How to become a Nollywood Actor or Actress

Nollywood is Nigeria’s movie industry and has experienced notable growth in recent times. Nollywood movies are watched everywhere in the world, and the existence of movie streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube have increased the popularity and success of Nollywood actors. If you are a talented actor, you can easily build a successful career in Nollywood. You will become a celebrity and you stand to enjoy many benefits such as paid acting gigs, a huge fan base and endorsement deals. In this article you will learn how to become a Nollywood Actor or Actress.

Nollywood actors such as Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Odunlade Adekola, Ini Edo, Linda Osifo, Alex Ekubo, Rita Dominic, Uche Jombo, Ramsey Noah, Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, Sharon Ooja, Timini Egbuson, Mercy Aigbe, Mide Martins, Fathia Williams and a host of many other actors have all built successful careers in Nollywood. So, how can you become a Nollywood actor and share your talent with the world? Keep reading.

How to become a Nollywood Actor or Actress

Follow these steps to become a Nollywood Actor

1. Create an acting portfolio

The first step in becoming a Nollywood actor is to create an acting portfolio. Your acting portfolio should contain all relevant acting work you have done so far. This will help you when you go for auditions, decide to join a talent agency or contact filmmakers and movie producers. An acting portfolio is essential in your quest to becoming a Nollywood actor, and will help you immensely when you are trying to get acting gigs.

2. Go for auditions

If you want to be a successful Nollywood actor, you have to go for auditions. Auditions are where you can meet with actors, producers, directors, cameramen and a host of other people in Nollywood. The best part is that you get to showcase your raw acting skills in front of casting directors. If your acting skills are up to par, you can get selected to play a role in a Nollywood movie. When you attend auditions, make sure you network properly and make connections with the right people.

If you eventually do not get the role you auditioned for, a relationship built with a director or producer could get you another acting gig in the future. Making connections with other actors at auditions is very helpful. They might let you know about other auditions you could try out, and snagging the role at such auditions could be your big break in Nollywood.

3. Join a talent agency

Especially in Lagos which happens to be the city of choice for Nollywood industry veterans such as producers and film makers, there are several talent agencies for actors which you can join. The advantages you get when you join a talent agency are enormous.

A talent agency will help you secure acting jobs in Nollywood because they have the necessary industry knowledge and connections. Talent agencies tend to know about auditions before anyone else does. Joining a talent agency is an important step in becoming a Nollywood actor.

4. Showcase your talent on social media

Social media in the past decade has proven to be a great tool for showcasing your acting skills as an aspiring actor. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat are social media platforms that have turned everyday people into Nollywood celebrities. The likes of Broda Shaggi and Wofaifada have managed to level their huge presence on social media to the big screen. Wofaifada is an Instagram comedian who has starred in the African Magic sitcom, Flatmates. Broda Shaggi is a funny comedian popular on Instagram and YouTube who starred in the widely acclaimed Nollywood movie, The Bling Lagosians.

If you would like to become a Nollywood actor, it is important you create a social media account especially on the most popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. Use the same username on all social media platforms so people can find you easily. Make sure the username is memorable and catchy. You should use your first and last or middle name preferably. Then, showcase your acting skills everyday on social media.

Film makers and movie producers are bound to notice you on social media easily if you put in the work. You can make skits with fellow aspiring actors like you. This can help you get a major acting gig in Nollywood if one of your videos goes viral on the internet. Be consistent and post everyday if possible or weekly at the very least.

5. Build a personal brand

A personal brand is very important if you want to become a Nollywood actor. Make sure you craft a personal brand that highlights your strengths as an actor. You can create a niche for yourself in the acting industry. This will help you get certain roles in Nollywood.

You can then branch out into more challenging roles later. Broda Shaggi being a comedian is often cast as a funny character in movies. You can craft your personal brand such that you are known for something. This will help your acting career greatly.

6. Reach out to film producers and film makers

Social media has made it easier to reach out to film producers and film makers in Nollywood. All you have to do is search for their social media accounts and reach out to them. They often have an email address or phone number in their bio through which you can contact them.

