How to start a pure water business in Nigeria

Pure water business is in vogue in Nigeria.  With the increasing population, the government inability to provide clean and affordable drinking water and potentially, the fear in the public minds concerning the sugar content in soft drinks makes pure water the only available commodity to quench thirst.

The vast majority of the teaming population drink pure water.  I drink it , you drink it, indeed the overwhelming majority of the people drink pure water.  This is the reason why it is one of the growing and lucrative business in Nigeria beside information technology.  The market is  available in all the cities and villages, so it does not really matter where you are, you can set up a business of pure water in any part of Nigeria and be profitable, if run properly.

To emphasize the fact that the business of pure water is profitable, notable organisations such as Nigerian Bottling Company, Nestle, May and Baker, etc. are in the drinking water business, though in the more refined drinking water (table water) .  So it makes economic sense to go into the business, with little passion and  the determination to succeed, the sky is just the limit. In this article, I will be tutoring you on how to start a pure water business in Nigeria.

Steps to start a pure water business:

1. Business plan

There is no need for elaborate feasibility study and report since the demand/market is available and on the increase. What is required is a business plan to help establish from the onset the financing of the project – the amount of money needed. Business plan becomes imperative at this stage because it determines the level of funding required and where it is coming from. The level of pure water business can range from using a two bedroom flat to blocks of flats, depending on which category you are investing in.

2. Register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and NAFDAC

Every business organisation, whether a sole proprietorship of limited liability company must be registered  with CAC for accountability. In the same vein, every business in food and drugs including drinkables must be registered with the government regulator.  Every business also must register with the relevant tax authority (Federal Inland Revenue or the State Internal Revenue).  Alternatively, you can obtain a licence from another well established pure water company in a different part of the country if NAFDAC registration proves difficult, prolonged or   you want to operate in relatively low scale  and do not want to go through NAFDAC protocol.

3. A befitting place for business (factory site)

You must either lease a suitable accommodation, with access to the market or put up a suitable accommodation. There might be trade off between access to the market and cost of acquisition. The bottom line is profitability. However, other facilities must be in place, such as security of the factory, power, access road, etc.

4. Sink a borehole and install tanks overhead

This ensures uninterrupted water supply. The cost of sinking a borehole can range from ₦200,000 to ₦600,000.

5. Install distillation system for water purification

You may install the full scale distillation system or the ultra violet sterilization bulbs process depending on the start up capacity of the enterprise. The cost of acquisition of distillation equipments may run into millions of naira. The actual cost cannot be estimated with certainty and must be researched upon as it is going to be part of the expenditure included in the business plan.

6. Get a sealing machine

Automatic sealing machine must be in place according to the scale of daily production envisaged. The cost also must be verified before embarking on the project.

7. Get packaging materials

Rolls of suitable nylon materials which must be printed the company’s name and the brand name of the pure water must be procured. The number of rolls procured should be according to the capacity of the enterprise.

8. Recruitment

Recruit staff, ranging from operators of the machines, packagers, a cleaner, driver, one sales staff, one security personnel and a supervisor. This will ensure the specific positions are properly manned.

9. Electricity

Generator set must also be installed to power the operations. There are different capacities of generators and also different manufacturers and it all depends on the capacity of the enterprise as well as the start up capital.

10. Acquire a truck for distribution

The truck must be able to carry reasonable bags of pure water for distribution to great number of customers for it to be profitable.

11. Reach out

Make contacts immediately with retailers who are going to sell the water.  Always establish their credit worthiness before granting credit, otherwise they can send you out of the business.


Starting a pure water business in Nigeria is very lucrative and will require passion, hard-work and a reasonable amount of money.

To start a pure water business in Nigeria, a start up capital of about three million naria is needed and you are good to go.

This is only a guide, the size of the organisation determines the scale of operations, the investment in cash, human capital and machines.

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Chris Okafor

Chris Okafor

Chief Chris Okafor is a marketing consultant and CEO of C. J. Marketing Academy, providing training services to the industry and educational services to the profession.
He produces study materials for the students studying for the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) examinations.
He also provides tutorial services for students writing the NIMN examinations

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    • My own question is: how can I learn the skills before setting up my own pure water production? I lack the knowledge of how to operate the machine and produce the pure water. I am totally ignorant of this business but I have keen interest in setting it up.

