Waves (WAVES): What is it? Is it a good investment?

Even though Waves had a turbulent beginning shortly after concluding the IPO (Initial Public Offering) in 2016, it is currently one of the most interesting cryptocurrency projects. 

The turbulence caused the collapse of the WAVES token to an all-time low of $0.1227 from $1 on August 2, 2016. Howbeit, the coin regained strength so that it rose to an all-time high of $41.33 on the 4th of May, 2021. And today, it’s still one of the bubbling cryptocurrencies with a rank of #60 and priced at $8.46/token on CoinMarketCap.

If you find this crypto project intriguing as do many other investors all around the world, this article is for you. In the following, you’ll find important information about the Waves blockchain and investing in its WAVES token.

What is Waves?

The Waves project came into existence in 2016 as the idea of Sasha Ivanov, one of the leading cryptocurrency experts in the world. Following his fame, as a developer, he decided to set up his own business, and together with other senior partners, he founded Waves.

What makes Waves special and unique? That’s the possibility of designing and generating Tokens within the Waves Blockchain platform. In a few minutes, it is possible to create your own personal Token and exchange it with others or convert it into Fiat currency.

To understand the genius of the idea, it is necessary to take a step back and keep in mind that in 2016, the year of the launch of Waves, Ethereum dominated the market (together with Bitcoin). As we know ETH was well known for having developed a Blockchain suitable not so much for financial transactions as for the development of dApps and Smart Contracts.

Based on this technology, Ivanov launched the Waves project to allow anyone to create their Token.

How does Waves work?

On a technical level, we can say that Waves is based on a secure and decentralized Proof of Stake protocol.

Much like Ethereum, Waves’ technological infrastructure was able to observe ETH’s weaknesses and improve them. Many experts consider its Blockchain:

  • Quick and safe
  • Decentralized
  • Scalable

Within the Waves Blockchain it is possible to carry out three types of transactions:

  • Customized Applications Token (CAT): that is the aforementioned possibility of creating your own personal token, without the need for intermediaries and exchanging it in Fiat currencies.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): another great advantage of Waves, is that a real Exchange is integrated into its structure. Completely decentralized, it is very safe and without the presence of Managers to regulate transactions.
  • Anonymity: with the exception of some specific operations, Waves guarantees complete anonymity to its users.

Waves DAO Crypto Association

Operating as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the Waves Association is a non-profit organization focused on research and development, grants, and educational initiatives. Grants are submitted through the DAO and voted on by all Waves Association members, but unlike other DAOs, membership doesn’t include all token holders. Individual membership in the Waves Association costs 100 WAVES.

The Waves Association has a Berlin-based executive council that includes Sasha Ivanov, Bram Nagtegals, and Sander de Mooij. According to the Waves Association, “we do not control, manage or drive Waves,” although Ivanov is the founder of the broader Waves platform.

How to get Waves (WAVES)

WAVES can be obtained through many avenues. The waves platform works as an all-in-one platform; as a wallet and as a decentralized exchange. You can get WAVES through its fast token creation system, in less than two minutes, which is considered to be the fastest today. 

Waves is the first exchange that is a wallet and an exchange at the same time. This has earned it the support of Deloitte as one of its main partners.

Also, WAVES is a minable coin. The token can be mined through computer equipment or by lending and borrowing Waves.

Another option to get Waves is through a faucet. These are websites that give away tokens of certain cryptocurrencies to help their expansion. For this it is necessary to download the Wave wallet, copy the address and paste it into a faucet.

One last option to get WAVES tokens is to go to an exchange platform and buy it with other cryptocurrencies or with traditional money. Exchange platforms work as secure intermediaries. Bittrex and Binance are some of the popular exchanges; where Waves trading pairs with other cryptocurrencies are active.

Where to buy Waves (WAVES)

You can buy Waves (WAVES) from many crypto exchanges around the world. But the best place to buy WAVES is at Binance.

Is Waves (WAVES) a good investment?

Many factors determine whether a crypto project is good or not. You’ll need to consider the use case and the team working on the project. The latest news and coin data are also important.

In terms of the use case for WAVES, it’s clear what Waves Network is trying really hard. They are offering a platform on which companies can easily make a coin themselves and offer it to customers or employees. The strong point of Waves is that they create a safe environment for trading cryptocurrency. Their almost unhackable system also gives users confidence.

The user-friendliness of making your own coin on the platform is a huge gain. If more large companies start setting up their own coin on the Waves platform, the WAVES price will shoot very high.

At this moment, Waves already has a number of companies as partners. Think of Deloitte and Burger King Russia. They also have strong ties to several Russian banks. So, Waves is not waiting for the future to attract large companies to work on their platform – they already are!

The caveat to be made with Waves is that they are not the only ones who facilitate the creation of their own coins. With Ethereum and NEO as competitors, they continue to work hard. These two platforms are not the only competitions. In fact, there are enough blockchain platforms to call the market saturated.

Also, the trends in the general crypto market and sudden events surrounding Waves are very important to consider.

However, it’s hopeful that, over a long-term period, Waves will be able to conquer a place in this market and attract new users. If this happens, that will be a very good one for Waves.

Waves (WAVES) Price Predictions

Here are some major analysts’ predictions:

  • Gov. Capital WAVES ‘price prediction for 2022 was slightly more conservative in the near term, suggesting it could be worth around $ 20 by the end of the year. However, their five-year WAVES price target is $ 129.93.
  • PricePrediction’s WAVES price prediction for 2030 is $ 790.21. The closest price targets are conservative – the forecaster has price targets of $ 39.78 by the end of 2022 and $ 123.22 for 2025.
  • DigitalCoinPrice suggests an average value of $ 24.57 in 2023. In 2025, the coin is expected to hit $ 32.93, followed by a year-over-year uptrend to $ 66.90 in 2030.


If you read about WAVES on various platforms, you will often see quite bullish news coming out of the price predictions. However, it’s worthy of note that those wave price predictions are developed through an automated system. 

The algorithms are based on the chronological performance of WAVES, which is no assurance of future results. Hence, always make sure you do a detailed examination and analysis of the project before committing to it.

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