10 Best tech companies for Internship in Nigeria

An internship is a time to gain work experience before formally entering the workforce. It’s supposed to be a fun and rewarding experience but most companies in Nigeria have turned it into a nightmare. Not only are they mostly unpaid, but interns are tasked with the most tedious, time-consuming and demeaning work available. They are dumped with all the work everyone else is trying to avoid and expected to go through everything without complaining. Some employees even go as far as sending interns on personal errands.

Despite the universally bad treatment of interns in Nigeria, not every company is as bad. Some companies in the tech industry in Nigeria offer interns a rewarding experience and several perks and benefits. In this article, I will outline the 10 best tech companies for internships in Nigeria.

Best tech companies for internship in Nigeria

1. Andela

Andela is undoubtedly one of the best tech companies in Nigeria. It is a Global Talent Network company that connects software developers to jobs. The company focuses on identifying talents, training them and connecting them to jobs.

Andela does not just connect talents to jobs, it also serves as a platform to foster talents. Through the internship program offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students, Andela creates an opportunity for talents to advance their learning and development.

Internships at Andela could last a few months to up to a year. During that time, interns will be allowed to work with the bright minds that constitute the workforce of Andela. There are remote opportunities to ensure a satisfying work experience. Interns are also given stipends, as well as daily provisions of breakfast, lunch and snacks.

2. Paystack

Paystack is a financial technology company with the mission of helping businesses in Africa. They provide means for businesses to make fast and secure payments and tools to bring in and retain customers. With Paystack, businesses can enjoy fast, secure and transparent payments, without paying exorbitant fees.

Paystack is a small company with less than a hundred employees, meaning that each employee is well-catered for, and each person contributes immensely to the growth of the company. They offer a few internship opportunities for undergraduate students every year.

Interns benefit from learning in an inclusive and positive environment, gaining a rewarding experience, and free lunch every day.

3. Interswitch

Another successful financial technology company in Nigeria is Interswitch. The company facilitates digital payments and commerce in Africa. They offer internship programs for undergraduate students and young graduates to help build their skills and make a difference in Africa’s transaction solutions.

The internship typically lasts about 9 months and in that time, interns are fully immersed in the operations of Interswitch and allowed to work alongside other professionals and gain valuable skills and experience.

4. Flutterwave

Flutterwave provides a platform for merchants and payment service providers across Africa to make payments. It is a financial technology company that provides commercial financing and mobile payment services.

The company offers internship opportunities to undergraduate students to help them gain field experience and put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom which lasts 10-12 weeks. There will be plenty of opportunities to build life-long skills including mentorship, formal training, and on-the-job learning.

Interns benefit from a well-rounded experience which includes social activities, intensive learning and skills building. Interns also benefit from free lunches every day for the duration of their internship.

5. Google

As “the most powerful company in the world”, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Nigerian branch of Google is one of the best companies in Nigeria. The working environment is one of the best and the work culture is top-notch.

Internship opportunities are available for Nigerian undergraduate students who are interested in gaining work experience and broadening their horizons. Getting an internship at Google will do wonders in improving your career prospects and resume, not to mention the skills and experience you will gain.

6. Microsoft

As one of the Big Five American IT companies, it is not a surprise the Nigerian branch made it to this list. Microsoft opened its first African Development Center in Victoria Island, Lagos, and has become one of the best companies to work in Nigeria.

Employees are given great perks and benefits, and interns are also not left behind. The company offers internship positions to undergraduate students to help in their career-building and skills acquisition. Interns are given free healthcare, opportunities to network and connect, and discounts on products and services, among other benefits.

7. Shell Nigeria

Headquartered in Rivers State, Shell Nigeria is a major Oil and Gas company in Nigeria and a major contributor to the economy. Through Nigeria’s Student Industrial Training Programme, they offer undergraduate Nigerian students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

They offer opportunities in Engineering, IT and other tech fields. Interns are provided with the opportunity to work directly with professionals and gain skills that will be valuable for their future careers. Interns are also provided with the opportunity to build networks and contacts for professional development.

8. SystemSpecs

SystemSpecs is a leading financial service and online payments company in Nigeria. The company is headquartered in Lagos and provides internship opportunities to undergraduate students in Nigeria. At SystemSpecs, interns are allowed to work alongside other employees and gain hands-on experience.

9. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric specializes in digital automation and energy management. It is a Fortune 500 company that produces electrical equipment and digital solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability. It is a French company but has branches in more than 100 other countries including Nigeria.

The company offers internships to passionate undergraduate students in Nigeria to help them build a future in technology, energy and resources. Interns are allowed to work and learn from professionals in the field, and build skills and lasting networks.

10. Oracle

Oracle is a software company headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, but with branches all over the world, including Nigeria. The Nigerian branch in Ikoyi, Lagos, offers internship opportunities to Nigerian undergraduate students.

Interns at Oracle benefit from on-the-job training, skills building and professional networking. They are also given a monthly stipend and free lunch for the duration of their internship.


Internships are a big deal and choosing where to intern is an important decision. In the tech industry, the above is the best in Nigeria. Each has its eligibility requirements that you must research before you apply, which will differ depending on one role and the year you apply. Stay informed on the latest updates on internship opportunities so you can apply as soon as opportunities arise.

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