    • I really do want to start up a pure water business, but first I want to start with the distribution of borehole water to my neighborhoods.
      What do you have to say, sir!

  1. my name is Earnest Jumbo ,am very much grateful as i read your guides. pls i want to know more about how to purchase the pure water manufacturing machine. thanks

    • Your guides is good and straight forward, I appreciate that , now what’s brand or makers of pure water machines would you recommend if you don’t mind ,
      Thanks for the guides
      Jamie Daramola

    • Am into nylon and water production, I set up pure water factory for people and also teach people how to go about it before starting the business.


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  3. This is very encouraging. Beside the packaging machine is it compulsory to buy a reverse osmosis or the filters can suppice?
    Secondly how do we get a rinter for branded satchets any suggestions?

  4. Please, i need your assistance i want to start my own pure-water business, i don’t want to do office work, i want to start my own business, i want to create employment opportunity for the youth, i want people to benefits from me.. I want to assist the needy, i wish to start my own own pure water business.. From there i will diversify to other production like bottle water, soft drinks, and liquid soap.. But I’m cashless, please assist me.. I promise to make this country proud..
    Here is my account no=
    Wahab hammed
    Eco bank.
    Thanks a million
    May God bless you abundantly.

  5. Please can you advice on where one can purchase these machines – distillation system, sealing machine, and best brand.

    • You can get it at onitsha Anambra state…a very good and original one with a guarantee.

  6. Please l need your number so I can call you tomorrow or please help me send your number to my email

  7. Good day Mr Chris Okafor i am a civil Servant and about to retire from the Service, i have tried a lot of business but to no avail due to my lack of physical appearance on the business but now am planning to be physically present with this business now but i need someone to mentor me on how to start, the Machines to use and others. thanks if can be of assistance.

    • I do water projects, I do pure water machine installation, also water treatment.
      All kinds of plumbing work

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  13. I would appreciate a detailed business plan to start this business, including the ranges of machines and other facilities and their prices. we can discuss further through the email address sent below

  14. Good evening, I have accommodation ready, water and the supposed land, a single Geepee tank ready on ground, please, already registered with CAC. please what’s the next step and how much do I need more to kick-start all necessary procedures???

  15. Please can you advice on where one can purchase these machines – distillation system, sealing machine, and best brand.

  16. I sell all the necessary material needed in set up the factory and installation.. for more detail contact kwgu water Engr. Nigeria limited Kaduna south.. [remove] WhatsApp only.. thank you.

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    Please I want to start the company after my schooling.
    I don’t know anything to do but have gotten the list of things here.

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    Just where I can be trained for this business.
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    Please I have 2 plots of land around Lagos state, I have been thinking of what I can use it for, but a friend went there recently and advised me to use for farming but I’m thinking of something else like pure water or block industry business, now that I have got 2 plots of land already, how do you think I will need to start with sir. Thank you and God bless you in Jesus name

  25. Hello Chief Chris Okafor!
    Thank you very much Sir for educating us on how to set up a Pure Water Factory Business in Nigeria. I appreciate your efforts and all the listed steps and explanations for starting up a Pure Water Business in Nigeria. It is a good eye opener and educative. May the good Lord bless you abundantly Sir.

    Could you please advice me on where one can purchase these Pure Water Machines – Distillation system or the Ultra Violet Sterilization Bulbs, Sealing Machine, and best Brand.

    Could you please advice on the capacity and make of the Generator Set that can power the Pure Water Machines and Factory comfortably and successfully?

    Please I need advise on where and how one could get trained properly on the usage and handling of all these machines and equipment involved/required for this pure water production business? I need to understand and master how to operate and maintain them to get full knowledge and skills on how we can handle these machines and equipment professionally and carefully without incurring unnecessary costs on repairs and careless damages.

    Thank you immensely Sir. I will appreciate your kind feedback Sir. Daalu.

    From, Kate Oranyelu

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