12 U.S. companies that hire remote web developers (2024)

Web development offers a wide range of career opportunities, each requiring a distinct set of abilities and experience. Front-end web developers work on a site’s design and appearance, including graphics and other content, while back-end web developers build the site’s structure. A full-stack web developer develops websites and applications from the front and back ends.

Web development and remote work go hand in hand, much like many other computer and IT-related vocations. This has set the path for web developers to gain employment in the US companies regardless of where they are in the globe. There are plenty of job opportunities for web developers in the US. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 16% increase in employment in this profession through 2032, which is much faster than average. Additionally, the typical yearly salary for web developers is around $80,000 per year. 

Several companies in the US offer remote work to web developers. Among them include: 

1. Coalition Technologies

    Coalition Technologies is a metrics-driven digital firm that provides a range of services, such as website design and development, user experience, search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click, and social media marketing, to customers to fulfil their online business requirements.

    There are several remote opportunities available at coalition technologies including web development roles. 

    2. Kforce

      Kforce is a professional solutions company that works with leading companies throughout the country to create and oversee outstanding teams in the fields of technology, finance, and accounting. There are several remote opportunities including web development. 

      3. Coinbase

        The website Coinbase facilitates and eases the buying, selling, transferring, and storing of cryptocurrencies.

        The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the globe set out to become the greatest remote tech firm, offering workers in the great majority of professions the choice between working remotely and in an office. By giving workers the freedom to choose the workspace that best suits them, the company has empowered its workforce and increased productivity.

        4. SAP

          Using real-time data, the business software firm helps businesses estimate client patterns. SAP provides great perks including holistic cancer treatment, transgender health coverage, flexible work schedules, and adoptive parent leave.

          SAP offers remote job opportunities for interns, software engineers, UI/UX designers, and client support analysts.

          5. VMware

            The IT company provides cloud, networking, security, and digital workplace solutions, as well as app modernization, to companies of all kinds. Benefits offered by VMware include backup childcare, an online marketplace of discounts and benefits, access to Stanford Federal Credit Union, and a program that helps parents of challenged children.

            There are several remote roles available in the company including executive assistants, interns, technical writers, and talent recruiters, it recruits remote workers.

            6. META

              Who hasn’t heard of Facebook (META)? After all, Meta owns the biggest and most well-known social media network in the world. It is a social media platform that lets users interact and share content with friends and family virtually.

              Facebook is one of the biggest digital firms in the world, employing remote engineers, and was a pioneer in the remote work culture. It is also one of the organizations that has used remote-first methods. The organization has expanded its long-term work-from-home program. Meta said that its workers, whose jobs can be done remotely, may now seek a full-time work-from-home schedule, further expanding on its existing flexible work practices.

              Employees who must be on-site for work purposes, however, have the option to choose hybrid work practices, which mandate that they spend half of their time in the office and the other half on site. Meta has revolutionized the business by embracing the remote work ethic.

              7. Slack

                Slack is a platform for corporate communication that makes information sharing, phone and video conferencing, and instant messaging quicker, more structured, and safer for teams.

                Slack has not only assisted several distant tech organizations in managing their dispersed teams more successfully, but the company has also made efforts to stay up to date with emerging standards. The majority of its staff members are now able to work from home full-time.

                The remote-first business has also promised to hire people for new positions that are available to remote applicants.

                8. GitHub

                  GitHub is an online platform for software development that facilitates version control and teamwork. The firm is a truly global corporation, ranking among the top remote IT companies with locations throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.

                  In addition to revolutionizing the remote work environment, GitHub firmly feels that its workers can do their best job from any location. In addition to paying competitive wages, they also provide their staff members a stipend and ongoing payment for operating a home office.

                  The organization also provides health insurance and stipends for gym memberships, massages, meditation applications, and other wellness-related costs to support the health and well-being of its workers.

                  9. Intuit

                    Intuit creates financial solutions for individuals and businesses globally, such as Credit Karma and TurboTax. In addition to fair pay, there are several perks to working with Intuit including paid volunteer time, staff resource groups like the African Ancestry and Pride networks, backup childcare, fertility benefits, and assistance for disadvantaged children.

                    Numerous remote work possibilities in sales, software engineering, design, user experience, accounting, and customer support are available, along with virtual internships.

                    10. Shopify

                      A well-known eCommerce platform that lets people create an online shop for their company is called Shopify. Shopify provides a plethora of options to make e-commerce simple for companies of all sizes.

                      The firm said in May 2020 that it is now a “digital by default” organization, meaning that the majority of its staff would work from home permanently.

                      The organization provides unrivalled perks and a terrific work environment, with plenty of opportunities for individual growth for its workers. Shopify is among the top remote tech businesses, providing its workers with a plethora of advantages and bonuses.

                      11. Automattic

                        The software company Automattic, Inc. is most recognized for WordPress, which is its main product. Its main office is in San Francisco, California. Automattic is the owner of WordPress, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and several other online apps.

                        Among the top employers of remote developers is Automattic. It fosters flexibility, gives autonomy, and promotes an ideal work-life balance with unrestricted vacation days. It employs individuals from 96 different nations. In addition, the organization provides substantial parental leave and pays paid sabbaticals every five years.

                        12. Adobe

                          Using digital experiences, Adobe Inc. provides a range of services and solutions for the creation, delivery, and optimization of content and applications. Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, and Acrobat Reader are a few of the well-liked programs. When one has access to this kind of software library, one’s imagination is boundless.

                          Following the lifting of the pandemic limitations, Adobe has let its workers work up to fifty per cent of their jobs from home. With an adaptable and digital-first approach, the business is well-positioned to rank among the top remote IT firms.


                          The number of applications for open remote roles has increased for companies that have adopted the remote-first strategy and brought in remote employees to join their international teams. To prevail in the talent battle, these distant first enterprises have begun to expand into new talent pools that are springing up all over the globe. 

                          The many advantages that come with working remotely are a major factor in businesses making the switch. Remote work has several advantages for businesses, ranging from lower costs to greater retention rates, from improved productivity to access to worldwide talent.

                          These businesses now have the chance to look for talent outside of their cities, states, or even nations, therefore realizing the unrealized potential of the whole globe.

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