Best places to trade bitcoin online (2024)

Are you looking for where to trade bitcoin in 2018? We have got you covered! Keep reading!

Bitcoins have grown to be the topmost cryptocurrency worldwide today; it might even overthrow regular money some day!

This is a good news because it means you can earn a lot of money when trading Bitcoin. However, for you to get the most out of this trade, you must make major speculations and pick the best places to invest your bitcoins in.

These are some of the best sites you can invest your Bitcoins in 2018;


Etoro has to be our first choice. This is a platform with over 12 million people trading. You can trade bitcoin and all Cryptos here. You can also trade currencies and others.  Because of it’s large user base and credibility, Etoro is the reliable. Click here to go to Etoro


This is one of the best sites on the internet today to invest your Bitcoin. This site makes trading so straightforward. With this site, you can do absolutely everything to with Bitcoin, it allows you to trade units from other customers with the highest level of security.

It is the safest platform and must be first on your list. A person can trade Bitcoin on a weekly or monthly basis. If you get more familiar with this site, you will be more comfortable dealing in bitcoin. Click here to go to Coinbase


This site has a major advantage, it a has a section for each country and supports their currency. This is a site where people meet to exchange their Bitcoin. Yes you can trade bitcoin here.

When it comes to security, it is pretty well secured, thanks to it protected escrow, that protects its customers from scammers. This means that the buyer must confirm payment before money it is released. This site is very advantageous, especially for beginners. Click here to go to LocalBitcoins


It’s one of the high rated peer to peer Bitcoin exchange sites. It has so many users, it allows you to trade using so many methods. These methods include PayPal and western union. It’s quite easy, just select your payment method and how many coins you wish to buy. Click here to go to Paxful


This was the very first site that passed an independent audit. Since then there has been a tremendous growth meaning it has an acceptable number of customers. This platform specifically deals with trading Bitcoins.

This site is popular because of its easy set-up, therefore it mostly attracts new users. Its security is just like Coinbase; it is of high level. The engine is also large enough to serve many people. It has been rated as one of the best bitcoin trading sites, and therefore there is no worry about it being slow.


Its major advantage is that it allows the use of debit and credit cards. With this site, you can also turn your Bitcoin into a proportional amount of gold. Just like Coinbase, it security is tremendous, all the transactions are highly monitored. This is the only site that offers this kind of special deals. It is also the oldest Bitcoin exchange platform still on the market.


If you are a beginner, the sites listed might not be the best for you, however, this is the go-to for you. You will need something that is not too flashy, but advanced. If that’s what you want OKCoin is where you should be. This site is really good for investing. However, if you are not a trader it won’t be easy.


Bisq is quite flexible as an open-source application. It also the fastest way to laying your hands on online Bitcoins. Moreover, it is a safe site. You can also choose to remain anonymous in all transactions you make.

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