7. Attend acting classes

Acting classes are very important for aspiring actors in Nollywood. It is very important that you constantly hone your craft. Nollywood is a very competitive industry; therefore you have to attend acting classes to upgrade your acting skills. There are many talented aspiring Nollywood actors, and you have to keep learning if you want to become successful in Nollywood. There are many film academies founded by different Nollywood actors that offer acting classes.


Nollywood actors are becoming even more recognized in the international scene. Nigerian movies are now showcased at film festivals globally and winning several awards globally. If you become a Nollywood actor, you stand to enjoy many opportunities. Gone are the times when being a Nollywood actor was frowned upon. Becoming a Nollywood actor is fast becoming a sure path to career success and fulfillment. The National Bureau for Statistics as far back as 2004 reported that Nollywood employed over 250,000, contributing 1.4% to the GDP.

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  1. PLS i have a twin brothers and they are willing to join acting ,but the problem is financial and home to live in lagos they are talented in singing ,acting ,and dancing

    • DAT nice
      There is a large space for them
      To show their talent in music ,dancing, acting
      am good in music to an acting to

    • Good evening sir/ma please I have been in Lagos for a year now, but the issue there is, I apply for an audition to showcase my talent but still yet they have not sent me an email. Please I beg you in the name of God if anyone can be my sponsor I’ll be very grateful I study theatre art as a course at University. I have a lot of talent in the movie industry pleased just give me a chance to showcase my talent. Acting has been mine dream ambition right from childhood, I also try (AGN) Actor Guide of Nigeria nothing good came out. And I don’t have that connection, the only connection I have is God please help me. I stay in VGC Lagos thanks.

  2. Good morning am well talented acting and dancing Please help me out . here is my number [removed]

    • I am so proud of Nollywood
      But some people say a problem shared is are problem solved.
      I am talented but one thing, where can I find producers now. This is my WhatsApp number [removed].
      You can even contact me with it.

  3. Am talented but the problem is that how i can join the acting
    follow me on Instagram and Twitter
    tweet:@ Dwhite_Official

    • Please Ii am well talented when it comes to acting
      Acting has been my dream since childhood but it seems like there is no one to help me out
      Please help me
      Am from Zambia and this is my WhatsApp No [removed] please please

  4. Good evening please I will like to join the acting career I have always had passion 4 acting ever since I was little . pls help me

  5. Please I want to join the nollywood.
    I have had that passion ever since ,
    Am 15years old.
    Is there a chance that I can be chosen.

  6. Please I want to join the nollywood.
    I have had that passion ever since ,
    am 15 yrs
    Please help me out

    • Are you ready to join another movie industry that’s not Nollywood?

  7. Am well talented in acting
    I believe is a good career to start up at this early age am so persistent in being an actress but has no sponsor s

  8. I so much love acting, that from my primary,to tertiary level in school I’ve been elected the drama and social director in each school..i really wush the world will see me act…I don’t know what my next step to victory is,..but I believe someday, I’ll be there…much love for nollywood.

  9. am Emmanuella by name I have passion for acting, please can you help me to showcase my talent to the world? add me on Facebook
    Isabella leo thanks

    • Hi my name is Angel Lawal am a good actress and dancer, am 11 years i will be really grateful if you can help me out as a young actress and it has been a dream since I was 5 year old

    • So people like me are many online. Acting has been my dream since five years old. But I don’t know the way I can join acting. please I need urgent help.

    • I am Tyris, please Emmanuel can you help me, I would like to act like you, I live in
      Port Harcourt and this is my number [removed]. Please Emmanuel help me, thanks

    • I also love acting, and I also want to join Nollywood. I am 16 years old guy I’m Ghanaian, in Accra

    • Hi. My name is Mohammed and I also want to join Nollywood. I am a 16-year-old guy I’m from Ghana, and that is my dream I always say God please help me

  10. Am a ugandan very talented though have never been exposed but interested if i can have a link i will be very greatfull.

