Top online MBA programs in Nigeria (2024)

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It is a training you get at a postgraduate or master’s level that enables you to understand and use subjects such as Management, finance, and human resources. While MBA online means attending the lectures or classes for getting an MBA certificate, virtually. To gain access to the e-learning platform or MBA Wi-Fi-enabled internet Platform of a university, you must be enrolled there, and have an I.D. and password to connect with a computer or your smart devices.

Also, the course work for an MBA degree varies from one institution to another, but the training includes marketing strategy, quantitative analysis, and accounting. An MBA program provides you with business management skills for running a business or an enterprise.

This article discusses the benefits of enrolling for an MBA online, how to pick an excellent online MBA, ten MBA programs you can register and attend from your home, the cost of the degree, and the number of years it takes to get a certificate.

Let us examine the top online MBA programs in Nigeria, starting from the benefits.

Benefits of getting an MBA online

The benefits of getting an MBA online includes:

  • Tuition fee is lower for online MBA than the fees students pay to attend the course in a Campus of the University.
  • Secondly, in some universities, you can complete the course, which is usually 18 or 15 months in 12 months.
  • Thirdly, an accredited online MBA, is popular because most working adults do not want to abandon their work to chase a degree.
  • Also, some professionals may not be able to travel overseas to acquire an MBA from the university of their choice.
  • Besides, if you enroll for an online MBA, you do not have to pay for transport to and from the university, pay for room and board, and extra in-campus fees, making the course cheaper.
  • You can submit an assignment online and even join the class live from any part of the world with internet access.
  • Moreover, an MBA degree makes you a sought-after professional after graduation and increase how much you earn.

How to pick an excellent online MBA programs in Nigeria

Ensure the certificate is useful, look out for the following in the MBA program:

Accreditation of the program: Confirm if the certificate the school awards its students is accepted globally.  For instance, in Nigeria, the body that certifies the quality of a school and approves it as a degree-awarding institution is the National University Commission.

In the United States, you have the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and other state agencies that provide approval for doctoral programs, undergraduate and Master’s studies in business and accounting.

Faculty: Does the school have qualified professors? The members of the Faculty will show the quality of past students that graduated from the university.

Data of Past Student’s performance: This information displays the number of students that have graduated, how employable the degree makes them, and how much their fresh graduates could earn. You can look for this data on their website.

Awards: Does it have Prizes from government or public bodies and so on.

Cost of the Program: Can you afford the tuition?

Now that we know the advantages and how to select a program let us look at top online MBA programs in Nigeria.

Top online MBA programs in Nigeria

Here are the the top online MBA programs in Nigeria:

1. Warwick business school

Warwick business school belongs to Warwick university in the United Kingdom. Financial times 2020 ranking of universities placed Warwick business school as number one in the world for its distance learning MBA.

The school method is flexible and inspiring. You can develop your global leadership and thinking skills by taking an online MBA there. All Warwick alumni get a 25% scholarship as soon as they register for MBA.

WBS offers a full-time MBA, distance learning MBA, executive MBA, distance learning MBA (London), and executive MBA (London).

If the institution accepts you for the online MBA, you must take an 8-module course and four electives and complete a consultancy project. Each module contains 30 hours of teaching plus 40 hours, where you will learn on your own. It is a two-year MBA program.

You will have practice tests, submit assignments, do group work and presentations, write reports, and do exams. There is also a residential week in a module for examination in WBS.

They have an easy to use my.wbs and wbsLive online teaching environment with cutting edge technology, and they record all the sections, and available for you to use anytime.


You must have four-year managerial experience with a 2nd class upper degree, and candidates with excellent ability but do not have a degree can also apply.

Apply before Sunday, May 3, 2020 deadline or Sunday 22, November 2020. Provide a transcript of degree at the submission of an application or scan it and send it by email later.

If English is not your principal language, you must pass tests such as IELTS (Academic): 7.0 with a score of 6.0 or 6.5 in all the four language components.

For PTE: 70, you must get a rating of 51+ in all the sections, CAE: Grade B – total score 190 plus 2 x 170 and 2 x 190,  CPE: Grade B – overall rating 190 alongside 2 x 170 and 2 x 190, TOEFL: 100 – with the minimum module scores: Listening 21, Reading 22, Writing 21, and Speaking 23.

You must present two professional references, one from your direct manager and the other one from your former university. And the selection committee will interview you by video to review your application.


The course is £33,250, and you can pay twice (£16,550 and  £16,700)

How to apply

Apply online with the required documents.

How to enroll

You will get instructions on how to join and receive course materials. You must register in 6 weeks before the program starts.



Website address


2. Imperial College of London

Imperial College is another one of the top online MBA Programs in Nigeria that you can start.

