HighStreet (HIGH): What is it? Is it a Good Investment?

Highstreet is a worldwide metaverse where investors play to earn by making it a date to social events, associating with other players, purchasing NFTs from actual brands, and finishing given tasks. 

The coin comprises traditional and crypto brands in MMORPG( Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games). Let’s dive in to understand more about the coin, and to know if it’s worth your investment. 

What is Highstreet (HIGH)

The famous coin, Highstreet, became the 28th project of the Binance lauchpool. It functions by offering a chance to earn rewards after playing games using its wide-opened, surrounded, metaverse. 

Quest and social events are a few of the games it offers. Investors can bid to make them rank higher. Also, not only can they rank higher, they get to earn NFTs and wonderful tokens as well.

You can’t achieve any of the above benefits and progress without the Highstreet tokens. Besides, Highstreet grants you access to staking, purchasing personal items, and real estate. And most importantly, being a participant in the current governance affairs.

Characteristics of Highstreet (HIGH)

Nothing makes the coin most important other than its features. They are;

Essential Real Interest

The Highstreet comprises land plots meant to be released to the world of business. This release means the construction of games infrastructures such as homes, shops, and clubs. Also, using the Initial Home Offerings (IHO) investors can buy their home around the high street world.

Double Token Mode

Unlike most coins, highstreet boasts two different tokens, accounting for its uniqueness! They’re the High tokens and Street tokens. These tokens are precious because they make sure they provide players with a balanced shot to enjoy the game.

Street and High tokens achieve this without the problem of high inflation. You should note that they compensate early participants before giving out other rewards. Other features of Street tokens are;

  • Considering Axile infinity, Street and the SLP are very much alike. You can get them by completing the tasks and hunting down monsters.
  • Street tokens are the most important coins used in performing known in-game trading. This in-game trading includes in-game entity repairs, purchasing from NPC identities. Who’re representatives of brands, and purchasing from other investors, to mention a few.

VR Technology

They designed this Highstreet coin in such a way that they occupy with the advancing VR technology in the crypto market. As well as the Highstreet virtual worlds. More elements that have contributed to the growth of this wonderful coin are;

1. A recent data analytics IP, Gaze analytics, attained from Retinad provides substance data metrics to the VR knowledge. 

2. Fierce alliance with well-known manufacturers of hardware, such as HTC.

3. They constructed the coin in such a way that it manages a multiplayer hosting aid, the “multiplay game engine”. This engine provides high data throughput to protect the organic player activity. 

Additionally, it harmonizes player physiological activity. They made all of these to aid the public component of VR technology.

4. Lastly, they utilize the same engine that powers the RTKFT’s cloneX NFT package to take users’ expressions of their actions. N.B; the RTKFT’s cloneX NFT is an avatar described as a Tafi avatar by SDK.

The Mechanism of Highstreet

Highstreet functions with play-to-earn which helps improve real things by changing them into in-game substance. This coin combines gaming, traditional commerce, NFT, as well as crypto action to a harmonious ” MMORPG” game.

The coin approach relies on producing long-time profit and value through brand collaborations. The world of Highstreet is created out of hexagon tiles. These tiles stand for metaverse construction components. 

Furthermore, the regions of highstreet comprise 50 hexagon tiles coupled with restraints for the residential properties given to every territory. As such, investors can produce and gain every territory as well as individual tiles on this planet.

The social part of purchasing was destroyed by frictionless check-out coupled with economic commerce. Nevertheless, highstreet re-structured the retail and economic commerce because of the Web3 pages and metaverse.

The team backing highstreet achieved this by turning products into tokens and transforming them into phygital objects. Now, you can trade for partial NFTs or physical products. This makes users buy the whole phygital pair or the digital component.

Lastly, the world of Highstreet is home to the ever-developing archipelago of regions as well as mystery islands. Also, it’s home to the continents of Solera.

The Brains Behind Highstreet

Travis Wu is the creator of this incredible coin where the team started as a typical equity-based VR company, LumiereVR. The group of analytics in charge of improving users’ experience in highstreet is;

  • Montreal-based.
  • Retinad realitie virtualle.

Also, the Sundance festival is a strong association of the art and technology and studio arm. Aside from this, they’ve several supporters and advisors working behind the scenes to ensure the success of highstreet.

It’s worth noting that highstreet allows firms ranging from Street clothing to High fashion to develop their virtual stores in this metaverse. Likewise, Avatar, the Last Airbender, Maplestory, One-piece, and Treasure planet motivated this highstreet game. 

They achieved this because they were so into games and they’ve been working on the vision for six years before its launch.

Where to Purchase the Highstreet Coin

You can Purchase Highstreet (HIGH) on various crypto exchange including:

  • Binance
  • Gate.io
  • Mandala exchange
  • Biget
  • Pancakeswap
  • Coinbase
  • Bkex
  • BingX

HighStreet (HIGH) contract address

Below are the HighStreet (HIGH) contract address for Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain networks.

Ethereum: 0x71Ab77b7dbB4fa7e017BC15090b2163221420282

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x5f4Bde007Dc06b867f86EBFE4802e34A1fFEEd63

Current Worth of Highstreet(HIGH)

According to CoinMarketCap, highstreet’s current worth is $5.91 with a day trading volume of $98,552,481. This coin is ranked #451 on CMC. 

Is Highstreet (HIGH) a good investment?

Despite the downturn in the market, Highstreet remains a promising crypto investment opportunity. If Metaverse and Web3 become a big success then Highstreet is currently positioned to be a big player in it.

So if you are positive about Metaverse and Web3, then you should be positive about Highstreet.

Highstreet (HIGH) price prediction

Here are the predictions of some major crypto analysts:

  • CoinMarketCap analysts believe that due to the trending announcement of “meta world” made by Facebook, the price of the coin will reach the $50 mark soon.
  • Digital Coin Price and its analysts forecast that the price of HIGH will tend towards $15.87 in the next 5 years. 
  • Wallet Investor and its analysts are pessimistic about the HIGH coin. The prediction is that around this time in 2027, the price of HIGH will be $3.643


If you’re into digital currency investment, going by the prediction of various crypto, long-term investment with highstreet coin is very promising especially if the idea of metaverse becomes a big thing. The coin is foreseen to hit it big as the metaverse becomes popular.

If you can bear the risk, what’s more? You can give it a try!

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