Metaverse: What is it? How to make money from it

Everybody is talking about the Metaverse and the possibilities it offers. “Metaverse” is now a popular term in the crypto space, in fintech, and the media. The buzz around the concept is growing and the possibility that it going to be a game-changing concept that will impact the entire internet massively is very high.

The Metaverse is a positive change that will bring a lot of benefits once it arrives. This is why a lot of people are very excited about it. 

If you are wondering how to make money from the metaverse, this piece introduces you to several ways you can utilize the financial opportunities that the metaverse offers.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse refers to a new version of the internet, an alternative to the real universe, a new kind of environment that allows for more immersive social sharing. The Metaverse is about connecting people from different places, separate universes, or spheres of life and allowing them to interact with one another.

A variety of products and technologies make up the Metaverse. They include NFTs and crypto, decentralized applications and 3D avatars. Also, virtual landscapes and realities, the ability to participate in airdrops, win rewards, conduct deals through smart contracts and operate businesses in a digital reality, sums up the metaverse.

Features of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world that features avatars, digital objects, functioning economies, where technology is not just a tool, but something all-encompassing.

Before you focus on the financial possibilities in the Metaverse, if you are new to tech, you should seek, learn and adapt to the tech frames and culture that are already on the ground.

Opportunities for making money in the metaverse

1. Become a gamer

As a gamer, you can make money in the metaverse by playing play-to-earn games. The metaverse will offer opportunities to meet virtually with friends and play with them. Gaming companies are going to come out with a lot of enticing offers for you to use their services. You will be able to play games and win cash prizes. You can also work for gaming companies in the metaverse.

Anywhere man goes to, there must be law and order for peace to prevail. As man moves into the metaverse, legal issues will arise and lawyers would be needed to resolve these issues.

Regulations and agreements covering sales and purchases of lands, cars, buildings, and other properties will be needed to be drawn with legal backing. If you are in the legal space, you will be relevant in the metaverse and will make money.

3. Become a real estate dealer of prime properties

People will want to buy properties in the metaverse and if you have properties for sale, you will make money.

When you buy land in the metaverse, it comes an Nft, the most popular is Decentraland. When you have premium properties, you can either rent them out or sell them outright for higher prices.

4. Run an eCommerce business

Lets’ say you have an eCommerce store in the metaverse with different products on display for sales. People come to your shop to check on the products and place orders on the ones that they want.

Then you take their orders and deliver them to them in their homes in the real world. You will make a lot of money in this business and will not run short of customers.

5. Become a Metaverse writer and content creator

This is a hot area for making money off the Metaverse. There is an information deficit about the Metaverse and you can fill the vacuum by researching and coming up with quality write-ups on different aspects of the metaverse.

Make your write-ups simple and easy to understand. You can get hired by companies to write for them, you can even start your blog and write strictly on the metaverse, monetize your blog and make money from adverts.

6. Make money as an interior decorator

As people buy homes in the Metaverse, they will require the services of interior decorators to decorate their homes.

Metaverse citizens will pay to make their homes unique with breathtaking interior decor that they can show off to their guests.

7. Become an I.T expert

Metaverse is built on technology. One of the ways of being very relevant and making a lot of money in the metaverse is by being a Metaverse IT expert.

In this role, you will help, build, create and maintain safe Metaverse spaces. You will be an instructor, showing people how to navigate the metaverse with their devices.

8. Make money as a Therapist

In the Metaverse, people will be able to connect with their therapist virtually in the privacy of their rooms. As a therapist, you will be able to hold detailed sessions with your clients from any part of the world.

Also, the disconnect between the virtual and the real world will make many people become vulnerable and seek therapy. So you won’t have a shortage of clients.

9. Become a teacher

The Metaverse offers exciting teaching opportunities, imagine being able to have a one-one session with your students in the virtual world.

The enhanced learning experience makes it worthwhile. As a teacher, making money in the metaverse is certain for you.

10. Offer religious services

Religious leaders can use the metaverse to spread their messages to their adherents and sell their products.

Books, video and audiotapes, and other associated memorabilia would be in hot demand by your religious followers in  the metaverse.

11. Make money as a doctor or a medical personnel 

The Metaverse will give doctors the platform to own medical rooms and sell medical services. As a doctor, you may not even need to have a physical consultation room, this is because, with the Metaverse, you can focus on consulting with your patients.

Diagnosis of medical conditions and drug prescriptions will be done effectively without the barrier of the hospital space.

12. Become a security expert

We should always plan to have the class of criminals in every technological evolution. Due to the evolution of tech, illiterate criminals will become obsolete while highly skilled criminals will operate in the Metaverse.

Hence the need for trained security personnel to operate in the metaverse as law enforcement agents, detectives, spies, etc will arise. As security personnel skilled in the metaverse, governments and organizations will engage your services to help them fight crime.

13. Become an HR manager and career guide

As man’s activities in the metaverse increase, companies and organizations will hire staff to work in the virtual reality space. It will be your duty as the HR manager to take charge of the hiring process and engage the workers with the right skillsets to work in the virtual world.

Also, you will manage the personnel of the company/organization. This will fetch you a lot of money.

14. Run a non-profit undertaking

The metaverse will radically change the way we live in the world and just as Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are operating in the real world, we will have them in the virtual world focusing on many non-profit causes in the metaverse.

So you can run a Ngo in the metaverse or work for an NGO.

15. Be an NFTs creator or marketplace owner

The Metaverse will allow people to showcase digital forms of arts and property, and NFTs will allow them to put a price on the content with proof of ownership. 

As an Nft creator or marketplace owner, you will be creating exclusive environments and enhancing the digital community and social experiences for metaverse users. Imagine having an art gallery where people come on tours and buy the art pieces that they like. This will make you money.


A lot of money-making opportunities abound in the metaverse and you need to harness these opportunities. When the Metaverse becomes live and accessible to your community, take advantage. Money wasn’t made for corporations alone, it’s made for all of us.

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