List of countries needing foreign talents in the tech sector

Relocating abroad can sometimes be daunting, but moving with regards to having a new job overseas can be quite easy and extremely rewarding.

Using your talent and skills to secure a job in a foreign land will offer you a golden opportunity to experience diverse cultures and travel while you maintain your resume.

It will interest you to know that many countries around the globe are experiencing labour shortages in different sectors of their economy. However, the tech sector has always stood out.

A survey from the notable talent marketplace Andela found that about eighty-eight per cent of top tech companies are looking for tech talents in other countries.

This poses a huge opportunity for those needing a foreign job in the tech sector because companies are now racing to close this gap in the tech sector.

However, some countries differ in their need for this talent. While some are on the hunt for these talents, others are based on future predictions. Countries like the Netherlands and Germany offer a much higher rate than others.

About a year ago, a dear friend of mine, together with his wife, relocated from the United Kingdom to Germany for a tech gig, and, as you all know, most of these tech placements include sponsorship from the company.

This article details the countries most in need of foreign tech talents now and how you can take advantage of it.

7 countries needing tech talents now

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has become home to one of the most advancing and growing industries in the world, which is the tech industry.

According to Euronews, the capital city of Amsterdam boasts several innovative hubs and startups, including VU starthubs, Amsterdam startup park village, and much more.

Again, most of the world’s tech giants have their presence in the nation, boosting its reputation as a tech and innovative hub.

In this regard, there is an urgent need for tech talents, especially in the IT field. Finally, the average annual salary of workers in the tech sector is sixty thousand dollars, while the average monthly cost of living is

Three thousand dollars 


Switzerland hosts another opportunity for a high talent hunt among foreign countries. Most of the cities in Switzerland are IT hubs, among which are Zurich, Lausanne, and Geneva.

Also, the capital has a reputation for growing industries like fintech, cleantech, medtech, and biotech industries.

The country also has many cities that are known as a strong base for startups and innovative tech hubs.

According to startup Blink, these cities are trailing Zurich and Geneva as destinations in Switzerland for tech and innovative startups.

The estimated average annual salary offered in Switzerland is about one hundred and three thousand dollars 

United States

Of course, as we all know, the United States is home to most of the vibrant multinational tech companies in the world.

Notable cities like Silicon Valley in California, New York, and even Seattle are the major tech and innovative hubs in America. America is also home to the highest unicorns per capita and boasts of several startups and innovative hubs.

Moreover, the capital, Washington, boasts a strong government-industry while also witnessing tech companies. The average annual salary in Washington is ninety-nine thousand dollars with a monthly living cost of about four thousand dollars.


Denmark is such a beautiful place to work and live by all standards. It has a very low crime rate and a culture that fosters growth and great success.

According to research, Denmark ranks as the second happiest place in the world.

Denmark also boasts one of the highest employment rates. It’s also a host to many multinational corporations such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, among others.

The country has a huge IT and tech presence in Copenhagen.

In overall estimation, Denmark offers one of the most robust opportunities for tech Jobs and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

The average annual salary in Copenhagen is about $15,000, with an estimated cost of living of about $2,000 monthly.


Sweden has a strong and vibrant tech presence in Stockholm, which is one of the major tech centres in Europe.

Stockholm is also the country’s financial hub, an industry that relies greatly on the tech industry for operation.

Stockholm has its tech hub at Kista, considered Europe’s largest tech cluster.

Kista is also one of the strongest bases for startups and tech innovation. It has the second most unicorns per capita in the world, only lagging behind Silicon Valley.

Sweden also has social support such as free childcare, free education, and other social opportunities for non-citizens.

The average annual salary in Stockholm is fifty one thousand dollars, with a monthly living cost of about two thousand dollars.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts tech hubs in most of its cities, including Edinburgh, Bristol, and Manchester. However, the largest concentration of tech companies is located in London, in a place called the London Tech City.

Companies such as Facebook, Intel, Cisco, Google, and a host of others have their presence in the area.

The average annual salary in London is about sixty two thousand dollars, while the cost of monthly living is about five thousand dollars.


Among nations boosting their tech talent import is Germany. And, as I stated earlier, my dear friend is in Berlin, the state capital, with his wife. Thanks to the sponsorship from a tech company, Berlin indeed has become a popular hub for business relocation and a far-reaching destination for international investments. Moreover, Berlin is a host to several international companies such as Pfizer, Benz, and Volkswagen, among others.

Finally, the estimated average annual salary is sixty-three thousand dollars.


The tech sector has seen an astronomical rise and increase, thanks to emerging technologies and innovations like artificial intelligence, data science, and cryptography. 

Again, this has had an untold effect on all other sectors like fintech, the biotech, amongst others. While these countries might be a good spot for relocation for those seeking foreign tech jobs, I must emphasize here that there are many other factors to be considered to make an informed choice. 

Countries like the United States have a high crime rate, and one of the highest mortality rates, relating to gun violence. while the UK, on the other hand, has a very high cost of living, including high taxation.

Also, another factor that one must consider in deciding on which country to move to is the cost of living. The UK for example has the highest cost of living while Denmark and Sweden offer one of the lowest costs of living

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