10 Best English speaking countries for studies

Studying abroad is a rewarding venture and an exciting experience. However, it can be quite challenging getting accustomed to a new environment, especially if you do speak the language. As such it is much better to study in an English-speaking country than a non-English-speaking country. Luckily, many English-speaking countries in the world offer world-class education. If you’re looking for an English-speaking country to study in then keep reading as I’ll highlight the top 10 English-speaking countries to study in this article. 

1. United States of America

The United States is home to the largest English-speaking population in the world. With almost 300 years of history, the nation has a rich culture. The fact that English is the sole official language and the predominant language in the United States (all other languages are regarded as secondary) makes it exceptionally special.

The USA is undoubtedly the most popular location for foreign students. Although tuition might be expensive, the quality of education, the standard of living, and countless opportunities that the US offers more than make up for it. If you’re looking for one of the best English-speaking countries to study in, then the United States should be at the top of your list. 

2. United Kingdom

The UK educational system is among the greatest in the world, and it also has a rich past. Numerous British universities rank among the best in the world for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

English originates from Great Britain, so there’s nowhere else English is as widely spoken as the UK. UK universities offer a wide range of programs to choose from, and they offer one of the best quality of education in the world. 

3. Canada

The nation of Canada is multilingual. Although there are several more languages, English and French are the official languages. With a population of about 38 million, it is among the world’s biggest nations. 

Because of its varied topography and four different seasons (winter, spring, summer, and autumn), Canada is a great destination for foreign students. From a student’s standpoint, this nation is quite appealing because of its diverse climate—the scenery varies greatly depending on the season. 

4. Australia 

An excellent study-abroad destination is Australia. Numerous schools exist that provide instruction for students of various skill levels, including those who are novices.

While some institutions may offer more formal learning programs where students may get credit from their home universities, others may concentrate more on discussion sessions. 

5. New Zealand

A laid-back lifestyle and friendly people characterize New Zealand as a pleasant nation. It is also among the most stunning nations on earth.

New Zealand is home to several world-class universities with a variety of programs offered to international students. 

6. Ireland

Ireland is a stunning nation rich in culture and history. If you want to get a personal taste of English language and culture, it’s also an excellent area to reside. Students who would want to study abroad have many options in Ireland since 90% of people speak English.

Despite being an English-speaking nation, Ireland has unique dialects and accents that, while first perplexing for non-native speakers, provide an interesting challenge when attempting to communicate with local Irish people! Furthermore, a few idioms are exclusive to Ireland, which could seem weird to someone from elsewhere in the globe, but it makes studying more interesting and diverse.

Furthermore, it’s not far from the UK, so all you have to do to see the location where the language originated is take a boat or an airplane across the Irish Sea.

7. Singapore

With just 5.6 million residents, Singapore is a tiny nation. Although there are five official languages in the city-state, the majority of Singaporeans speak Mandarin, Tamil, English, and Malay. Among the world’s most ethnically varied nations is this multicultural one. Because everyone speaks English here, you won’t have any problems with the language barrier. 

Because they keep things neat, Singaporeans take great satisfaction in being among the cleanest nations in Asia. This includes their well-maintained public transit, buildings, and streets, all of which are conducive to your comfort. 

8. Malta

North of Libya and south of Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea, is the little Island nation of Malta. Only two major islands make up the archipelago that is Malta: Gozo and the island of Malta. The total population of the nation is just over 450,000.

After being governed by Rome for a while, Malta was taken over by the Arabs in 870 AD and then by Spain four centuries later. Spain ruled Malta until 1530, at which point it joined the British Empire as a protectorate until 1964 when they achieved freedom.

English and Maltese are now official languages in Malta, which is advantageous for students wishing to study in an English-speaking country. 

9. South Africa

An excellent location to study abroad is South Africa. The history of the nation began more than 300 years ago with the arrival of Dutch settlers in the region that would eventually become Cape Town. English spread throughout time as a result of British immigrants who arrived in the region in the middle of the 17th century. English is still the mother tongue of a sizable portion of the white (also known as Afrikaner) people in the nation. 

Enrolling at one of the esteemed institutions in South Africa will allow you to benefit from first-rate facilities and an excellent research program. 

10. Philippines 

Because the Philippines is a populous developing nation, English is essential to the educational system. However, there are many opportunities to put your newly acquired language abilities to use in this tropical haven if you’re searching for something more than your standard ESL instruction.

The English-speaking culture of the Philippines reflects the strong Christian identity that the country has. Since Tagalog and Cebuano are widely spoken in the Philippines in addition to English, you may put your newly acquired language abilities to work during church services.


Whether you’re a native English speaker who wants to study abroad without worrying about a language barrier, or you want to improve your English by being among native speakers, then studying in an English-speaking country is the best choice for you.

Fortunately, there are a lot of countries that have English as their native or official language, so you have many possibilities to choose from. 

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