  11. Good even plz I think I have passion in acting and mostly the part of a fat lady.the scene of always crying I think am very good with it

  12. I am so passionate about acting and I can sing very well as well……..I will like to be a famous actress with your support,thanks.

  13. I want to join the nollywood actors i am so blessed and talented in many areas here is my contact [removed]

  14. Good evening everyone I am Julia from warri I can art film but I don’t no were to start from but if I see anybody that can help me I will pay any money the person ask me to pay this is my number [removed] thank u very much

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    • Good morning my name is Destiny Joel I’m from delta state, am 20 years ago
      , I will really want become an actor am very good at acting since my childhood,i can act as a love boy,and as a poor home boy,please guys help me out u can contact me on, WhatsApp [removed]
      Thank you.

  16. I want to become I actor too please help me

    My dreams is all about acting I also act comedy

    This is my WhatsApp number:[Removed]

    Please answer this message

    God bless you

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    Thank you.

  20. Hi I am 17 years old and I am a very talented actor. Acting has been my dream all days. I need some help to achieve my talent and ambition

    • Am in South Africa and I really love acting but the acting in Nollywood beats my heart. I really wanna be featured in one of the Nollywood movies

  21. I Isaac archibong effiong a native of ikot isong village etinan local government area akwa ibom state ikpat family, i am looking for a way forward to showcase my talent i am talented in acting, i ended my secordary school on the 10 september 2020 i was born on the 16 octorber 2002 i see this as an opportunity to showcase my talent if this is the way, i never meet an opportunity like this in my life, i always pray let this dreams come true pls contact [removed].

  22. Please if anyone can hear me out, I’m a script writer by talent and I also learn alot about it and I also have a good talent of acting.

  23. Goodevening,please am Davek from Bayelsa,am 16 years old ,i have a passion for acting,singing, event management and also do Mc jobs for events and would love to join the movie industry.

  24. Please I would like to join Nollywood but I don’t have the opportunity thanks to you if you will help me out.

  25. Good evening every body my name is nwabueze Kelly, kelechi am schooling at onitsha am in ss2 pls I want to join nollywood industry. And I am well talented ln dancing singing and arting

  26. I have had passion for acting since I was a child,I have connection with some film producers and directors but the problem is money. Each time they tell me about a shooting I become sad because I would be able to go because no money, and the place I stay is very far from the shooting location. So how what do I do?

  27. I have had passion for acting growing up but time and situation will not allow me, please how can I locate the place for audition?

  28. Am EJUNKA JOHN by name, I am interested in acting. And I also have a lot of movie I have written down I want u to help me. pls this is my number
    [removed] or [removed].

    • Let’s join hands together and make our own movie, from there those celebrities will contact us

  29. My name is isibor precious am a very talented actress but no sponsors, any one please help me out
    My phone number is
    [removed] or

  30. Hi am John Roman and I love acting moving I have many movies I want act like sugar Rush brother and the Tiny King and life of lies in Nollywood please help me i have so many drama i will like to act please call me [removed] I live in Benin

  31. Am Gideon Felix I have passion in acting movie, I want to be an actor so that through my acting people will realize their mistake and hold on to their responsibilities

  32. Greetings, I am Gosiki Edesiri victor by name, from delta state, Ughelli North,L.G.A.
    I have the talent but no sponsor, please help me out. Thanks and God bless you all

  33. am Priscilla by name
    I really have passion for acting ,it will be a very great opportunity for me to become an nollywood actress .thanks

  34. Since when am in pramary school
    I have the possession of acting
    So pls if their is a room for us
    We need sponsors please

  35. Greetings, am Chinasa, from Enugu in Awgu town L.G.A and am 22 years old.
    Please l have the passion of acting movie’s, l even dream about being an actress. My problem is that l need more training to be perfect on it, and l have no relative that live in Lagos and am very much interested, please.
    This is my number [removed]

  36. I have a brother who is extremely talented with acting skills and has a crew who’s member are very good in acting too… They just need connection pls
    This is my number : [removed]

  37. I love watching movies, it has always be my biggest dream of becoming an actor. I wish to partake in acting. i need help plss!!

