Which exchange to choose for quick transactions with cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are gaining popularity. This leads to the emergence of new services for transactions. Users prefer sites that provide stable availability, easy swaps with low slippage, a large list of destinations, and high-quality professional support at all stages.

What features are of fundamental importance

When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, you need to pay attention to:

  • for ease of access;
  • interface characteristics;
  • level of process automation;
  • the ability to track the best rates;
  • limit indicators;
  • risks of rate fluctuations;
  • security for participants in the environment.

Many platforms require registration, account creation, and verification. Accordingly, the user has to disclose personal information. To achieve complete anonymity, you should choose a service with open access without needing login and authorization. A user-friendly interface is important for minimizing time costs and eliminating errors and rash actions. Absolute automation of processes is desirable. It will make it possible to conclude instant transactions, which often becomes a factor in the success of exchange trading.

Cryptocurrency exchanges set different rates. To avoid having to use separate services to track them, you need to choose an exchanger with a built-in monitoring function. The absence of limits will make it possible to freely exchange currencies in any quantity and direction. Fixed rates will protect against trouble in the event of a drop in the value of coins right at the time of the transaction.

Why choose Lets Exchange for cryptocurrency exchange

It is a fairly young platform that has managed to gain the trust of many cryptocurrency holders. It meets the above requirements in full. Registration is not required here. E-mail is required only for sending receipts. To do this, you can use an additional e-mail box.

Performs an online exchange of Letsexchange cryptocurrencies in an automated mode. SmartRate technology helps users choose the best rate for any pair on popular exchanges for example HBAR vs XRP. The site does not set limits, and applying a fixed or floating rate is possible. The exchanger does not store users’ coins and uses modern protection and security tools, including SST and tools against DDoS attacks.

 The total number of currency pairs exceeds 45,000. More than 210 coins are supported. Users have access to technical support 24/7.

What coins are available? 

About 350 crypto assets are available for exchange on Letsexchange. There are both common currencies (Bitcoin, Zcash, Monero, etc.) and relatively new altcoins (ALGO, BAND, Binance coin). Each exchange pair has a separate page on the site. On it, you will see general information about each coin of this pair:

  • How many tokens are in circulation in dollar terms?
  • How many can be in circulation?
  • What is the exchange rate of this currency against the dollar today?
  • What is the volume of all exchange transactions over the past 24 hours?

Below are detailed instructions for making an exchange. For example, if you visit the page to convert fantom vs avalanche, or RUNE to USDT, you will find such data for these coins.

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