to reduce liability at every opportunity they get, hence, the employment of financial analysts.

Financial analysts earn a global median pay of $107,000.

5. Managers

Average global salary: $100,000 annually

Managers have the leverage of blending into varying industries. The demand for managers based on their skill sets makes them adaptable to every industry. Managers today have grown from small service-level industries to top-notches in the world of business.

The best-earning managers are those in multi-million dollar companies as CEOs. The demand for managers is predicated on the fact that business needs require continuous direction and supervision by experts, hence, the employment of someone skilled to manoeuvre the mind of people for a win-win situation in the end. The overall global median salary of managers is $100,000 annually.

6. Therapists

Average global salary: $99,000 annually

Therapists earn top salaries in nations where they thrive. Surprisingly, the demand for therapists has reduced over time with most people opting for varying means to sort out challenges, nonetheless, the importance of therapy cannot be over-emphasized in present days. 

Therapists earn a global salary of $99,000 annually.

7. Data scientist

Average global salary: $98,000 annually

Data scientists are currently in high demand, especially in this era of technology. Most tech corporations deal with varying data of individuals, to avoid unnecessary liability, data scientists come to manage data. Also, data scientist assists corporations to analyze data from various sources and come up with a simplified list of possible customers for the corporation. 

Data scientists earn a median salary of $98,000 annually.

8. Psychiatrist

Average global salary: $97,000 annually

Psychiatrists earn the 8th largest salaries in the world. Psychiatrists engage in the treatment of mentally deranged patients for a long period. A Psychiatrist has to show love and care to the patient.

With Psychiatrists being in low supply across the globe, and an infamous rise in the number of insane persons, the pay of Psychiatrists has more than doubled over the past two decades. The median salary of Psychiatrists is $97,000 annually.

9. Aircraft pilot

Average salary: $93,000 annually

Pilots employed to fly planes earn the 9th largest amounts globally. With the increased demand for trained pilots across the globe, especially at the international flight levels. The world has become more connected than it has ever before become, this connectivity has made international and local travel through aircraft an easy and flexible one among business-savvy and normal people. 

Pilots play significant and complex roles in moving aircraft from one destination to the other and have a global combined salary of $93,000 annually.

10. Human resources

Average global salary: $87,000 annually

Human resources earn the 10th biggest salaries in the globe. The demand for human resources personnel is driven by the fast pace and the advanced nature of global corporations. These corporations possess a very large number of employees, hence, the need for human resources managers.


There exist in the world jobs that improve the standard of living of the people while ensuring improved economic growth. With numerous jobs changing with salary structures annually, the best jobs can stand the present economic heat for a more prosperous future.

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