  38. Pls my name is George Tor, I’ve been acting comedy for a while now and I need a connection to the Nollywood movie industry to become a successful actor, that’s my calling.

    • Good evening I am from Nigeria but I live in Italy, please I will like to become an actor.
      Please ma’am

  39. My name is David Ikechukwu and I am a very good actor. I live at Uyo , if you can in any way assist me I will be very grateful.

  40. As a young girl, I so much have passion and love to showcase my talent as an actress, am talented in so many aspect of acting like (crying, singing). I strongly believe I will achieve my dream if I can find help and i will be greatful if someone will be willing to sponsor me.
    thank you

    • Good day everyone
      My name is Ebuka
      As a young boy, I have passion and love to showcase my talents…..I want to join the Nigeria Nollywood, I need the contact of the director please…… Thanks

  41. I love being an Actor, just need someone to help me showcase my talent to the world like sir Nkem Owoh, so that my dream for being an Actor won’t get wasted.. [removed] Chukwujekwu Princewill.

  42. Hi everyone, my name is Hassana I want to showcase my talent, please I need a connection to the Nollywood industry, I can act and I can sing as well, please help me. Thanks

  43. I love to be an actor, it has been part of my life since when I was a child. So please if there is any opportunity for me please this my WhatsApp number [removed]

  44. Please, Olamilekan is my name, I have a passion for acting in any film. I live in Iseyin local government Oyo state. Please how will you help me to be a Nollywood actor?

  45. Good morning sir /ma am very much interested in action it has been my focus of ambition for long but I have not gotten any opportunities to showcase my talents pls I need assistance to show up my acting career

  46. Well that’s also my dream

    All my life I had wanted to become a Nollywood actress. ….but I can’t reach it because of low capital…..
    And accommodation cuz right now am at Calabar…so I can’t reach you guys.

    So I’ll b glad if I get your WhatsApp number so we can talk more

    Thanks for understanding..may God grant you to do my wish

  47. Am Joseph Marcus I love acting and I need your assistance for me becoming an actor in Nollywood.

  48. I have always love acting ever since I was born till now, I have been In so many entertainment group but still there is no short coming, please my destiny is calling me but no help, please help me

  49. Good evening sir/ma, I’m Gloresther by name and would love to become an actress because I’m in love with acting. Please I’ll need your support from any angle to assist me in my dream of becoming one.

  50. Please am Nmesoma by name I love acting but I don’t know anyone there. Please help me out, thanks

  51. Good evening ma, my name is Blessing Joe. I love acting. I can also write stories. I will be very happy if you choose me. My number is [removed]. I will be happy if I can chat with you on Facebook, I am Blessing joe, thanks.

  52. Good day my name is Wisdom, I am a comedian but I want to join the Nollywood Industry acting and comedy is my dream

  53. I wanted to become an actress since I was 15, but no money or connections… I even write my own script.. Please can I get in… I will really appreciate it

  54. I am good at acting. I can act very well. Any kind of role you may want me to play. I can play it perfectly


    Hello everyone for those of you that are interested in becoming a Nollywood actor and actress, and you are talented in acting should contact me on WhatsApp or call [removed].

  56. Please I really want to join Nollywood actor please and I can act please I beg you in the name of God please pick me I wouldn’t let you people down please I beg on your behalf please

  57. Am seyi and people call me stegy due to the talent I have…I act as a comedian and I need a supporter to help me cause I have no gaurdian to help me… follow me on Instagram@boy_stegy93
    God bless you if you can help me

  58. Ma/sir, please help out I want to act if not for anything just to prove to the world that dreams do come true and to prove to those who are making fun of me that God is on my side. Please sir and ma, my phone number [removed]

  59. I Am James, known by friends as Sir James, am so curious about joining the acting team. I have a lot of talent to showcase all I need is a sponsor, please I would be grateful if I can get a sponsor and I promise to stay committed to the rules.

  60. Good morning sir/madam,
    My name is Benedict Augustine.
    A 20-year-old guy.
    Acting has been my talent but no audition.
    Please help me with one.
    I’m from Akwa Ibom state
    The same place with Ini Edo.

