5 things you can do if you cannot find a job

There are different things you may want to do after graduating from university, and getting a well-paying job is always on the list. Strategizing well and working hard may land you a job, but that is not always the case. You may strive hard and spend so much time job hunting but still end up unemployed. This may be quite disappointing, especially for recent graduates who have been quite eager to gain entry into the workforce. 

Whether you’ve never had a job before, or recently lost one, having no job is an unappealing state to be in. Being unemployed may be a huge roadblock in your path to success and financial stability, but it is not a death sentence. There are still so many different options available if you can not get a job. Do not let it pull you into depression, instead, keep a positive attitude and either keep working at it or try something else.

What to do if you cannot find a job

Below are 5 things to do if you cannot find a job:

1. Take a break 

Trying so hard and getting nowhere could wound you emotionally. Instead of braving the disappointment every time, it’s time to put your focus elsewhere. It may seem counterintuitive to do this especially when your finances are crippled. However, taking a break from job hunting may give you time to figure out where you’re going wrong. Try to think of all the possible reasons why you always fail. It could be because you don’t have enough skills, you do badly in interviews, you don’t have enough connections, or so many other reasons. If you are able to pinpoint exactly why you are failing, you could figure out ways to improve.

Taking a break could also give you some time to yourself to recuperate from the emotional letdown of always being rejected. You don’t have to go without job hunting for months on end to emotionally recharge, a few days of rest will go a long way. Take a few days off every now and then so you can spring back up with a renewed sense of determination and drive. 

You could also use this opportunity to change your mindset. Instead of sending in every application with trepidation and going into every interview with fear, you could build up confidence and approach job hunting with a positive attitude. 

2. Change your location

You may not be the problem. The reason why your job search is proving unfruitful could be due to your location. Maybe job opportunities are limited and your industry is highly competitive.

If this seems to be the problem, then it’s best you move. Make sure to make adequate research before you move to pinpoint exactly the place that will be the best for you. To be safe, avoid moving until you have found a job.

3. Evaluate yourself 

Sometimes, the reason why you’ve not gotten a job could be because you are lacking an essential skill or experience. In this case, you may either need to boost your skill set or reduce the quality of jobs you are applying for. You won’t be hired if you do not have the majority of the skills, education or job experience needed for the position you applied for, so it’s worth evaluating yourself to see if you match up with the quality of jobs you are applying for.

You could decide to earn another degree or attend a training program to be better qualified for the positions you are applying for or gain some vital experience by starting an internship or apprenticeship. If getting a job is more forefront, you could consider going for lesser qualified jobs and go up the ladder as you gain work experience. 

4. Review your resume

You may have all the skills, education and experience, but you need to sell yourself well to be able to get good jobs. Your resume is what will determine whether you will be called in for an interview or not. If your resume does not leave a strong and lasting impression, then it’s highly unlikely you’ll get the job. 

Review your resume properly. Is there any key skill you are not highlighting, or is there anything missing from it? You need to learn how to craft a resume that will pique the interest of your employer. Remember that your resume should cater to each job description, so be ready to change your resume to fit the job description of each position you are applying for. 

It’s a good idea to have someone else review your resume for you. They could pick out some typos and mistakes you may have missed. If possible, reach out to a professional to edit your resume for you before sending it out.

5. Become an entrepreneur 

All your failed attempts at getting a job could be telling you something. Maybe a traditional job is not the right path for you. If you’re willing to take risks, then starting your own business could be worth a shot. Consider exploring your interests and your creative passion to find something you can build on. Instead of wallowing in the frustration of being jobless, you could take charge and start your own business. You will not only uplift yourself from unemployment but others as well. 

Entrepreneurship may be great and all, but it’s not for everyone. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted, so you need to be willing to take risks and go above your limitations. 


On the journey to being gainfully employed, there are many obstacles. With dogged determination, you may reach your goal, but knowing when to stop and change course is very crucial to attaining financial bliss.

Being able to get a good job does not only reflect your qualifications and skills but also other aspects like connections, a good strategy and the ability to sell yourself. If things are not working out well in your job hunting, then stop and try one (or all) from the above.

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Habibat Musa

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