Top 10 newspapers in Nigeria (2024)

The newspaper occupies one of the first places in the most easily accessible media in Nigeria. This is due to the need of the public to know about those events that are happening within the country and in other nations, in the areas of the economy, politics, arts, culture, sports, science, etc. Also, the newspaper provides the public the opportunity to obtain information and learn about a specialized topic.

Nigeria being the most populous black nation has a whole lot of events that are capable of making news headlines. Nigeria currently has over 100 newspapers that inform the public about the daily events in the country. However, in this article, you will find our top ten which we have selected based on their news content credibility and their circulation within the country.

Top 10 newspapers in Nigeria

Here are the top 10 newspapers in Nigeria:

1. Punch Newspaper

Punch newspaper is a publication of Punch (Nigeria) Limited which was registered under the Companies Act of 1968 to engage in the business of publishing newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals on August 8, 1970. The company’s existence was centered on informing, educating, and entertaining Nigerians, and the world at large.

The maiden publication of Punch Nigeria Limited is the publication of Happy Home, a glossy, family-oriented magazine. In its bid to perform its constitutionally assigned responsibilities, the company was shut down many times by the powers-that-be. Many of its employees were also harassed and detained by successive military regimes.

Over the years, Punch has been able to adjust and adapt to the modern ways of running a newspaper house by investing heavily in new equipment and staff development. That is why it’s still one of the most read and most widely circulated newspapers in Nigeria.

2. Vanguard Newspaper

Vanguard newspaper is a publication of Vanguard Media Limited – which was founded in 1984 by Mr. Sam Amuka. Vanguard is one of the leading Newspapers in Nigeria today, being a family-oriented newspaper that also appeals to the upwardly Mobile Executive and Captains of Industry.

Vanguard circulates a total of 120,000 copies with a Print Run of 130,000 copies daily(Lagos – 20,000 copies, Abuja – 12,000 copies, South-West – 15,000, South-South – 25,000 copies, South-East – 15,000 copies, North Central – 18,000 copies, North-East – 7,500 copies, and North-west – 7,500 copies). Vanguard newspaper’s reach hits the nooks and crannies of the country.

3. The Nation Newspaper

The Nation newspaper is a publication of Vintage Press Limited, headquartered in Lagos. The target audience of this newspaper includes the business and political elite, the affluent, the educated, those in leadership positions in all spheres of life, the upwardly mobile, policymakers, and those in the B & A segments of the society.

The focus of the Nation newspaper includes business and economy, public policies, the democratic process and institutions of democracy, sports, arts & culture, fashion & lifestyle, world affairs, education, health, law, and commentaries. The newspaper has won several awards including being the second most read newspaper in Nigeria according to a 2009 survey by ADVAN, AAPN, MIPAN (Major players in the advertising industry in Nigeria).

4. The Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian is an independent newspaper, established in 1983 to present balanced coverage of events, and of promoting the best interests of Nigeria. The Guardian’s logo is the ancient Egyptian symbol for Conscience. The motto, “Conscience, Nurtured by Truth” is inspired by Uthman Dan Fodio’s saying: ‘‘Conscience is an open wound; only truth can heal it.’’

The Guardian pledges to at all times uphold the need for justice, probity in public life, equal access to the nation’s resources, and equal protection under the laws of Nigeria for all citizens.

5. The Sun Newspaper

The Sun newspaper is a publication of The Sun Media Publishing Limited – a media entertainment company registered Public liability company). It began with a weekly publication on January 18, 2003, and later went daily on June 16, 2003. Three years later, its all soccer daily publication(Soccerstar) was added.

The company has its corporate head office in Lagos, regional offices in Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Ibadan, and Jos, and 42 other branch offices across the country.

6. Nigerian Tribune Newspaper

Nigerian Tribune Newspaper, a publication of African Newspapers of Nigeria (ANN) PLC is the oldest surviving newspaper in Nigeria. Other publications of ANN include Tribune Online, Sunday Tribune, and Saturday Tribune. ANN PLC, an independent media operating in Nigeria, was established in November 1949, by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, a Pan-Africanist and former Premier of the old Nigeria’s Western Region government.

Nigerian Tribune newspaper is generally known for general interests articles, organized in areas which include Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Tourism, Op-Ed, and others, for ease of navigation. Recently, its online publication(Tribune Online) won an award for the website with the richest contents.

7. Daily Trust Newspaper

Daily Trust newspaper is a publication of Media Trust Limited –  a media company engaged in Consultancy, Printing, and Publishing. The company believes in efficient, honest, and qualitative service to the customer. Using the latest technology and employing self-motivated workers, the company’s objective is to grow steadily into a world-class, integrated communication company.

The company’s areas of corporate social responsibility include Entrepreneurship Award for emerging Entrepreneurs, distribution of welfare items to orphanages, Scholarship scheme, boreholes projects, donations to associations and bodies on a discretionary basis, and IDP relief fund.

8. Leadership Newspaper

Leadership Newspaper is a publication of Leadership Newspaper Group. It’s headquartered in Abuja. Leadership Newspaper Group pledges to defend the interests of the Nigerian state even against its leaders and raise their pen at all times in defense of what is right. The newspaper has been faced with persecutions from both Federal Government and State Government.

However, the Leadership newspaper was recognized as the Leadership “Newspaper of the Year” by the Nigeria Union of Journalists, and still a leading newspaper in Nigeria today.

9. ThisDay Newspaper

This Day Newspaper is a publication of This Day Newspaper Limited. It hit newsstands on January 22, 1995, and quickly carved out a niche for itself in business and political reporting and for breaking big news stories. This Day Newspaper consecutively won the Newspaper of the year award in the early years of its establishment. This Day Newspaper pioneered full colour printing of newspapers in Nigeria.

This Day newspaper has a record of breaking the news first – especially major political news. During the Military rule in Nigeria, its reporters were detained and harassed. ThisDay hosts an annual This Day award of excellence which have attracted several world leaders and statesmen like former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, former Mexican President, Vicente Fox and former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.

10. Business Day Newspaper

BusinessDay Media was born in 2001. The BusinessDay news report has since then been empowering decision-makers with insightful and accurate information about Nigeria’s business finance environment and beyond. What initially began as a Daily, BusinessDay now carries out its mission on multiple platforms and brands, including BusinessDay Conferences and Events, BusinessDay Research, and Intelligence Unit.

Being informed of daily events in the country is extremely important. Don’t lose consciousness and read a newspaper.


Newspaper publication in Nigeria started with the printing and distribution of community newspapers by Christian missionaries in the 1840s. Notable Nigerian historical figures have owned a newspaper in history, among them are Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, and MKO Abiola.

The Guardian, The Punch, Vanguard, and This Day are widely considered the best newspapers in Nigeria by experts and news consumers. Their level of reporting, editing, and network of top-class columnists give them the edge.

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