10 Most visited countries in Africa (2024)

Africa is a beautiful continent that has some of the most thrilling materials of nature and history. The continent has, nonetheless, been faced with numerous difficulties from poverty, to rapid unemployment, wars and conflicts. 

Presently, there are over 54 nations and territories in Africa, the continent has one of the world’s most highly concentrated tourist places that drag visitors from across the world. Visitors mostly are thrilled with African history, culture, tradition, cuisine and most of all the beauty of nature on the world’s second-largest continent. 

This article lists the most visited African countries according to the world bank ranking.

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Africa’s most visited countries

RankCountryNumber of Visitors (Annually)
3.South Africa3,886,600

1. Egypt

visitors: 13,026,000

Egypt has over 13 million visitors annually. The country is widely bragged to be the cradle of civilization, maintaining the best-hidden treasures and relics of the old Egyptian history. The pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Karnak Temple and most of all the Egyptian museum are a few items pulling tourists from across the world to Egypt.

Egypt has a population of over 100 million people and an economy of over 400 billion dollars. Tourism contributes significantly to the nation’s GDP.

2. Nigeria

Visitors: 5,265,000

Surprisingly, Nigeria is the 2nd most visited country in Africa with over 5 million visitors annually. The West African country is the largest black nation on earth and also doubles as the largest economy in the world held by a completely black nation. 

The country’s largest city, Lagos is the most visited city, having one of the continent’s busiest airports. Other cities attracting visitors are Abuja, Calabar, Uyo, Port-Harcourt, Jos, Owerri, Enugu and others.

Every state in Nigeria possesses one tourist destination or the other, nonetheless, the state with the most overall tourist destination is the Cross River state with places like the Obudu cattle ranch, the Tinapa resorts, and even Africa’s largest street party (the Calabar carnival) takes place in the State annually.

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3. South Africa

Visitors: 3,886,600

South Africa has a strong tourism industry accounting for over 2% of its total GDP in 2021. this was an improvement from the previous year 2020, which saw a decline in the visits made to the country following the pandemic. 

The country provides several tourist visitation spots from the table mountains in Cape Town, the beautiful Durban beaches, the union buildings in Pretoria, and several national parks and reserves. The most visited cities in the country are Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg. 

4. Morocco

Visitors: 2,802,000

Morocco is the 4th most visited country in Africa. The country attracts tourists mostly from Europe, with Spain having the highest number of tourist visitors. The Kingdom of Morocco is filled with fascinating sculptures, a nice climate and an average standard of living.

Most Europeans move to the country to start afresh after saving up in Europe. In 2012, the country’s foreigners were stated to be more than 3% of its total population. In 2018, Morocco was the most visited country on the continent.

Some places to visit include the Atlas mountains, Sway water reserves in Meknes, sand dunes and others.

5. Kenya

Visitors: 2,049,000

Kenya is the most visited country in east Africa. the nation’s most visited city is Nairobi, which has some of the most advanced human settlements placed side-by-side with national parks having some of the world’s most endangered species.

The stereotype that Africa is a place where animals are happy is fully identified in Kenya, with some of the best living environments for animals to thrive. Other attractions for tourists are Lake Nakuru, the beaches in Mombasa, Lake Naivasha and other amazing national parks across Kenya. 

6. Mozambique

Visitors: 2,033,000 visitors

Mozambique is the second most visited southern African nation after South Africa. The country is known for amazing beaches, advanced developed cities and a series of national parks. The capital Maputo is the country’s most visited city. 

Attractions for tourists include the Vilankulos beach resorts, Benguerra Island, Bazaruto Island and others. If you’re looking for the best beaches in the world, then Mozambique is the country for you, beaches are the centrepiece of the country’s tourism market, with a shoreline of over 2000 square kilometres looking at the Indian Ocean, the country cannot be compared with when the best beaches are in question. 

7. Tunisia

Visitors: 2,012,000

Tunisia is a north African country with a spectacular outlook. The country is bragged to be the most secular Muslim nation in the world. Some of the major attractions to its over 2 million visitors include the planning and design of the capital Tunis, the Djerba beach resorts, Sousse water parks and casinos, and tons of other tourist places. The country’s friendly index finished at 70% making Tunisia a hospitable country to visit.

Other attractions in the country are the Jewish quarters in Djerba, the ancient ruins in Carthage, the fabulous beaches and the fantastic weather.

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8. Botswana

Visitors: 1, 830,000

Botswana is a country with a series of game reserves and animal protection laws. The Botswanan safaris attract a large number of visitors to the country annually. 

Botswana offers a series of national parks, tourist islands and the best facilities for tourists coming to the continent. Tourism accounts for over 2% of the country’s GDP.

9. Rwanda

Visitors: 1,634,000

Rwanda is one of the cleanest countries on the continent. The country has a plethora of places for tourists to visit, among these places are national parks, casinos, and other fun places for everyone.

Nonetheless, what drags tourists to Rwanda is its achievement from a poor war impoverished country to some of the world’s best places to live in. The Rwandan capital, Kigali, was voted Africa’s cleanest city in 2020.

10. Tanzania

Visitors: 1,527,000

Tanzania is an east African country with strong potential in tourism. The country is home to a series of national parks located all over the country, the country is also known for exotic beaches, and some of the best wildlife on the continent.

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Africa is home to most of the world’s endangered species. The continent has seen varying degrees of wildlife and endangered species that are protected by a majority of countries in Africa. This article listed the most visited countries on the African continent.

Senegal is West Africa’s 2nd most visited country, having 1,376,000 visitors annually.

Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa are the best African countries to visit for tourism. 

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