How to appear on Google search

Google search is a search engine created by Google that handles more than 3.5 billion searches per day and it is also the most visited website in the world. 

Google’s search engine is like a sea of information, especially for the millennials and Gen Zs. Many people all around the world today ask various questions on Google and then, the search algorithm tries to provide them with the website that has the best suitable answers to their questions.

Being able to appear frequently on Google’s search engine is a big boost, especially for business owners. It helps bring you or your brand to light. 

So if you have been trying to have your brand or website appear more frequently on Google searches, here are a few tips.

Tips to appear frequently on Google Searches

Here are tips to help you appear on Google search:

1. Target the right keywords

The easiest way for you to appear more frequently on Google searches is to have keywords that people more frequently type when they search for different stuff on Google. 

Google searches are all about relevant keywords. So, to ensure that your website or brand is always at the face of people’s searches, you have to fill them up with words and different topics that are most frequently searched on google. And this will make your website or page appear recurrently on Google searches. 

2. Have more web pages

This is another way to boost your Google search engine appearance. The more pages you have on your website, the more topics and content you can put out there. And thus, the higher the odds of your website being recognized and listed on Google searches. 

Also, it is not enough to have many web pages with a lot of topics and content. It is also important that the information you put on your website are well-written and highly informative. This will be further discussed in point 4.

3. Get listed on online platforms

There are tons of online platforms where you can get your page listed to get more recognition, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You can also have your business listed on online directories like Google My Business.

These platforms give opportunities for you to create profiles and add your websites. 

Ensure that you create as many profiles as possible for your business on these platforms because the more the number of popular online platforms you have your business listed, the easier it is to gain recognition. 

4. Post high-quality content

As stated in point 2, it is not just enough for you to have a diverse range of topics, it is also very important that the information you give about those topics are of very good quality. 

This means that you’ll want to ensure that all information you provide is accurate. Also, you’ll ensure that the contents are well-written and unique.

When you have quality content, people are not just drawn to your page, they also get interested and stay to read and see what value you have to offer.

Google’s algorithm can also monitor and track how long people stay on your page. So, it is important to get people hooked on your web pages and even willingly share with their connections. If your content is good, it will help your website appear often in Google searches based on the related keywords.

It’s also a great idea to have your brand or website listed on other websites that are already popular. You can also have prominent bloggers feature your website or brand on their blogs.

This way, you’ll get more traffic to your website and Google’s search algorithm will rank your website higher.

6. Quality visuals

To appear on Google searches, you should have quality and attractive images and videos on your pages. The essence of this is to draw attention.  Nothing attracts the attention of Millennials and Generation Z folks like quality videos and images. 

So, ensure that your images are clear and of high quality. You must also consider the size of the file. It should be small for easy and fast download. 

It’s not a bad idea to add a very good and popular caption, and also the title of the file should have a popular keyword so that it can easily appear during searches.  

7. Utilize Google Ads

There is no better way for you to get recognition on Google than to pay Google to advertise you by themselves. Google Ad is an advertisement platform created by google for the purpose of advertising your brand or website. It may cost some money but it’s also a sure way to always appear on online searches.

Advertising with Google, they will ensure that your ads appear on any search that is even just a bit close to what your brand or webpage is all about. 

8. Get Google verification

Another way for you to appear on Google searches is to get verified on Google. To get this done, you need to submit your business to Google maps using Google My Business. 

Hence, you need t, first of all,l create a page for your business on Google My Business. Then, find and claim your business on Google maps.

During the process, Google will send you a verification code on your email which you must enter on your Google my business profile. And once you’ve done that, your business has been claimed and your business will be verified by Google.

9. Keep your site updated

Another way for you to keep getting recognized on Google searches is to keep updating your site with trending topics and keywords. When this is done frequently, it will be easier for your website to keep popping up during any search related to your niche. 

So, you need to be on the lookout for trending topics, captions, and hashtags in your niche, so you can have content about them on your website. 


If you are trying to get your website or brand to appear more on Google searches and it has been proving difficult, I hope these points I have listed in this article will give you a better result. And don’t just learn, ensure you take action immediately.

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