Top 10 Businesses for Children in Nigeria

In our world today, entrepreneurship is no longer just for adults, Children have proven via many results that age is not a determining factor in starting or owning a business as their level of interest and enthusiasm keeps growing on and on. In Nigeria, there are several business opportunities available for Children to develop skills, build capacity, earn and influence their peers. 

In this article, we will be looking at some of these businesses in Nigeria where Children excel, ranging from baking and cooking, comedy skit making, and brand influencing, just to mention but a few. 

Business for Children in Nigeria

1. Acting 

The Nigeria Movie industry is the largest in Africa and one of the top three largest in the world. With numerous rooms and opportunities for young and talented actors. Many of the major actors in the Nollywood industry started as young actors, with a strong sense of dedication to their work they have built a good name for themselves and have also proven their worth in the movie industry.

A quick look at this brings two names to the fore; Williams Uchemba, and Regina Daniels. Regina Daniels started acting at the age of seven and has since gone on to become one of the most popular actresses in Nollywood. Williams Uchemba began acting at the age of 13 and has since appeared in several Nollywood movies, including “The Journey,” “The World of Riches,” and “Merry Men 2.”Hence, Acting tops our list as one of the businesses for Children.  

2. Cooking and baking 

Cooking is another viable business opportunity for children in Nigeria. With the increasing demand for homemade meals and the rise of home delivery services, children can use their culinary skills to launch a small food business.

Children can experiment with different recipes and sell their products to friends, family, and neighbours, ranging from baked goods to homemade snacks. Cooking as a business not only provides a valuable source of income for children, but it also teaches them important life skills such as time management, budgeting, and customer service.

3. Music 

Third, on our countdown is music. The Nigerian music industry is so versed with different genres ranging from afrobeat, fuji, highlife juju, gospel, and hip-hop, just to mention but a few, over the years we have seen children excelling in this industry, especially in hip-hop and gospel music. 

Music plays a very big role in the socio-economic world in Nigeria, hence it’s part of every celebration, and vent ( both cultural and corporate event). Hence music is one industry children in Nigeria can venture into. Amarchi and Ozzy Bosco are examples of child musicians that triumphed in the industry.

4. Comedy skits 

We must not also fail to mention comedy skit.  Nigeria as a country is actually a great nation with a good number of talented individuals. The country in no doubt is facing an economic downturn for the past few decades, but with that, there’s so much joy and happiness especially on the internet as a result of the innovative skit makers turning bad occurrences into comedy skits to make people laugh about.

The comedy industry saw a great change in the early 2012  With children like Emmaneulla in the Mark Angel brand among others coming into the limelight in the comedy world, other children like her have started their own comedy brands making good money from skit-making, getting endorsements among many other offers. 

5. Blogging

Blogging is another great business opportunity for children in Nigeria. With the rise of the internet and social media, starting a blog has never been easier. Children can choose a niche that they are passionate about, such as fashion, food, or travel, and create content around it.

They can use various monetization strategies such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and advertising to earn money from their blog. Blogging requires hard work and dedication, but it can be a fun and rewarding way for children to learn valuable skills such as writing, marketing, and entrepreneurship while earning income.

6. Sports 

Sports is a popular activity among children in Nigeria, and it presents a lucrative business opportunity for those who are talented and passionate about sports. Children can explore different sports such as football, basketball, tennis, or athletics and participate in local and national tournaments.

The Nigeria football association for instance is a good avenue that offers great opportunities for children that are talented in football as they have various categories that give chances to children especially children in their teens’ age to have an excellent career in football. Same as other track events and field events. 

7.  Modeling 

Modelling is a glamorous and lucrative business idea that children in Nigeria can explore. Children can participate in modelling competitions or work with local modelling agencies to secure modelling contracts.

They can also create a modelling portfolio and build a social media presence to attract modelling opportunities. Modelling as a business not only provides a valuable source of income but also teaches children valuable skills such as confidence, public speaking, and networking.

8. Real estate 

Next on our list is real estate. Real estate is another business idea that children in Nigeria can explore. Children can learn about real estate by accompanying their parents or relatives to property viewing or attending real estate seminars.

They can also invest in rental properties or flip houses by buying low and selling high. Real estate as a business provides a valuable source of passive income and teaches children valuable skills such as negotiation, budgeting, and financial management.

9. Agriculture

Agriculture is a crucial sector in Nigeria, and children can explore agricultural business opportunities such as farming or poultry farming. Children can learn about agriculture by participating in local agriculture programs or working on a family farm.

They can also invest in modern farming techniques and technologies such as hydroponics and greenhouse farming to improve their yield. Agriculture as a business provides a valuable source of income and teaches children valuable skills such as hard work, persistence, and problem-solving.

10. Brand influencing

Lastly, we have brand influencing. Children that have made it to the apex of their careers in Nigeria always end up being brand ambassadors or influencing a brand. Brand influencing is a growing business trend in Nigeria, and children can leverage their social media presence to become brand influencers.

Children can build their social media presence by creating engaging content and building a strong following. They can then partner with brands to promote their products or services and earn money through sponsorship or commissions. 


The business opportunities available for children in Nigeria are diverse and exciting. The 10 businesses we have discussed – acting, cooking and baking, music, comedy skits, blogging, sports, modelling, real estate, agriculture, and social media influencing – offer children the opportunity to explore their passions and interests while earning money.

It is important to note that starting a business as a child requires parental guidance and support to ensure that the child’s education and well-being are not compromised. With the right guidance and support, children in Nigeria can develop valuable skills and become successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

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