How to make money from the FIFA World Cup 2026

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The FIFA world cup 2022 is here and the excitement is contagious. It is widely regarded as the biggest sports event in the world. Billions of people are expected to watch the world cup from across the world.

With so many people and so much interest, one thing is certain, the world cup will shake the financial world. So much money is involved. Nations, associations, businesses, and players will all grow big pockets thanks to the world cup.

But the big question is, what about the fans? What happens to them? Why can’t they have a share of the money and prizes from the FIFA world cup 2018? In this article, we will show you the different ways fans can have a share of the money or prizes from the largest sports event in the world.

So here we go, how to make money from the FIFA World Cup 2018.

1. Play the Official FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy football

One of the best and most entertaining ways to earn from the FIFA world cup 2018 as a fan is to play the official fantasy football from FIFA.  Fantasy football is about selecting your own team from the poll of players available for the tournament. Then pick your starting 11. You earn points according to how your players perform in the real game.

What do you stand to gain? The winner of the Official Fifa World cup 2018 Fantasy Football will win 1 brand new Kia Sportage (This is a very cool car!),  1 Signed captain’s armband from the winning team of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and 1 copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 18 for PS4.

The runners-up also win prizes. There are also prizes for many more people and in many stages. You can see the full prize list on the official website here 

How to play: Go to FIFA Fantasy football website, Sign in or sign up. Then you can play. You will be given a budget of  100 million euros to build your team. You can see the full instruction here.

Verdict: The McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy football is a good way for world cup lovers to have fun and also earn something from it. It is free to play but you can win a cool car and other fantastic prizes. You can also join other leagues for fun. You can join our league once you have set up your fantasy team. Our League code is : GP5I4OVF or you can click here to join our league

2. Enter the Official FIFA World Cup 2022 Bracket Challenge

The Bracket challenge is about understanding the strength of each team and determining how they will each finish in the competition even before it starts or reaches the end. You will have to arrange how the teams will finish in each group. Then select which team will win the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final.

The winner of the Bracket challenge will win: 2 economy class flights from anywhere in the world to Madrid, a 3-night hotel stay in Madrid, and VIP Experience for 2 people at Wanda Metropolitano which includes watching a La Liga match and a personal meet-and-greet with some of Atletico Madrid’s players!.

The runners-up and many others will win prizes, you can see a list of other prizes here.

How to play: Go to the official website of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Bracket Challenge and sign in or sign up. Then you can go ahead and arrange how teams will finish in the tournament till the final. You can find the official guide on how to play here

Verdict: The Bracket challenge is a good way to win amazing prizes. Imagine a VIP trip to Madrid from anywhere in the world, your accommodation is paid for and you also get to meet Athletico Madrid players, take selfies, and have a good time. Plus other exciting prizes. You can join other leagues and have fun. You can join our league too. The league code is  L6EI2NFD or you can click here to join.

3. Play the Official FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Predictor Game

This one is very simple. Simply predict the scores of each game at the tournament and points will be calculated from your predictions. You will also have a chance to win bonus points when you predict.

The winner will get Apple Macbook (12-inch). There are prizes for runners-up and many others. You can see them here.

How to play: Go to the official website of the FIFA World Cup 2018 match predictor and sign in or sign up. Then you can start predicting and winning. You can find an official guide on how to play here.

Verdict: The Match Predictor is a fun way to put your understanding of the game into play and win amazing prizes too. You can join another league. Our league code is fa891a02 or click here to join our league

4. Participate in other Official FIFA World Cup 2022 games

Apart from the three listed above, there are other games that will be available as the tournament progress which you can participate in and win amazing prizes. They include:

  1. Fan Dream team: All you will have to do is select your favourite performers from the tournament for a chance to win amazing prizes.
  2. Goal of the tournament: Vote for your favourite goal of the tournament and you could win amazing prizes.
  3. Budweiser Man of the match: Vote for the man of the match for every game for a chance to win prizes.

And more may be coming. Just go to FIFa official website, register and keep tab on the Fanzone.

5. Participate in Unofficial Games

The above-listed games from 1 to 4 are FIFA official games. But beyond them, there are other Fantasy games and predictors that you can participate in and make money or win prizes. An example is The Dream Team organized by The SUN Newspaper. It is free to enter and the cash prize poll is up to £175, 000. That is good money! There are many of such. Look them up and join. If you know any, drop it on the comment and we will include:

6. Sell Merchandise

Fan are crazy about Merchandise this period of the world cup. You can buy your country’s national team jersey in bulk and sell it to fans at higher prize. This is a fast and easy way to make money from the FIFA World Cup 2018. Nike sold out 3 million Nigerian jersey even before it was released! That is how crazy the fans are about Mechanize during this period.

You can make things like Hand bands, necklaces,  caps, and so on with a world cup message in support of your national team and sale.

People buy a lot of these stuffs during this period. You can go to a big market, buy in bulk and sell to fans in your environment, you will be amazed!

7. Sell Flags

These period fans love moving around with flags of their national team in their cars, motorbikes, and the rest. You can make little flags that can be pinned on a car, bikes, even caps, and sale. You will be amazed how many people will buy.

8. Blog about the world cup on YouTube

During the period of the world cup, fans are going to miss some of the actions. If you own a pay TV that allows you to record games. You can capture the funny moments, highlights, and interesting scenes from the FIFA world cup 2018 as they come and put it on your Youtube Channel. You will be amazed at the number of views you will get. Because the world cup is what will dominate everywhere.

From your YouTube Channel, you can monetize it and make money as people watch. You can even do talk show, predict matches and analysis. If you dont know how to set up a Youtube Channel, read: How To make Money On YouTube.

9. Run a match viewing centre

You can set up a temporal match viewing center in your environment where people can come watch the world cup together and have a stadium feel of the game. Of course you will charge each person per game.

10. Betting

We do not advice this way of making money from the FIFA world cup 2018. But betting is quite popular. If you are good with predicting and reading games, you can bet and make money. You can predict the overall winner, top scorers, how each game will go, first to score, and all the statistics. Do understand that it is risky and you may lose all your money and may become addictive.

Conclusion: The FIFA World cup 2018 like every other world cup is a big event. Comes once in 4 years and get the world glued and focus. You can enjoy it while making money or winning prizes too. We recommend playing the official FIFA games, as it is fun and you get to win too.

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