11 Companies that hire virtual assistants (2024)

In the current digital era, the need for virtual assistants has increased drastically. Virtual assistants are a great resource for organizations all over the globe. They provide a broad variety of services, from administrative work to marketing help, to individuals, office workers, entrepreneurs and companies. 

Working as a virtual assistant is beneficial in many ways. It offers flexible work hours and remote work opportunities to name a few. If you’re a virtual assistant looking for the best job prospects then look no further. In this article, I will outline 11 companies that hire virtual assistants, and I’m sure an ideal position may be waiting for you at one of them:

1. Upwork

Upwork is a well-known network for freelance workers worldwide. Upwork links companies with knowledgeable independent contractors, such as virtual assistants. Virtual assistants can register as bidders for positions, and get hired by individuals and companies seeking their services.  

Thanks to the extensive pool of clients and freelancers on Upwork, businesses may easily select the ideal virtual assistant for their requirements and freelancers can easily find jobs that best suit their skills. 

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another site for freelancing where you may market your virtual assistant services to clients all around the world. They provide a broad variety of virtual assistant services. Virtual assistants may apply for jobs and advertise their services to prospective customers.

Fiverr provides an intuitive platform that makes it simple for companies to look for and employ virtual assistants that suit their needs.

3. Time etc

A US-based employment firm called Time etc connects individuals in different sectors with virtual assistants. They provide a range of jobs and flexible hours to virtual assistants. Virtual assistants employed by Time etc do tasks including administrative assistance, item procurement for customers, crucial information research, and content creation.

Once they are approved to work for the organization, Time etc gives remote virtual assistants various scheduling options and assistance.

4. Belay Solutions

Belay Solution is a startup that connects entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives with virtual assistants to assist customers with a range of administrative and marketing activities, such as project coordination, social media management, scheduling, travel arrangements, and data organization.

To enable its team of flexible and skilled virtual assistants to meet the virtual assistant demands of Belay customers as independent contractors, the firm is looking for people with a bachelor’s degree and remote administrative work experience.

5. Gabbyville

Gabbyville is a company that specializes in connecting companies with skilled virtual assistants to help them manage calls. Prospective remote receptionists are sought after by Gabbyville if they possess great interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. Call screening and forwarding, live phone answering, appointment or reminder setting, and outbound calling staffing are all services offered by Gabbyville. 

If you have great customer service skills and are adept at handling calls, then Gabbyville is a great option for you. They also hire bilingual speakers so it is a plus if you can speak many languages. 

6. Perssist

If you would prefer to work in the technology industry, then Perssist is an excellent choice. They hire virtual assistants to provide administrative services to clients in the IT industry. According to Perssist, its assistants are used to utilizing technology to make everyday activities easier. They seek problem-solvers and self-starters who can get along with a wide range of people and workloads. Virtual assistants on persist may also be required to could also carry out personal tasks like shopping, collecting deliveries, or making orders.

7. Trusty Oak

Trusty Oak employs virtual assistants as independent contractors. With administrative assistance from the Trusty Oak team, virtual assistants may choose the projects they wish to work on and create their timetables.

Trusty Oak seeks virtual assistants with backgrounds in the workplace. Before joining the team, candidates must pass a rigorous verification procedure. They recruit for virtual assistant positions in administration, marketing, and web development.

8. Zirtual

Zirtual virtual assistants provide a wide range of specializations for executive customers in start-ups and established businesses. Managing finances and invoicing, maintaining the website, organising trips, and planning events are just a few possible tasks. Zirtual virtual assistants also manage data input and social media marketing plans.

9. Smith.ai

Virtual receptionists and chat responders are employed by Smith.ai for full-time and part-time positions. The majority of employers are small firms, and employees do a range of tasks including taking incoming calls, assessing potential customers, and taking payments over the phone. Candidates should have a fast and accurate typing speed in addition to having outstanding communication and planning abilities, according to Smith.ai.

10. Boldly

Using virtual assistants with strong business expertise, Boldly, a subscription staffing firm takes on challenging jobs for customers. Through Boldly, virtual assistants may provide project management, marketing, design, writing and editing, and multilingual services in addition to accounting. Following client matching, Boldly virtual assistants carry out client activities via a corporate dashboard and train their backup assistance in case of sickness or leave of absence.

11. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a subscription-based job search engine that specializes in remote and flexible employment possibilities. The platform exclusively offers real virtual assistant positions, so interested applicants can apply. such as entry-level assistant positions.

FlexJobs has a feature that allows you to select by experience necessary, so it’s simple to locate virtual assistant jobs for beginners and experts, depending on your expertise. It saves a lot of time that might have been spent sorting through scammers or low-paying jobs. 

These 11 businesses provide several possibilities for virtual assistants, whether you’re seeking part-time, full-time, or freelance work. As you investigate these platforms and businesses, be sure to customize your applications to emphasize your qualifications as a remarkable virtual assistant and to promote your talents. You may locate the ideal virtual assistant employment that fits your professional objectives and financial ambitions if you are persistent, professional, and have the necessary abilities. 

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