Imperial college business school London is a duly accredited college that was recently ranked #3 in the UK and #10 in the world by the Times educational world university rankings 2020.

The Global Online MBA is a two-year online program created for individuals like you having the academic ability, work experience, professional status, and ambition.

The Imperial MBA comes with online pre-study modules to make sure you have the necessary knowledge needed for the program, before starting the MBA program. It will let you develop the foundation you need in business and help you pick the area that you prefer.

The elective courses contain 14 modules in different subjects recently created for online learning in the Global Online MBA. You can pick five electives from the courses for study in the second year.

Core modules will use the foundation you have from the pre-study modules, to launch deeper into functions of management, and business topics to develop leading skills for any career you choose.

There are eight core modules to give you a firm knowledge of business theory and practice. Case studies and syndicate groups will test what you have learned. You will have full exposure and develop people skills.

The online learning platform, The Hub, is easy to use to access program materials and links you with your colleagues and tutors. The program also contains essential classroom learning experiences, optional Global Experience Week, and the Capstone, which lets you develop your global network, strengthen connections within your group, and apply knowledge gained from the program.


Five years’ relevant work experience, but if you have three years of excellent work experience, you can apply. You must have a Second-Class Lower Honors degree or professional qualification like the Institute of Chartered Accountants in the UK or Ireland and more.

English language test includes IELTS (academic): A minimum score of 7.0 least scores of 6.5, TOEFL iBT: The least mark of 100 total with the least scores of 22 in all the test sections.

You must present your degree from an English-speaking country and pass an interview after you get a provisional admission.

You must pay application processing fees of £100. Attach degree transcript, CV, and your statement when applying online.


Fee for September 2020 academic session is £37,600

How to apply

Go to their website and fill the application form and submit the required documents.

How to enroll

Once you get the email of success of your application, log into their portal and accept the conditional offer and pay the 10 % deposit of the fees.



Website address


Use the Contact Us pag

3. UCL School of Management

The UCL school of management is in the United Kingdom, and its MBA focuses on the use of data, technology, and analytics. The MBA prepares you to develop knowledge in a business function, use Data to make logical decisions and lead teams and investors. UCL is rated number 4 in the UK and 15 globally by Times university ranking.

When you register for this program, you will gain access to network globally with peers and experts and get a subscription to the WeWork workspaces.

You will build competence through electives in Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Management. The UCL online MBA platform has an interactive feature that enables you to collaborate with academics and fellow students in real-time.

The school charge fees based on modules completed per term. The MBA is 12 modules of 15 credits each plus a final 30 credit Project. The program is two years only.


Candidates must have 2.1 Bachelor’s degrees and five years’ work experience. Those without a degree must have seven years of work experience with two years at an executive level.

You must submit your statement showing your goals during the online application, provide two References one from your colleague and the other from your supervisor, submit Resume, test scores for GMAT and GRE, or equivalent.

If English is not your first language, you must meet English language requirements such as IELTS with a total mark of 7.5 and the least mark of 6.5. As for TOEFL, you must get a full rating of 109 with at least 24 in Reading and Writing and 20 in Listening and Speaking.

You must have completed one-year schooling in a specific English-speaking country like Nigeria or have two years of work experience.

Besides, you must submit an official transcript online or send it by email, attend a 10-minute video interview with UCL admissions committee, and pay an application fee of £150 online.


For the 2019/2020 academic session, the fee is £3,928 per 15 credit module and £7,856 for the last 30 credit for your project. For the entire program of 2 years, you must pay £55,000.

How to apply

Head to their website and fill the application form and submit the required documents.

How to enroll

Once you get admission, pay £1,000 tuition fee deposit to reserve

a place.



Website address


4. Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper school of business

Its STEM program, among other reasons, is why it is part of the top online MBA Programs in Nigeria today. The Tepper School of Business MBA program is labeled a STEM program because of its quality and goal of reproducing this ideal in its MBA graduates.

Tepper is ranked as number 15 Business School in the USA by Bloomberg Businessweek and as the number 1 Online MBA by Poets & Quants.

The curriculum focuses on analytics and making the right decision that depends on data in a fast-changing business environment, and the use of technology to fix severe problems the world is facing. Tepper seeks brilliant students who have the ambition to lead in their chosen industries.

The Tepper school of business is an AACSB accredited institution. It accepts students from different academic, professional, and personal backgrounds.

The online MBA is a flexible remote course that holds all-year-round. The program includes students being in specific college locations in-person at weekends, six times in a year, to build a close-knit community.

The MBA runs for 32 months, and you will have access to full-range career services and could get Scholarships during your study.

The Institution holds Classes in three formats in the Tepper School’s Part-Time Online Hybrid MBA. You have Access Weekends to connect with classmates and meet Faculty and take exams.

