Catgirl: Is it worth investing in?

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market for investors to trade on. Sometimes it can get confusing to decide which one to invest in especially when the developers and investors of various cryptocurrencies claim that their tokens are the best.

The Crypto market is very volatile and one needs to research and be certain before plowing funds into projects. This article examines one of the newest cryptocurrencies, Catgirl, highlighting its history, how much it is worth, and whether it is safe to invest in it.

What is Catgirl?

Catgirl was introduced in the third quarter of 2021. It is meant to be an NFT project driven by a community and used in the real world. Through initiatives like deflationary and instant rewards, the creators try to keep the audience happy and make them maximize the benefits of the coin. 

The users of this cryptocurrency can get access to certified collectible NFTS by accessing the Catgirl NFT Marketplace according to the information on the official website of the project. Also, the users have the option to use the Catgirl workshop to upgrade their characters and appearances. 

The Catgirl team who are engaged in the creation of catgirl visuals are talented designers and artists. Catgirl developers have the understanding that their audience views this project as a meme coin while also noting the efforts that they put in towards initiatives and investments. 

What is the roadmap of Catgirl?

Catgirl has a clear product idea and a realistic roadmap that is stated on their website. Catgirl is still a new company as it was launched in the third quarter of 2021. The developers appear to be very serious about creating a good future for the coin as they are following through with their goals.


Q3 – 2021

Partnership with talented artists

Develop Smart Contract for Original Catgirls

Release Dapp and New Website – OCT 21st

Mystery Box Public Sale – OCT 21st

Start Catgirl Season 1 – OCT 21st

The developers are currently working on:

Release LP Staking and $PAW

Release NFT Farming 

The upcoming features include:

Release NFT Marketplace

Explore the Gaming Mechanism

Develop Smart contract for Catgirl Customizable character

Develop Smart contract for Catgirl Wearables

Quick Stats

Price: $0.000000001686

Trading volume:  $1,522,824 USD

Maximum supply:  9,007,199,254,740,991 CATGIRL coins.

Catgirl Features

C – Curiosity (the team is constantly learning to make their project only better). 

A – Act (the team is in the process, working, going towards the intended goal).

T – Trust (Catgirl is trying to ensure maximum trust between the team and the community).

Objectives of the Catgirl project

1. To introduce NFTs to a broader audience

2. To engage users with its theme and interface.

3. To orientate users to the anime culture

This cryptocurrency undoubtedly has the properties of a meme coin but it is more of an NFT. The developers have their priority set on creating a full-fledged platform for gaming and are not inclined towards mass marketing. The assertion of Catgirl’s developers is that anime when integrated into the world of cryptocurrencies would throw up many opportunities in the NFT market and translate into a new phase.

Catgirl’s creators want to draw attention to and take NFT to a new level by combining blockchain technology with game mechanics and Defi. This, they believe will make their project stand out from the competition thus they place a high value on cryptocurrency use in the world and allow catgirl coin to be used for entertainment by the holders of the token. 

How much is Catgirl worth?

Catgirl is still relatively new so there is not much data to estimate its worth. Currently, the price is $0.000000001686. After it was launched, it jumped to an all-time high of $0.000000022635 on 1st November 2021 more than 200% of the price of the previous week. The total market value of catgirl is $198.7 million ranking it 3133 in market dominance according to CoinMarketcap. This is not too remarkable for investment but also not too bad for a new coin in the very competitive cryptocurrency market.

Who are the people behind Catgirl?

Catgirl has three anonymous founders. This team prefers not to reveal their identities for now. There is a leading developer who is a professional with ten years of experience in software development and has knowledge of several programming languages. The second person is a graphic designer and web developer who has nine years of experience in graphics design and four years of experience in web development using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. 

The head of marketing is a content creator and manages the social media of the company. The individual is also an artist who creates original characters. The person is experienced in SEO and runs social advertising campaigns. In addition, the person has launched many popular anime projects on Instagram.


Cativerse is the universe developed by the developers of Catgirl. Cativerse comprises of:

– Marketplace. This is for trading and exchanging NFTs ie, Catgirl Collectibles.

– Workshop. Owners can customize their Catgirls here.

 – Farming. Users can stake their Catgirl NFTs and earn Catgirl tokens.

– Social. Users can communicate with each other in this space.

Catgirl also has a Mystery Box that is used for obtaining the catgirl NFT. In the mystery boxes, several rare items are collected.

Is it safe to invest in Catgirl?

It is valid to have concerns about investing in hyped projects. Catgirl has the features of a meme token but has a solid roadmap for introducing holders to NFTs. The NFT trend is still very much relevant even as we move into the metaverse era of the internet. A project like Catgirl that has the goal of creating a full-fledged anime gaming platform is worth investing in. 

The project will see more buyers in the coming months as NFTs become mainstream. The early adopters and holders will benefit in the long term as prices continue to rise.

Where Can You Buy Catgirl (CATGIRL)?

You can buy Catgirl on the Binance mainnet. It is also available on PancakeSwap. Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange based on the Binance Smart Chain. Additionally, Catgirl also has a decentralized exchange that is based on PancakeSwap (V2). Therefore via token holders can exchange BNB for Catgirl or other stablecoins using Catgirl Swap.

How Is the Catgirl Network Secured?

There was no pre-sale of CATGIRL tokens, just a fair launch with an LP lock for one year. Catgirl is audited by Solidity Finance. The company was registered in January 2021. In short: Solidity Finance LLC provides affordable but intensive smart contract auditing services.

Catgirl contract address

Below is the Catgirl contract address for the BNB Smart Chain network.

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x79ebc9a2ce02277a4b5b3a768b1c0a4ed75bd936

Is Catgirl a good investment?

Catgirl is a good investment for the long term as it seeks to operate in the NFT space. The whitepaper seems to be credible and the audit stamps a seal of validity on it. Aside from the all-time high price recorded in November 2021, it has not gotten above that level. The price has stayed around its current level since then. The all-time low was recorded on 14th October 2021.  The price could spike or crash, no one knows because of the volatility of the Cryptocurrency market.

Note: Cryptocurrency investments are risky and you are advised to make your research before investing your money. You can lose your investment

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