  61. Hello,
    I am faith from nigeria, kaduna.
    I am 18yrs old, I love acting, and it has been my dream to become an actress.
    I know I can do it.

  62. I am interested in acting, I want to learn to become a Nollywood actor but I am 40yrs old, is there hope for me ?

  63. Please, I have passion for acting and I am talented. I want to become an actress in the Nollywood film industry.

  64. Good evening ma/sir, I am Esther from delta state. My everyday dream was to be an actress. I am good at acting, dancing, and singing. I started acting in school and church at the age of 7. The funniest part of my story is that at the age of 9 I had a dream of me acting with the famous actor Ken Erics. At first, I taught it was malaria but it wasn’t. At then I found out that I was talented. So I am using this opportunity to plead with you to help me actualize my dream. This is my number [removed], thanks.

  65. Good morning sir/ma
    My name is Osiri Oyediya Sarah
    I have passion for acting it Has always been my dream, I will appreciate if this opportunity is given to me.Thank you

  66. My name is marvel I have strong passion for acting I will love to be given an opportunity, I can act a love scene, a criminal scene, which ever their is to show my talents and I really want to be part of them

  67. My name is Audu Jonathan and I am talented. I am from Edo state and I am also a comedian. Being an actor has been my dream. My sister, she is also interested in becoming an actress. Please ma/sir, please can you introduce me and my sister in to your film industry and ma/sir this is my number [removed]

  68. Good day, my name is Joshua Philip, I am 14 years old. I have a passion for acting comedy on social media. Give me the opportunity to showcase my talents. I am still in school. You will love me. Thank you

  69. Please I am Francis from Edo state, and how do I join or become a talented actor in the film making industry because I like to join very soon

  70. My name is peaceful Edward from kogi state, I have a passion for acting movies please give me the opportunity to showcase my talents.

  71. Hi, I am Opiyo Brian, 18 years from Uganda in the North in Gulu District. I am so much talented in acting like Zubby Micheal. So l would like You to help me and connect me with Nollywood because I have no one help in the connection apart from you and God.

  72. Please am from Nigeria and I will like to join the Nigerian Nollywood actors in acting, please If you can help me in any way please help.
    This is my contact: [removed]

  73. I have many different types of talent but I see no way to push. Please if you can help me promote anyone out of:
    1. Acting
    2. Singing
    3. Dancing
    4. Doctor

  74. Please, I have passion and I am talented in acting but no money to buy the form and no connection, please if you can help me I will really appreciate that. [removed] my number.

  75. Hi, my name is Ejike Sofia. I’m a proud Nigerian, I am 16 years old. I love acting and I’m also very good at it. Please, if you could help me get into nollywood then do.
    You can contact me on the number: [removed]

  76. Hi,
    My name is Samson Favour, I am talented with four different things which are acting; modeling, singing, and dancing. I Will love to become a young Nollywood actress. I am 12 years old.
    [removed] You can chat me up with that number

  77. Please, I want to take part in acting movies.
    Because I have the talent to act, dance and some major useful things please, if anyone could help me I will be glad. Please my contact are Facebook account ; Triple A malikidt, Facebook page, malikidt .

  78. Good morning sir/ma, I am Solomon.
    And I will love to act a movie please sir/ma, I beg of you if there is any way you can help me please help me and God will bless you abundantly.
    And here is my contact [removed]
    If you help me God will bless you abundantly, amen

  79. I am Menton kiatamba from Liberia, I have acting talent. It is my dream of becoming an actor, from my childhood stage. And I will really appreciate it if, I am opportune.

  80. Please my name is Micheal (NICE T)
    I from Nigeria, and I will like to join this Nollywood actors in acting , please if you can help me in any way please help me


  81. Hi, my name is Esther I am from Nigeria. I need someone to collaborate with actually. I am a talented actress, acting has been my dream since childhood and I wish to make my dream come true but I need a helper, someone that will sponsor me, thanks.