You also have Live weekly classes with professors and then Offline content to enhance the weekly class sessions.

Typically, the teaching session involves two 70-minute live class sessions every week and about 3-5 hours of offline content, assignments, readings, and group projects.


Apply online by filling a form, attach a recent resume, add an essay, and get a professional recommendation. You also need to attach an unofficial transcript (once you gain admission, you must submit an official transcript.)

You should submit a GMAT score instead of a GRE (though it is accepted). Add an official TOEFL or IELTS score (when it is relevant.)


Pay $10,797 as other fees plus tuition fee of $17,500, making a total of  $28,297.

How to apply

Go to their website and fill the application form and submit relevant documents. The school waived application fees until July 31, 2020.

How to enroll

If you are successful, sign into the portal, pay tuition fees, and register. Learn more.



Website address


You can use the Contact Us page

5. Boston University Questrom school of business

Boston University Questrom school of business in the USA runs a fully-accredited online MBA in association with edX, a leading online learning platform. The business school has AACSB accreditation.

The MBA is two years and entirely online with a modern curriculum whose goals are to enable you to become ready to make the right business decisions in the 21st century.

You will gain access to the same experts who teach on-campus MBA programs, a student success professional, the university’s job board, online career development coursework, and other university resources and network with the Alumni globally.

This MBA will lift your career. You will need 45 credit hours of coursework, including six 7.5-credit semester-long combined modules.

In each semester, you take a module that advances to the next till the last one with a workload of 15 to 20 hours per week, and you can playback the class sessions since they record them.


One Essay, Resume, letter of recommendation, and official transcript (must be submitted before graduation) and GMAT score.

Other requirements include English Language proficiency scores for TOEFL: with minimum scores of 600 on the PBT or 90 on the IBT. For IELTS: you should score an overall minimum of 6.5, while for PTE: you can submit it, and you will get extra information when it is available.

You must pay an application fee of $125 by credit/debit cards only.


The full fee is $24,000, and you must pay $4,000 per semester, which is  $533 per credit hour.

How to apply

Go to the website and fill the application form and submit the required documents.

How to enroll

After you receive information on a successful application, visit the student accounting services website to pay tuition fees to the right payment processor.



Website address


You can use the Contact Us page or email to

6. The George Washington University

George Washington University provides one of the best online MBA programs in Nigeria. This Institution is a private university that came into being by an act of Congress in 1821.

It has three campuses in and near Washington, D.C, and offers undergraduate and graduate programs, including an accredited Professional MBA (PMBA) degree that is entirely online.

All core courses and specific electives for the MBA programs are available online. Also, the Professional MBA programs are 46.5-credit programs.

To graduate, a student must take a total of 31.5 credits of needed coursework, three credits of analytics/technology-focused electives, plus 12 credits of over-all electives.

The core subjects range from Consulting, Finance, Global Management, Government Contracts, Information Systems and Technology Management, Project Management, and Healthcare Administration.

The university divided the MBA courses into four semesters or 21 months with an internship in between the months.


Pay $80 non-refundable application fee, provide a recent resume. A letter of recommendation, write an essay, present an unofficial GMAT Score (you could ask for a waiver of the request for a GMAT or GRE Score,) submit unofficial transcripts, and they could ask you to attend a quantitative aptitude class.

Submit the following if English is not your primary language – TOEFL score of 80 for a test on the internet, or 550 for the paper-based test, an official IELTS score of 6.0, PTE Academic Score of a minimum of 53, or a Duolingo English Test (DTE) Score of 105. You could also ask for exemption of the TOEFL test if you merit it.

You can submit your unofficial transcript for admission purposes, but once you gain admission, you must provide the certified copies to enroll. Also, G.W. has no minimum work experience requirement for giving you admission and no set minimum GPA requirement set for admission.

Accelerated, Professional and Online MBA Applicants having five or more years of professional work experience who can show increased responsibility, may get a GMAT/GRE waiver. Request an exemption from the admission committee.


You require 46.5-credit programs to graduate. The tuition rate by credit hour for the 2020-2021 academic year is $2,215 per credit hour, and you must pay the full tuition in four semesters by installments.

How to apply

Visit the online platform, confirm requirements fill the form,  and submit needed documents.

How to enroll

Once you accept the offer of admission, pay the first installment of tuition fees to complete your enrollment.





Use the Contact G.W or send email to

7. University of Northampton MBA

Northampton University is a leading university in the United Kingdom and, in 2017, got the Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) award.

The university focuses on the personal transformation of its students by teaching them in its state-of-the-art waterside campus.

It offers accredited graduate and postgraduate courses. The Northampton Business school MBA focuses on equipping you with affordable, first-rate Management, and leadership education.

