Green Satoshi Token (GST): What is it? Is it a good investment?

With the current trends in the crypto space, many digital coins have evolved with great impulse, but only a few could stand the test of time. There was a massive increase in the price of some tokens in the last few months to an unsustainable peak. and they eventually crashed. Unlike these coins, GST has been experiencing a slow but steady rise. 

Crypto analysts believe that the steady increase in the coin’s value proves it worthwhile for investors to focus on. And that GST is one of the best tokens to invest in with minimal risk.

GST has an excellent bullish forecast from stakeholders and players and could be seen as the next token to dominate the blockchain space with a huge payout. It’s high time for crypto lovers to open their eyes to GST. Still and all, to embark on any crypto project, you need sufficient information. 

Hence, in the following, you’ll find basic and simple information about Green Satoshi Tokens; and this will guide you in your investment decision. 

What is Green Satoshi Token (GST)?

GST is an aboriginal game token gained by users of a popular and interactive blockchain space called STEPN- a blockchain app designed to facilitate the prompt action, and immediate running of day-to-day activities. Creating this enables crypto lovers to transact on blockchain and likewise live a healthy lifestyle.

The value of this token increased by 30% in just a few weeks after creation, highlighting the token’s power in creating an energetic effect on the blockchain. In 2021, it came out in 4th place out of over 500 other crypto projects at the time of launching. The turnout of this token has been jaw-dropping even though it started last year.

In early April 2022, the token also underwent a reduction in value but later rose in price, which amazed some crypto lovers. GST is earned from running, walking, or jogging with the NFT sneakers on the blockchain. This token has commanded delight owing to the convenience in usage and inspiration from millions of investors.

GST is a Solana token used to intensify STEPN. It works on the principle of “move and earns” the users gain the token after performing the simple task of either running or walking with the NFT sneakers or renting them to others. The token also enables the users to pay the bill of any digital product in the crypto market.

STEPN explained

STEPN is a Web3.0 lifestyle app launched in August 2021 by Find Satoshi lab, a fintech company based in Australia. The project later acquired the Solano Ignition Hackathon gaming track in October of that same year. It was co-founded by other genius and investors such as Jerry Huang, Yawn Rong, and Jessica Duan.

It should be noted that users have to purchase an NFT in the form of a sneaker before the app starts its work, which is used for jogging and walking outdoor. The token earned from these activities can be invested, cashed out, or used in buying digital items. Through these means, an individual can live a healthy lifestyle.

Steps to take in joining STEPN

It is elementary and straightforward to join the league of healthy earners on STEPN. Follow these steps:

  • Install STEPN mobile app by downloading from google play store or the apple play store for iOS users.
  • Get on to register an account and create your wallet.
  • Fund your wallet with SOL tokens and buy NFT.
  • Wait for 24 hours after that.

More Details on GST

Green Satoshi Tokens offer other benefits for the users, and its increasing value is a plus to its advantage. The user might choose to run a solo race or marathon race which is currently being added to the app. You might wonder how this occurs? Yes, energy is required for the race.

This energy is supplied during the 24hours of inactivity after buying NFT sneakers. Each energy is equivalent to five minutes of “move & earn” motion. There is a limit to the amount of tokens and energy earned per day by users depending on the level. More exciting features are still constantly added to the app to make it suitable for all.

Pros and cons of GST


  • One of the benefits of these life-changing tokens is the consistent increase in their market price currently.
  • It has the support of big crypto firms around the globe. They are trouping in to invest in the token.
  • It is fully decentralized.
  • It ensures financial liberation for the users just by performing simple tasks.
  • It is listed on coinmarketcap.


  • It is new in the crypto market and hence has limited track records.
  • No traceable features on trading views.
  • Problem with synchronization between ledgers.
  • It is not listed on some exchanges.

Green Satoshi Token’s current state of the market

STEPN’s market cap is only around $1.5 billion, while STEPN’s (GMT) price is $1.41. On the other hand, despite a fluctuation in price, the Green Santoshi tokens are valued at $5.0467 and $67.33 million in trading volume.

Green Satoshi Token (GST) contract address

There is a price discrepancy between GST on the Solana network and BSC network.

Below are the contract addresses for Green Satoshi Token:

Solana: AFbX8oGjGpmVFywbVouvhQSRmiW2aR1mohfahi4Y2AdB

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x4a2c860cEC6471b9F5F5a336eB4F38bb21683c98

Is Green Satoshi Token (GST) a good investment?

GST is a new rapidly evolving token with an increasing market value. It has a low-risk analysis, and investors can start opening their eyes to it due to the surge in the market price. Within a few months of its launch, it has reached such a remarkable feat. This shows that more people will likely start investing in it.

With the current analysis, GST tends to have a considerable increase in price in the future. If all things kept constant, in the next five years, the status of the token would be astounding. Hence, GST is a good long-term investment for crypto lovers.

Green Satoshi Token Price prediction

Considering the price prediction from some investors and crypto analysts, this is what they have to say:

  • Wallet investors to their analysis suggest an increase in price from $57.81 in the space of one year.
  • The digitalcoinprice also predicts GST to be $9.53 in 2023 and $12.24 in the next three years.
  • Govcapital also predicts GST to be $14.92 within a year and $55.56 by 2027.


GST is the next goldmine for crypto lovers from this analysis. However, the prediction is only from experts and analytics in the field. Therefore, before investing, ensure you read all necessary information and the latest update about the token.

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