  82. Hi, my name is Benjamin I have passion and love for acting and talent, please I would love someone to be my sponsor.
    I am really interested in acting, please.

  83. Good day ma or sir, I am really dying with movies talent in me. I need to say it out, I don’t want money, but telling others about life and reality. Thanks, yours sincerely, Robert Ken Nku

  84. Hi, my name is Peter Anastesia Zaasi am from Rivers state Ogoni precisely but based in port Harcourt, am 21yrs old.
    I love acting, I want to become an actress. please I need help and I need someone to connect me to the industry where I can actualize my dream. Thanks in anticipation.

  85. Good evening ma/sir
    I’m a script writer with three full scripted movie’s, an aspiring actor, a singer and I have a song to my name which you can find on audionack at “sugar mummy by bishop”, a comedian.
    Please helping hands to enhance my carrer will be highly appreciated.
    The three scripted movie’s of mine can be sold too.

  86. I am Ever Abaver by name, I can sing, dance, and most of all activities. I always wish to be an actress someday, I just pray God helps me out.

  87. Hello! I am good at comedy and acting but no one to back me up, and I also love to be a Nollywood actor. Please I need help (thank you)

  88. I’m Baadom Prince, I’m a well-talented actor, the problem is that no one can help me out and make my dream come true.

  89. Am a well intelligent and talented person, I love acting and also I love singing , I want to act , I want to join Bollywood and am very serious about it
    Please help me

  90. Please Nollywood should give me a chance to showcase my talent. I am a comedy actor, please give me the chance to liberate my family out of poverty, thanks

  91. Please acting has always been my dream, even everyone in my family knows me for that but no connection and helping hand.
    Please give me a chance, I will be grateful if my wish will be granted.

  92. I am willing to become a Nigeria actor
    I live in Benin city, Edo State.
    Please I want to become an Actor in Nollywood industry Please help me out with a connection of joining

  93. Good day sir/ma, I am from Benue state schooling from federal University of maiduguri in department of political science, i show more interested in acting and it is my dream to be an actor but i have no body that we lead me there to catch up my dreams if i am opportune to show half of my talents i will be useful please i need someone to help me out, i pray that as you read this may God open your heart to be my destiny helpe, thank you very much for giving your time.

  94. Good day Sir/Ma,
    I’m Hussein by name from Kogi state, Lokoja.
    I really want to share my acting gift with the world.
    I also wrote a drama which if acted will bring and mindset to people.
    I honestly will and wish to join any acting industry at all.

  95. Acting in films has been my dream since childhood, I would love to be an actor,
    This is my contact number: [removed]
    Please I really, really want to be an actor in a Nollywood movie

  96. My name is Angela, I have always had a passion to become an actress ever since I was a kid, please I need who will sponsor me. I am really good when it comes to acting

  97. Good afternoon ma/sir, please I really need this opportunity for acting. Please I really need help am/sir

  98. Hi, I have the passion for acting in films, please I would like to join Nollywood movie.
    This is my WhatsApp number: [removed]

  99. I am Mark Joeblack Joseph popularly known as Scanty, I want to join Nollywood TV. I have a better acting skills, thanks

  100. Good evening ma,
    Please ma, l would like to be an actress.
    It has been my dream ever since I was a child. Please ma, I will like you to help me ma

  101. The movie BLOOD SISTERS was what opened my heart to Nollywood movie industry, I’ve always loved acting even tho I’ve never performed in my life and my writing skills adding to it. Its shocking to learn that there’s really alot of people struggling to actualise their dreams, its really hard getting anywhere in Nigeria. Because of alot of barriers, insecurity and mainly financial crisis alot of well talented aspiring youths dropped their dreams with their burning passion worn out and look for other careers that’ll help them sort out their financial instabilities and responsibilities as certain members of their various families. We’re constantly praying and calling on someone already up there to turn around and at least take a glance at us, its really a pity, some of the comments here are touching, alot of talented people don’t end up with what they hoped for. My prayer is that while struggling and hoping to make our dreams come true our passion doesn’t worn out and dreams fade into a frustrating unwanted career

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