How to get a loan from XCredit

XCredit is a loan service that enable people to take loans and pay them back later. Its region of operation is within Nigeria and its services can be used via the mobile app. This article explains how you can get a loan from XCredit, the interest rate, loan term, repayment, and lots more.

Requiring just only your BVN and few other details, XCredit is a wise choice when it comes to borrowing loans. With no mortgage involved, the borrowing process is fast and easy.

XCredit requirements

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age before you can borrow a loan from XCredit.
  • You need an Android phone to download the app. It’s not available for iPhones.
  • You will need a valid phone number.
  • You must submit your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and other personal information.
  • You will also fill in your account number. Any amount you borrow from XCredit will be sent to that account.

How to get a loan from XCredit

Follow the steps below for instructions on how to borrow loans from XCredit:

1. Install the app from the Google Play Store

For now, there is no web version of XCredit. To use this service, you have to download and install the Android app.

2. Register an account with XCredit

Open the app and indicate that you are a new user. Create an account by providing your BVN and other personal information. 

3. Apply for a loan

Once your account is registered, you can apply for a loan. You will need to exercise patience so that the management can approve your loan request.

Your loan request can be rejected. This can happen if you are yet to pay the debt you borrowed from another loan company, or if your BVN has been associated with fraud in the past.

4. Receive the funds

If your request is accepted, you will receive the money within a short while.

It is advised to pay before/on the due date, as that increases your loan limit. The more consistent you are with payments, the higher the amount of money you can borrow from XCredit.

How much loan can you get from XCredit?

With XCredit, you can take loans within the range of ₦5,000 ~ ₦500,000. However, you will not be able to borrow large amounts because you are a new user. To increase your loan limit, make sure you pay back on the due date.

XCredit interest rate

XCredit charges an interest rate of 12% for any loan you borrow for 180 days.

XCredit loan term

XCredit allows users to borrow money for a period of 91 days ( 3 months) to 180 days (6 months).

Repayment of loan

XCredit requires users to pay back before/on the 180th day, starting from the date the loan was borrowed.

The amount you are to repay is the amount you borrowed plus the interest charges. For example, if you borrowed ₦5,000 from XCredit, you will repay ₦5,000 and an additional ₦600 (12% interest) at the end of your loan term. 

Also, you will be sanctioned if your repayment is overdue. If you fail to pay back on the 180th day, each subsequent day attracts an additional interest rate of 2%. Learn more from the official website.

Late payments also lower your loan limit.

How to repay your loan on XCredit before the due date

1. Open the XCredit on your phone.

2. Click on “My Loan“.

3. Select the loan you wish to pay back.

4. Click on the “Repay In Advance” button.

5. Crosscheck all the details on the page before clicking on “Repay now”.

6. Select your preferred Repayment method and press the “pay” button.

7. Your dashboard will be updated in a while, showing that your loan has been paid.

What happens if you overpay your loan?

Everyone makes mistakes. In case you overpaid your loan, the excess amount will be refunded back to your account within 15 days.

What happens if your repayment is not reflecting on your dashboard?

If after some hours your repayment has not been reflected, or if you have not received a message from XCredit indicating that your loan has been repaid, you should contact them via their customer care.

You can contact their email address: You may be asked to provide a screenshot of the transaction.

XCredit head office address

XCredit also has a physical office in Nigeria. It is located on the 2nd floor of Wing A, South Atlantic Petroleum Towers 1, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island in Lagos State, Nigeria.

XCredit customer care and email address

For inquiries, terms of service or complaints, you can reach XCredit customer care through their email address:

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