How to start a beer parlor business in Nigeria

Nigerians drink beer a lot. Many Nigerian men enjoy relaxing after work, at a beer parlor to gist with their male friends. A beer parlor business is a very profitable business in Nigeria. If you start this business, you will definitely make massive sales every day.

You can sell 1 bottle of Gulder / Star beer for N250 at your beer parlor whereas the wholesale price is N200 per bottle. For every bottle of beer you sell, you can make over N50 profit.

If you sell 300 bottles in a day, you can make N50 x 300 bottles = N15, 000 in revenue. In a beer parlor, you have to sell other meals such pepper soup and snacks. This increases your profit margins daily. A beer parlor business in Nigeria is easy to start.


Step to start a beer parlor business in Nigeria

This is a complete guide to starting a beer parlor business in Nigeria:


1. Prepare a business plan for your beer parlor business

A business plan is important for a beer parlor business in Nigeria. A business plan is a written document that describes in detail how a business, usually a new one is going to achieve its goals. Know that a business plan lays out a written plan from a marketing, financial and operational viewpoint. A business plan is a written description of your business’s future. A business plan is a document that describes what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.

Write out a business plan, for every stage in setting up and running a beer parlor. This will help you avoid any careless mistake, which will make you lose money.


2. Select a good location

To ensure success in a beer parlor business in Nigeria, you must select a good location. If you choose a location where people do not frequent, you will have no customers. Make sure the location you choose is safe, comfortable and easily accessible for your customers.


3. Register your beer parlor business

Make sure you register your beer parlor business at the Corporate Affairs Commission. This is a vital step in setting up a beer parlor in Nigeria. The entire process for registering a business name normally takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the workload of the CAC and other factors. Registration costs about 10, 000 naira or more. The cost of registration depends on the type of business you want to register.

To search for a business name on the CAC website, visit CAC website. You will be presented with a form to type the name of the company you want to search for. Enter the company name without the “Limited” or “Ltd”. Check the “I am not a robot” CAPTCHA and click submit. You will be presented with the status of the company. This indicates if the business name you want to register is available. If it is available, register your business. If not, choose another business name and register your name.


4. Get sufficient capital

Capital refers to the financial resources that businesses can use to fund their operations like cash, machinery, equipment and other resources. All businesses must have capital in order to purchase assets and maintain their operations. You need capital to start up a beer parlor business in Nigeria. You can get funds from family, friends and loved ones. And you can also work and save money to start up your business. A good option is to borrow from financial institutions in Nigeria. There are many loan options in Nigeria.


5. Buy a refrigerator

You need to buy a good refrigerator. You can buy more refrigerators as your beer parlor business grows.

When your business becomes more established, you’ll be getting free branded refrigerators from beer companies as promotional items. These beer companies will want you to use the refrigerators for their products.

You may get different refrigerators from different beer brands. You can buy a refrigerator online on ecommerce websites such as Jumia and Konga. And you can also buy your refrigerator at the nearest retail shop or market nearest to you.


6. Buy chairs and tables

You have to buy strong plastic chairs and round tables. Make sure you get the original chairs and tables from good brands. Do not buy fake chairs and tables and tables as this might cause embarrassment and injury to your customers.

Chairs and tables of high quality are quite expensive but are better, safer and cost effective.  Buy as many chairs and tables as you need.


7. Buy cups

You need cups to serve beer. Buy good glass cups that your customers will enjoy using.

Always keep your cups in good shape by cleaning them regularly. Buy other things you think you might need in your beer parlor.


8. Do the necessary fittings

Get a carpenter, electrician and other artisans to help you add the necessary fittings for your beer parlor. You should also get standing fans, ceiling fans or air conditioners. This will ventilate your beer parlor.


9. Hire staff

Staff refers to all the people employed by a particular business. You cannot run a beer parlor business in Nigeria all by yourself, you need to hire people to work for you. You need staff that will buy drinks, serve customers and also collect payments from customers.

And you also need cleaners who will help you keep the beer parlor clean and in good shape. Employ sales girls / boys to work at your beer parlor. The number you need depends on how big your beer parlor.


10. Buy a generator

You need to buy a generator for your beer parlor in Nigeria to grow. Nigeria is a country plagued with bad and unstable electricity supply. A generator helps keep your beer cold at all times, and your beer parlor well ventilated.


11. Find trusted suppliers

Find trusted suppliers that you can develop a business partnership with. These suppliers will supply beer anytime you need it, and as often as possible. Buy different brands of beer, especially the popular ones like Gulder, Star, Stout (Big and Small), and Heineken. Then, buy others in a lesser quantity. You will serve a broad range of customers and make more money.


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