Top 10 courses to study in Nigeria

In a country like Nigeria where unemployment is high and the standard of living is so poor, studying a course in the university is no longer a matter of passion or interest, but of profitability.

It can be frustrating to study a course for years in the university, only to end up unemployed or earning barely enough to support yourself. Unfortunately, this is the trend today in Nigeria.

The number of jobs being created in Nigeria is significantly lower than the number of students graduating from higher institutions every year. The gap has been continuously increasing each year. This means that there are more unemployed graduates each year.

To avoid being stuck in this ridiculous cycle, you have to ensure that you are extremely careful when choosing a course to study at the university. If you are not so sure about how to go about choosing a course that will ensure you do not end up as part of the myriad of unemployed graduates in Nigeria, you can start here by looking at the top 10 best courses to study in Nigeria. These courses are not only lucrative but also have a high employment opportunity.

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10 best courses to study in Nigeria

Here are the best courses to study in Nigeria:

1. Medicine and Surgery

There is a very good reason why Medicine and surgery is a highly sort after course in Nigeria. As a doctor, you are not only provided with the satisfaction of saving lives, but you would also be living a comfortable life while doing so.

Doctors are among the highest paid in the country, and there’s a very good reason why that is so. The work they do is paramount to our everyday lives, and the hours they work are long and stressful compared to other occupations.

Studying Medicine and surgery is not just about decisions though, there has to be the passion to save lives and the willingness to work hard. If you decide to study medicine just because of the money and security, you will probably end up dropping out in the middle of the course. Studying medicine is extremely hard; it requires hard work, a high IQ and a keen interest in medicine.

2. Pharmacy

Another health-related course that pays really well is Pharmacy. Pharmacy is a good alternative to medicine and surgery as the duration of study is not as long and not quite as competitive as medicine.

Pharmacists are employed across in both the private and public sectors in Nigeria and are paid quite well. They are among the highest-paid in the country, with a relatively high employment opportunity.

3. Nursing

Nurses are usually the first line of defence in any healthcare facility. They receive patients, administer first-aid, and treat minor ailments that don’t require a doctor.

No healthcare facility will survive without nurses. For this reason, the employment opportunities for nurses is among the highest in the country.

Nurses are not paid as high as most other healthcare professionals, but the work is stable and employment opportunity is high. One benefit of studying nursing is that it doesn’t take quite as long as most other courses to complete; in 2-4 years you would already have had your degree and started earning.

4. Dentistry and dental surgery

You would notice at this point that healthcare courses take up the majority of this list. This is because without proper healthcare a society cannot stand. To function properly, everyone needs a healthy body, mind and teeth.

Very closely related to medicine, dentistry and dental surgery is a discipline that is just as important as medicine. Dentists ensure that we have healthy teeth, and choosing to study this course ensures you a high-paying job after you graduate.

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5. Business administration

Business administration is another great course to study in Nigeria due to its endless career opportunities. You could end up being employed in various sectors and industries, or even start up your own business with your superior knowledge of business.

Although, you do not need to study business administration to start up a business or open up a firm in Nigeria, knowledge of the course will give you an upper hand in managing your business.

6. Engineering

There are various fields in engineering, and each has a very high earning potential. Although job opportunities in the field of engineering are not what it used to be, there are still various opportunities available.

It is a wide discipline and all are not equal in terms of opportunity. There are better opportunities now for computer engineers than electrical engineers or mechanical engineers.

7. Finance and accounting

Accounting is one of the best commercial courses you could study in Nigeria. The earning potential and employment opportunities for finance and accounting are high.

It is quite a versatile course, as you could work practically anywhere if you study this course, including banks, government offices, supermarkets, churches, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.

8. ICT

The full meaning of ICT is Information and Communication Technology, and people in this field are those who study any course related to computing, telecommunication and so on.

The world is now dominated by technology, ICT courses will put you in a good position of getting a well-paying job.

A lot of people in this field are earning quite a lot, and anyone can too, you just have to be really smart and passionate. There is a high demand for ICT specialists in Nigeria, and they are well compensated.

Getting a traditional job is not the only means of earning money in this field. There is great versatility when it comes to earning in this field. You could be self-employed and earn money freelancing, or land a good paying job on international platforms and earn in dollars.

9. Medical laboratory science

Another health-related course that pays well is medical laboratory science. These professionals are in charge of conducting tests on patients and collecting samples and specimens for laboratory tests.

They are extremely important in any healthcare facility, and as such are in high demand.

10. Architecture

Architecture is one of the most profitable disciplines in Nigeria. Professionals in this field are paid quite well, and there are various employment opportunities available.

As an architect, you could open your own practice and begin drafting construction designs for your clients. There are also numerous organizations that would employ you as long as you have the right skills and qualifications.

Though the earning potential for architects is quite high, you might not be earning much as soon as you graduate, but do not be dismayed as the more you build up your skills and experience, the higher you will earn.

When choosing a course to study in Nigeria, there are so many factors that you will have to put into consideration. If profitability and employment opportunities are high on your list, then the above course are worth exploring.

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