Fidelity Bank: USSD Codes, mobile banking, contacts & more

Now one of the most popular commercial banks in Nigeria, Fidelity Bank Plc originally started as a Merchant Bank in 1988. Today, Fidelity Bank offers more than just commercial banking.

Customers can enjoy savings accounts, Diaspora banking, instant loans and lots more. In this article, we have highlighted the key things you need to know about Fidelity Bank and the banking services they offer.

An overview of Fidelity Bank

  • Established in 1988 as a Merchant bank
  • Converted to Commercial banking in 1999
  • Expanded to become a Universal bank in 2001
  • Merged with the now defunct FSB International Bank Plc and Manny Bank Plc in 2005
  • Fidelity Bank has 5+ million customers and 250 business branch locations as of the moment of writing this article

Fidelity Bank internet banking

Fidelity Bank internet banking makes it easy for existing and new users to oversee their finances without any paperwork or physical presence in a bank branch.

Registration for Fidelity Bank internet banking

Visit the Fidelity Bank Online Banking page to register for their internet banking service. You only need to validate your identity, choose a username and password, and then activate your profile.

Login to Fidelity Bank internet banking

You can visit the Fidelity Bank Online Banking portal to log in and access internet banking services. 

Fidelity Bank mobile banking

Fidelity Bank makes it easy to bank using our smartphones. New and existing customers can use it to control their bank accounts without stepping foot outside. Here are the key features of the Fidelity Bank mobile app:

  • Biometric/Fingerprint Authentication for easier login
  • View all your accounts (Current, Savings, Fixed Deposit, Domiciliary and Card accounts)
  • Personalise your profile, change your picture as desired with lovely selfies
  • Maintain/Manage beneficiaries for Funds Transfer, Bills payments and Airtime purchases
  • Receive In-App messages on new features, quick tips and promotional offers.
  • Top up your mobile phone or that of your family, friends and other loved ones
  • Pay your bills, such as DSTV, GoTV, PHCN, mobile post-paid bills, SWIFT, Smile and more.
  • Perform your Fidelity Credit Card repayments
  • Generate account statement
  • Search, book and pay for international and local flights
  • Locate the nearest Bank branches and ATM service points

Fidelity Bank USSD Code

The Fidelity Bank USSD code is *770#. You can access this code from any network.

Open an account through Fidelity Bank USSD code (*770*01#)

  • Select an account opening option
  • Enter your first name First Name
  • Input your middle name or Press ‘0’ if you don’t have one
  • Provide your surname
  • Indicate your gender
  •  Enter your account officer code or press ‘0’ if you don’t have one
  • Fill in your date of birth
  • Confirm your details and proceed

Fidelity Bank USSD Airtime top up

  • Dial *770*AMOUNT# to recharge the phone number linked to your bank account
  • Dial *770*PHONE NUMBER*AMOUNT# to recharge another number

Fidelity Bank USSD transfer code

Launch your phone dialer and press *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#. Follow the prompts and provide your account PIN to authorize the transaction.

Fidelity Bank Mobile app


You can download and install the Fidelity Bank Mobile App from the Google Play Store. It currently has over 1 million downloads and a review rating of 4.2 from over 30,600 users.


If you’re using an iOS device, you can download and install the Fidelity Bank Mobile app from the Apple App Store

Fidelity Bank customer care

For questions and complaints, you can always contact Fidelity Bank. They have customer support staff that will attend to you.

Fidelity Bank customer care number

  • General calls: 0700 343 35489
  • From outside Nigeria: 0908 798 9069
  • WhatsApp: 0903 000 0302, 0903 000 5252

Fidelity Bank Email address

Fidelity Bank head office address

Fidelity Bank has a head office in Nigeria where they manage the banking services they offer. You can also visit the office if you have any complaints. It is located at 2, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Fidelity Bank financial products and services

Fidelity Bank Current Account

Every commercial must provide current account banking services, right? Fidelity Bank has quite many current account types that anyone can choose from.

  1. Individual Current Account: For individuals and business owners that desire easy banking services.
  2. Premium Current Account: For interested customers that want to unlock more banking options.
  3. Bridge Account: Allows customers to borrow 50% of their monthly salary. It’s also a current account, but it charges no Maintenance Fee.
  4. Small Business Account: For individuals that want to have a current account, zero maintenance fee and access to a 0.03% bonus on their average monthly balance.
  5. Vintage Account: A free banking account that is specially made for senior citizens. Note that it has an interest rate of 0.5% more than the current account types above.

Savings Account

If you’re not much of a regular spender, and you want to enjoy fixed rates, then a Fidelity Savings Account can be a good option.

Diaspora Banking

If you’re a Nigerian residing in an outside country, or if you’re about to travel out of Nigeria but still want to keep being a customer of Fidelity Bank, then this account type is for you.

Fidelity Bank Money Transfer Services

Just like most other commercial banks, Fidelity Bank provides reliable money transfer services to their customers. You can also send and receive money from abroad through the bank.

Fidelity Personal and Instant Loans

Fidelity offers a variety of loans, each suiting a particular need and type of individual. That means regardless of your financial situation, there’s at least a loan product that will suit you. We’ve highlighted the loan products offered by Fidelity Bank below.

Fidelity Bank loans

Fast Loans

If you found yourself in need of extra cash, either for an unforeseen expenditure, tuition fees or business funding, Fidelity Bank fast loans can help you with that.

Payday Loan

The Payday Loan is digital, meaning that you don’t necessarily need to be physically present at a bank branch to apply for it. This loan is available to Fidelity Bank users that work (as a salary-earner) in public and private organizations whose staff salary accounts are domiciled with the Bank.

Point of Transaction (POT) Loan

The Point of Transaction (POT) Loan is available to Fidelity Bank users as a short-term loan. Imagine you’re already processing a transaction on your Fidelity Bank account, either on an ATM, on the internet or at a POS outlet, but couldn’t proceed due to insufficient balance.

Fidelity Bank POT short-term loan can help you complete that one-off transaction and you can pay it back at a later date.


If you’re a serving member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), then you may be eligible to apply for and obtain instant loans from Fidelity Bank.

Loan On Account Turnover (FLOAT)

FLOAT is an instant loan product powered by Fidelity Bank for existing and active customers.

Migo Loan

Migo is a micro-loan service through which you can apply for and get instant loans directly to your bank account. You don’t need paperwork, collateral or a guarantor before you can apply for Migo Loan.

How to apply for Fidelity Bank loans

Depending on the specific loan product you want to apply for, you can apply physically or on the internet, through your smartphone.

You can see all the loan products and services of Fidelity Bank here. You can also speak with a customer support agent to enquire about the best loans available to you. 

Fidelity Bank website 

Fidelity Bank has a website where you can see all information about them on the web. See the Fidelity Bank website here.

Fidelity Bank Swift Code information

A SWIFT code is a set of 8 or 11 digits that represents a bank branch. You’ll need to use one when sending money internationally.


Fidelity Bank branch locations

If you’re trying to locate a Fidelity Bank branch in any part of Nigeria, this article has you covered. Visit the Fidelity Bank branch locator to get the office address and directions of all branches.

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