The syllabus consists of apprenticeships, work placements for its distance learning, full or part-time programs. The training is a thorough business education giving you the essentials of business through the MBA modules.

The duration is 18 months on a part-time basis. The modules consist of Financial Decision Making, Strategic Marketing, and Managing Operations and the Supply Chain, and so on.

You must meet the standard English Language Condition of 6.5 IELTS to study any one of the universities Master’s degrees, which include Executive Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration (with Work Placement), Executive Master of Business Administration Top-Up, and Master of Business Administration (Apprenticeship).


A minimum of 2 years of requisite management experience, first- or second-class honors degree. They could admit you without any degree if you show evidence of at least five years’ managerial experience.

Other requirements include English Language competence – Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests or their equivalent. The rest are certified copies of your school certificate, a reference letter, and your letter stating the reason for studying the subject you selected.


£3,555 – £5,330 per year depending on the type of MBA

How to apply

Visit the online platform check the criteria and fill the form

How to enroll

Deposit £1,000 (GBP) as part of the tuition upon accepting the offer and begin the registration for subjects you are offering that semester



Website address


8. Ahmadu Bello University

Let us examine another one of the top online MBA programs in Nigeria. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is one of the premier universities in Nigeria.

The university was established in 1962, and it is the first university in Nigeria to start the offering of a National University Commission (NUC),  accredited Master’s in business administration (MBA) program online.

The university delivers lectures to students through the e-learning platform and conducts examinations through centers placed all over the country.

The university has a team of keen lecturers to meet the needs of working professionals enrolled in the MBA program. ABU offers a regular and special MBA for those without a business background.

The regular MBA is 18 to 24 months, while the specialized MBA is 24 to 28 months. The university offers four courses each semester, and you can specialize in Finance and Investment, Human Resources, or Marketing.


5 O’ Level credits acquired at no more than two sittings, NYSC certificate (or exemption letter if you are below 30 years of age).

Other requirements are a bachelor’s degree in any field with 2.4 GPA, 3rd class with PGD, and HND with PGD or with professional certificates.


20,000 per course, Acceptance: ₦10,000,Examination Fee: ₦10,000 Per semester, and miscellaneous:₦8,500 Per session.

How to apply

Fill a form on the website and wait for admission letter and more information from the university.

How to enroll

Go to the portal at and type in your user I.D. and password. Then pay the fees and register for the courses you are offering for the semester.



Website address

Contacts, Twitter: @abu_dlc

9. Nexford University

Nexford University is an online American university. It is licensed by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission and given accreditation by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC), to award quality degrees to students.

Nexford is also a member of the Business Education Alliance International and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business(AACSB).

The university offers quality 12 months online MBA at an affordable rate of $160 per month, giving you the required industry skills to receive a widely accepted MBA certificate.

You must take the core subjects to build your competence for a profitable career in business for the future. The topics include Marketing, Finance, Leadership, Operations, and Innovation, and more, including two elective courses.

If you would love to use a free Wifi, Nexford has a learning space in Lagos.


Transcript, English proficiency qualification with a minimum passing score in TOEFL, Letter from your former school that proves you received lessons in English, Resume, and employment history.


$160/Mo. Approximately $2,880 for a year

How to apply

Visit the online platform check the criteria and fill a form

How to enroll

Pay the required three months fees in advance in 30 days and register for the subjects you will take for the semester.



Website address


10. Westford University College

Westford University College started operating in the United Arab Emirates in 2009. It caters to regular and working professionals from across the globe.  Its head office is on the 2nd and 3rd Floor, ITEC Building, Al Taawun, Sharjah, UAE.

The university won the Forbes Higher Education (Middle East) Award 2019, and that is why it makes this list of top online MBA programs in Nigeria, you can consider.

It is offering a duly accredited complete United Kingdom-based curriculum. The school program is flexible and enrolls students for degree courses, professional certifications, and top MBA programs online.

The online MBA program is one year, and the students can major in International business management, Information Technology, Financial Management, Human resources, and psychology. Others are supply chain, health care management, and shipping and logistics management, including sales and marketing.


Bachelor’s degree in any subject, two years of work experience, five years managerial/supervisory for those without a degree, and applicants must be 23 years and above.


Enroll at a nominal fee with the installment plan. The charge is AED 40,000

How to apply

Fill a form on the website and request for additional information.

How to enroll

Accept the offer of admission and pay part of the fees to enroll



Website address


Send an email to or use


In this post, we explored the top online MBA programs in Nigeria. The study brought you ten virtual MBA programs, told you why online MBA programs are popular, showed you how to pick an accredited online program, cost, and the number of years it takes to complete one.

You have these facts, start an online MBA now, and share your experience by commenting on the topic.

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