How to learn Python online for free

Python is currently the world’s most used programming language. It’s an all-purpose programming language, so it can be used for many things, which include, building websites and software, conducting data analysis, and automating tasks. 

It’s a skill that can be used literally by any sector, ranging from software development to finance to entertainment. The high demand for the skill is the reason why many people are seeking to learn it. 

Are you one of the people who want to learn Python? The good news is that you can learn it online for free. 

If this is what you want, read on to first of all know the guidelines for learning Python and the lists of websites where you can learn the high-income skill for free.

Steps to follow in learning Python online

1. Evaluation

The first step in learning Python online is to evaluate yourself. Online learning can be challenging and needs lots of determination, Python coding learning inclusively. 

You have to evaluate yourself before diving into the field of python to ensure you’re up for the task of coding, that you’re ready for the challenges to come, and so on. You just need to assess yourself before you start learning to have a successful career in it.

2. A Good Learning Device

Though you can use a smartphone for learning python coding, there are some tasks you can’t perform with the smartphone, no matter the quality of your smartphone. So, the best device you can use for coding is a laptop.

Plus, you can’t even use all kinds of laptops to practice Python. The skill requires that you have a solid laptop. For instance, when selecting a laptop for coding, the screen size is one of the factors you should put into consideration. 

Recommended for coding are laptops with large screen sizes and high resolution as it will make it easy for you to see the code without having to scroll up and down. The amount of RAM and the keyboard of the laptop should also be considered. 

Some of the best laptops for coding are MacBook Pro 16-inch, Hp spectre ×360 (2021), and Dell Inspiron 14 5000.

3. Stable internet connection

Without the internet, online learning won’t even be possible. In taking an online course, you must ensure you have a good connection to the internet throughout your learning period to have hitch-free learning.

Websites for learning python online for free

1. Google’s Python Class

There are free Python tutorials on Google. Python is used by Google itself for lots of their projects, and they also use these materials to teach Python to beginners in coding and also those with little experience in programming. The course includes lecture videos, written tutorials, and a lot of coding exercises to practice Python coding.

The first tutorial is on basic Python concepts, such as strings and lists, up to the next exercises, which are full programs dealing with text files, processes, and HTTP connections. You’ll also be taught how to set up your Python development environment.

The best part of their program is that the tutorial videos are available on YouTube. Thus, you don’t need to set up any other account.

2. Codecademy

This website is an interactive learning platform great for beginners. They first teach you with theory in a few words and then ask you to code online following that theory.

The good thing with this website is that you don’t need any setup like installing Python on your device. You can run it right from your browser.

Another good thing about them is that you don’t need to write a complete program until you are ready. You just need to make small changes and execute them.

Recently, all their courses became completely free, but now they have a freemium model where some of their courses are only available for paid members.

3. Udemy

This is another popular online platform with lots of online courses, probably the largest on earth. The best thing about this platform is that you can find any course you want to learn there and also for free. Also, their courses are taught by professionals, though not as interactive as Codecademy.

You don’t need to pay any subscription on this website, unlike Codecademy. Just create a free account, and then you can enroll in many free Python courses, such as the introduction to Python Programming free course.

Also, if you prefer learning from videos, Udemy is the place for you.

4. FreeCodeCamp

This is a great website where lots of tech skills are available. Apart from their website, they also have a YouTube channel where you will find lots of their free online courses, and the Python course is one of them.

Their free Python course will introduce you to all the main concepts of Python coding. By watching the videos and implementing the practice in them, you can be a programmer in no time.

5. Microsoft(edX)

Similar to Google, Microsoft also has a free Python course on edX, another popular online website for free learning.

The free Python course is called Introduction to Python: Absolute beginner, which is taught by Eric Camplin, a senior content developer.

This course is in two aspects. The first aspect of teaching is based on teaching Python in the Jupyter notebook. It’s an online browser-based coding, i.e. you don’t need to install Python on your device. It’s a 5 weeks course with 3-4 hours of study every week.

The second aspect is that it’s also part of the Microsoft Professional Program in entry-level software development.  This is also free, you only need to pay for certification if you need one.

6. Coursera

Coursera is similar to the world’s leading universities as most of the courses it offers are created by top universities, like INSEAD, Stanford, and many more.

Coursera has one of the most popular free Python courses to learn, python programming for everybody (Python for beginners). You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of Programming as this course will teach you Python 3 from ground zero.

7. Educative

Educative is a text-based interactive platform that enables you to learn and code from your browser. It’s another website where you can learn Python coding for free.

The best part of the website is that you can learn the theory and put it into practice (code) in the next line without needing to worry about downloading the needed software and setting up your development environment.


These are the websites where you can learn Python coding online for free. However, registering and learning on all the websites at the same time will be ridiculous, so you just need to choose the one suitable for you and begin your Python journey on it.

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