Richest States in Nigeria by GDP (2024)

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa by Gross domestic product (GDP). With over-dependence on oil and a very large population, the country still struggles despite its comfortable lead.

In this article, we look at the richest states in Nigeria by Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

What is Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
Gross domestic product mostly known as GDP is the measure in monetary value of final goods and services produced by an entity.

The states are listed by their GDP from the highest to the lowest.

(millions of U$)
1Lagos US$33,679
4Oyo US$16,121
5Imo US$14,212
7Edo US$11,888
8Akwa Ibom US$11,179
9Ogun US$10,470
10Kaduna US$10,334
11Cross River US$9,292
12Abia US$8,687
13Ondo US$8,414
14Osun US$7,280
15Benue US$6,864
16Anambra US$6,764
17Katsina US$6,022
18Niger US$6,002
21Sokoto US$4,818
23Kogi US$4,642
24Adamawa US$4,582
25Enugu US$4,396
26Bayelsa US$4,337
27Zamfara US$4,123
29Taraba US$3,397
30Kebbi US$3,290
33Ekiti US$2,848
35Gombe US$2,501
36Yobe US$2,011

The ranking is based on 2010 GDP

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