How to join the Nigerian Air Force

Attending aviation school might be expensive, but that isn’t the only route to becoming a pilot. What better way to serve the motherland and achieve your dream of flying than joining the Nigerian Air Force? If you would like to apply for the Nigerian Air Force, then read on to find out more.

Career Paths

There are three career paths for anyone intending to join the Nigerian Air Force. They include:

  1. The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC): Through the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC), which offers opportunities to both serving military members and civilians, you can join the Nigerian Air Force. This is open to degree holders who are professionals in their fields. Under this pathway, intensive military training will be done for 6 months and successful candidates will be commissioned to the rank of Flying Officer.
  2. The Basic Military Training Course (BMTC): The Basic Military Training Course (BMTC) is the second route to enlist in the NAF.

    Candidates with at least a secondary school diploma, as well as those with an NCE, OND, nursing degree certificate, HND, or bachelor’s degree in related subjects, are eligible to apply for the NAF BMTC.
  3. Regular Combatant: The last method to join the NAF is through the Regular Combatant Commission, in which successful candidates can either choose to join the Army, Navy or Airforce. After a 5 year intensive military training at the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), successful candidates can move on to become a Pilot Officer in the Nigerian Airforce if they choose to. This pathway is only open to Nigerians between the ages of 17 and 21. 

Requirements for Application

The general entrance criteria for recruitment into the Nigerian Air Force are described below

  1. Only citizens of Nigeria are eligible to apply.
  2. The secondary school results of interested candidates must have a minimum of five credits overall, with mathematics and English language requirements being met in no more than two sittings.
  3. A minimum of two credits from their O’level results and at least a lower credit in their results are required for candidates who plan to apply with an ND or NCE certificate.
  4. The Drivers/Mechanic role requires a minimum of two credit passes.
  5. If you are applying as an athlete or sportswoman, then you must provide your medal and certifications also.
  6. A military commander or your local government chairman must sign the attestation form for you, and he must attach his passport photograph properly signed at the back, plus a photocopy of his identity card. Any type of national ID card, voter card, driver’s license or international passport is acceptable.
  7. The NAF recruits people who are at least eighteen years old and no older than twenty-five. Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 28 to be considered for positions as chaplains, imams and their helpers, or drivers and mechanics.
  8. Male applicants must be at least 1.66 meters tall, while female applicants must be at least 1.63 meters tall.
  9. Candidates cannot have a criminal conviction or record.
  10. Candidates must be in good health and have a certificate of health from a government hospital or health facility.
  11. Applicant fitness levels must be high.

Documents required for application

The apply for the Nigerian Air Force, you will need to prepare the documents below:

  1. First School Leaving Certificate.
  2. Passport-sized photographs.
  3. A legitimate proof of identity like NIN, international passport, voter’s card etc.
  4. Your BVN number.
  5. Your National Insurance.
  6. Birth certificate or declaration of age.
  7. An indigeneship certificate from your state must be submitted to establish that you are from your state.
  8. Every applicant has to have a Local Government Area Form Attested.

How to Apply

Below are the steps to apply for the NAF:

1. Obtain the application form

You may get the NAF application form at To explore the most recent openings and apply for a job, prospective applicants may visit the Nigerian Air Force Career Portal. Online registration for DSSC and BMTC is now available through the site. 

Official registration for the 2024 recruitment opens in October 2024.

2. Fill out the application form and submit

Applicants may apply if they meet all admission requirements and possess the necessary qualifications. It costs nothing to fill out the application. 

Complete the biodata and necessary fields. Ensure that you fill out the application with all the necessary information. Upload all the appropriate documents requested online. Verify again, then apply.

Online applications must be completed within the allotted registration period. The application portal will close after the deadline has passed. To ensure you don’t lose out on the recruiting process, try to submit your application on time. Verify the deadline and make an effort to submit before it. The deadline is usually around November, but it may be different for each year.

Print the following papers after completing the application and submitting it successfully.

Indigenous peoples create local governance.

Form of Attestation.

guardian/parent form.

Acknowledgement form.

3. Wait for the shortlist

The Nigerian Air Force shortlist will be made public upon the conclusion of the recruiting process. The names on the list that are chosen will be published on the recruiting portal and sent by email. 

4. Attend a screening interview and aptitude test

A screening interview is required of the shortlisted candidates as part of the hiring process.

5. Attend a training session

During the last stage of the hiring process, those who pass the aptitude test and screening interview must spend a set amount of time in a training session. The applicants who make the final list will then be hired.

Tips for a successful application

These are some effective application suggestions for the NAF portal’s online application.

  1. You will be eliminated if you apply more than once.
  2. The format of all the files and information you upload online throughout the application procedure must match the one you used. No updates or modifications will be allowed.
  3. The chairman of your local government or any other military official serving in the Nigerian armed forces must sign the attestation form.


If you are a Nigerian citizen, aged between 20 and 30, and aspiring to serve your nation in the Nigerian Air Force, this is your opportunity to become a member of a select group of experts in anything from engineering to healthcare services.

If your dream is to fly aeroplanes or serve Nigeria as military personnel, joining the NAF is a great option. Although applications are currently closed, this is the best time to prepare the necessary documents and wait for applications to reopen.

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