20+ helpful remote work tools and software for SEO

There is no lack of professional remote SEO tools in the market. From detecting site speed problem to crawling and indexing, it’s crucial to have the right resources in your arsenal to detect any technical issues that could affect the efficiency of organic search. It does not matter what country you are: Nigeria, USA, India, Britain or anywhere at all, there is a tool for you.

What follows is a collection of important technical SEO tools and software that should be familiar to any SEO professional.

Remote Work Tools and Software for SEO

Here are remote work tools and software for SEO:

1. ScreamingFrog

When we talk about crawling, the first name comes to mind is ScreamingFrog. It is important to first conduct a website crawl using this tool to build a comprehensive website audit. Based on the conditions, you may inject false positives or anomalies into an examination that you might not normally learn about.

Screaming Frog will help you recognize the basics such asmissing Meta keywords, missing Meta explanations, and missing page names, and many more.


2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console will be the key resource in every SEO. Recently this critical SEO tool has been revamped. The new version substituted several old features while introducing additional functions, reports, and info.

Effective coverage is important for organizations that do SEO. It is strongly recommended to set up a monitoring mechanism if you have not set it up already.

Google Search Console

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a ton of details and can help you spot items like fines, traffic problems, and everything else that may come your way. When you set up Google Analytics right, it will be helpful to have a monthly monitoring mechanism in effect in almost the same manner Google Search Console operates.

Google Analytics

4. Web Developer Toolbar

It is an approved port of the extension to the Firefox web developer. One of the main uses for this extension is to detect primarily menu JavaScript implementations, user interface, and code problems. Through shutting off CSS and JavaScript, it is easy to find where such issues arise in the application.

Web Developer Toolbar

5. WebPageTest

Auditing page speed audits introduce you to a variety of helpful resources and page speed has become a popular subject in recent years. One of the important SEO resources for your organization is WebPageTest.

WebPageTest can be used to check speed videos for competitors, speed tests for competitors, and waterfall speed tests.


6. Google Page Speed Insights

From a mix of desktop and smartphone performance measurements, Google’s Page Speed Insights are important for companies looking to hold their website page performance ducks in a formation.

This cannot be seen as the last resort for checking of page metrics but it’s a good tool for starters. While you may get one outcome with Google Page Speed Insights with other methods, you can get specific results.

Google Page Speed Insights

7. Mobile-Friendly test by Google

The certainty of user technological features of a website is often important for any website audit. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing platform will give you insights into the mobile execution of a website by taking a website through its paces.

Mobile-Friendly test by Google

8. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is a tool to get page speed, which gives a specific report for page speed. It is easy to clean up other items that lead to fast page speed by using other website components, JavaScript and CSS files that need to be installed, and digging deep into user requests. Do your best with optimization but don’t break your site. Know when it is enough unless you want your site looking like the fastest website in the world.


Image search is becoming more relevant with the advancement in technology. Google is changing its direction from textual search to image search. More people search using images to find a specific product as compared to earlier.

Prepostseo reverse image checker helps you trace a product by using an image. You can track how your infographics spread, find original sources, and protect your copyrights. This tool is completely free of cost.

Prepostseo Reverse Image Search

10. W3C Validator

While you do not usually think of a code validator such as W3C Validator as an SEO software or tool, it is just as relevant. Findings of W3C Validator can be misinterpreted easily if you don’t know what you are doing, which potentially makes matters worse. So, be careful before you start using it.

W3C Validator

11. SEMrush

The greatest claim of popularity by SEMrush is reliable data for technical and keyword analysis. What makes SEMrush so useful is the competitor data analysis. It is a very popular tool and can be very helpful for your website.

The insights by SEMrush can be used to help adapt your SEO approach and build an advantage over your rivals.


12. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a vital component of modern technical link research. By finding those trends in the link profile of a website, you will find out what a website does with its linking technique. Anchor text problems can be found, which could affect a site utilizing its word cloud functionality.

You can also locate the kinds of links that link back to the platform. Other features include the ability to recognize whether a platform has begun to lose backlinks etc.


13. Majestic

Majestic is a tool with special features of predicting backlink insights in the SEO industry.

Like Ahrefs, you can recognize items like pattern linking by downloading complete link profile reports from the web.

You may also identify items like poor neighborhoods and certain domains that are owned by a website user. Using this poor neighborhood study, it is often possible to detect problems with the connectivity of a domain that result from concerns with the website connections.


14. MozBar

It’s hard to think of anything like the MozBar as a serious technical SEO tool that lends itself to a bit of creativity. From the thorough analysis, there are many indicators you may get by MozBar.

Stuff likethe status of Google Caching, Moz’s Page Authority and Domain Authority, other technology like social graph coding, and good items like the Meta are available in the MozBar.


15. Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

A list of SEO tools is incomplete without a plagiarism checker. Plagiarism checker is the most important tool with respect to SEO because plagiarized content can get you in a lot of trouble. Your ranking will go down drastically, and you may face legal consequences or penalties if you use plagiarized content.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is a relief in this scenario because it compares your material with millions of resources online. Use this plagiarism checker to remove plagiarism from your content.

Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

16. Barracuda Panguin

The Barracuda Panguin is something that should be a component of every organization when reviewing a website for a fine.

This operates by linking the web site you are researching to the Google Analytics database. The overlay is associated with the GA data, and where a violation occurs on the GA data, it would add the results.

With this addition, circumstances where possible fines occurred, may be quickly found. Now, it is important to remember that this does not require an absolute study, and that association is not necessarily cause.

Barracuda Panguin

17. BrightLocal

When you’re operating a website for a local enterprise, doing SEO will include SEO for a large portion of the attempts to gain links. BrightLocal helps in that purpose.

Its use can allow you to uncover technical issues with the local SEO profile of the web although it is not usually considered as a technical SEO tool.


18. WhiteSpark

As opposed to BrightLocal, WhiteSpark is more comprehensive. The local quote finder helps you to dig further into the local SEO of your business by figuring out where your business as compared to the competitors.

To the end, it also helps you to recognize all relevant SEO citations from your rival.


19. Botify

Botify is one of the in-depth applications that pop up once in a long while. It is one of the most comprehensive professional SEO resources used for professional SEO. It helps you to reveal your website’s content missed by Google to the Google algorithm which is very helpful in getting more traffic.


20. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is an online grammar checker tool with great accuracy of corrections. It helps content writers to proofread their material before publishing it online. As you may know, grammatical mistakes in your content are accounted for by Google when ranking your site. This tool can help you eliminate such spelling and grammatical mistakes from your material.



There is no lack of SEO software and tools at the fingertips for the successful SEO business to get the job done. From detecting technical website issues, link tracking to keyword analysis, tools are the main difference between a smart and amazing SEO organization and others.

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