Illuvium (ILV): What is it? Is it a good investment?

Illuvium is a game built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows players to earn money as they play. The AAA NFT game is designed to entertain users while they earn. Since illuvium entered into the crypto scene, it has garnered much interest and is set to do more.

Perhaps you are wondering what illuvium really is and what it brings to the table. Or perhaps, you want to know if it is a good investment. This article provides you with relevant information on illuvium and its features.

What is illuvium?

Illuvium allows users to search for illuvia, a rare alien creature, and capture, mine, harvest or sell them to buy other creatures. To search and collect these creatures, the players have to search across a digital landscape. Also, players can unravel the mystery behind the destruction of the creatures’ world. Players compete with one another to earn ILV in the game. Players can also complete PVE games or participate in tournaments to earn rewards.

Players can hunt these rare alien creatures as well as buy and sell them. The creatures are kept in shards, crystal cages that not only keep the creatures safe but also display essential information on them, including their features.

Players compete with other players in tournaments using tamed illuvials. If the tamed illuvials are well matched so that any shortcoming is covered, there is a high possibility of the player winning and earning more rewards. 

Illuvium features

Illuvium has some interesting features, including:

Immutable X

The Immutable X is perhaps the most interesting feature of illuvium. It is a second layer protocol that makes it perform efficiently. There has been the issue of scalability with Ethereum-based projects before now. This feature gives this game an edge over what has been existent. With the entrance of illuvium into the scene, NFT users have a much better efficient game to play.

Variety of illuvials

This blockchain Battle Royal is designed to feature some varieties. Players will enjoy over 100 illuvials with distinct abilities, classes, and other specs. These illuvials can be merged to create stronger and higher versions of the rare alien creatures. Players can harness these new breeds to battle their opponents for rewards.

What is illuvium worth?

The price of Illuvium has been volatile. In the last 7 days, the price has increased by 10.98%. Illuvium did not sustain this increment, given its volatility. In the last 24 hours, there has been a decrease in price by 4.42%. in the last 1 hour, the price has decreased by 0.59%. 

Currently, illuvium sells for $690.176803 per ILV. This price is 75.94% lesser than the $2,868.95 ATH. Currently, illuvium’s circulating supply is 642,891.968 ILV.

Is it safe?

Illuvium is safe because it has some features that make it trustworthy. Illuvium has a multilayer structure that allows it to leverage on the high security of Ethereum and the efficiency that the Immutable X provides. 

The Ethereum platform is trustworthy as it is secure against hacking. So far, the system has not been successfully hacked. Given its reliance on Ethereum which is the second-largest proof of work blockchain, one can repose a great deal of trust in the system. 

Where to buy illuvium

There are several platforms to buy illuvium, aside from the illuvium platform. Some exchanges where you can buy illuvium include:


Binance is by far the largest exchange where you can buy most cryptocurrencies. Residents in Singapore, Australia, the UK, and Canada can buy illuvium from the Binance platform. has been in existence since 2013 and has been thriving since its inception. It is one of the best places for enthusiasts to buy illuvium, especially those in the USA. 


This exchange is a platform that efficiently serves Indians who wish to buy illuvium.

What does illuvium bring to the table?

Illuvium has some advantages that make crypto enthusiasts interested in it. 

  • Illuvium is highly scalable. The Immutable X protocol makes it highly efficient.
  • Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain, making it secure against hacking and intrusion.
  • Illuvium is easy to use. The game is built to let in new players to the NFT scene. The game is designed to operate like other RPG games with the additional advantage of earning while playing.
  • Illuvium is fun to play. Having the game in the crypto space would have threatened its playability in the benefit of its financial aspect. However, illuvium has maintained an interesting and efficient game while effectively handling the financial aspect. This game presents a double win for users: while they can have fun with their NFT games, they can earn some money while at it.
  • Privacy. In illuvium, players have high privacy as they can keep their earnings to themselves and whoever they chose to intimate.
  • Enrollment on the illuvium platform is free, making it open to enthusiasts.

Illuvium (ILV) contract address

Below are the contract addresses for the Ethereum and Solana networks.

Ethereum: 0x767fe9edc9e0df98e07454847909b5e959d7ca0e

Solana: 8UJbtpsEubDVkY53rk7d61hNYKkvouicczB2XmuwiG4g

Is illuvium a safe investment?

The illuvium AAA NFT game depends on players for a bright future. If the number of users is high, there is every chance that it will go higher as the days go by. However, illuvium is an AAA game that most likely requires a computer with an impressive video card to play. This situation already reduces the number of potential players. This situation places other games ahead of illuvium. 

Considering the blockchain game from this angle, you might want to check yourself about investing in it. However, illuvium still hopes to maintain an impressive number of players. People who are used to other games will most likely love ILV. Also, considering the scalability that comes with illuvium, people will love it.

Considering the possible future trend of illuvium, an investment will be a personal decision. Before investing in illuvium, users and enthusiasts should consider the future.


Loyal gamers have been enthusiastic about this AAA NFT game since it emerged. The game is secure and highly scalable, making it one of the best NFT titles around. Although the price is volatile and has experienced a decline from its all-time high in the last 24 hours, illuvium has the potential to gather an impressive number of users.

Note: Investing in cryptocurrency is risky. You can lose your investment.

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