Project Galaxy (GAL): What Is It? Is It A Good Investment?

Project Galaxy is one of the most popular Web3 credential data systems. It is designed on an interactive and credible platform and assists various projects and Web3 developers in leveraging electronic NFTs and credential data to develop higher-quality products.

GAL, Project Galaxy’s native token, is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It drives Project Galaxy, an on-chain and off-chain credential network that aids projects, like those that build credit scoring applications. ]

GAL as a native token on the Project Galaxy can be used to pay an access fee to get credential data, staked by network validators such as curators, and can also be used as a means of voting on the network’s future.

As you read further, you will see how Project Galaxy handles the current digital credentials and how it improves the digital credential data network. Knowing all these will help you to make a good investment decision, in case you chose to invest.

Digital Credentials and Project Galaxy

Project Galaxy creates the essential framework to assist both firms and users in establishing good digital credentials. Today, credential data is stored in private databases entirely controlled by regulatory agencies, banking and financial institutions, and apps. This has resulted in a broken environment that is closed to the people who are supposed to have the data and even the apps that require it.

Project Galaxy attempts to address this issue by establishing an innovative and participatory credential data network that will assist Web3 programmers in leveraging credential data and NFTs to make quality products and better-engaged communities.

How Project Galaxy Improves The Digital Credential Data Network

Here are some of the ways through which project galaxy enhances the digital credential data network technology:

  1. The Galaxy Credential Data Network’s technology is provided by Project Galaxy, which allows members of the public to manage and provide digital credentials. Credentials can be curated from a variety of data sources using the Project Galaxy platform.
  1. To aid programmers in leveraging credential data, Project Galaxy offers Software Applications, a Credential API, and a Credential Oracle Engine. Galaxy NFT loyalty programs, On-chain Achievement Tokens (OATs), guarded communities, and development hacking campaigns that can help them achieve the desired result.
  2. The Credential API and Credential Oracle Engine can also be used by programmers for more specific use cases like attack avoidance algorithms and credit ratings.

Is Project Galaxy (GAL) A Good Investment?

GAL cryptocurrency since its development has consistently made a good name for itself in the crypto industry, which makes it a crypto project with a good use case worth investing in.

So far, there are several reasons why GAL looks good for potential investors, and some of these reasons are:

  • It solves a real-world problem by creating the needed framework that can help users and firms to establish good digital credentials.
  • It helps blockchain programmers to develop algorithms that can avoid attacks.
  • It helps to gather questionnaire data from Web2 to aid firms who rely on data in establishing data credentials for their users.
  • GAL helps Web3 programmers to leverage credential data that helps them to develop quality digital products.

Project Galaxy (GAL’s) Price Live Data

The live Project Galaxy price today is $5.45 with a 24-hour trading volume of $437,141,099.42. Project Galaxy is down 15.68% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #234, with a live market cap of $187,847,398.18. It has a circulating supply of 35,161,333 GAL coins, a total supply of 200,000,000 GAL coins, and a max. supply of 200,000,000 GAL coins.

Where to buy GAL

If you would like to buy Project Galaxy at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading GAL are currently Binance, Bybit, MEXC, BTCEX, FTX, and CoinTiger.

Project Galaxy (GAL) contract address

Below is the GAL contract address for the Ethereum and BNB Smart chain network.

Ethereum: 0x5fAa989Af96Af85384b8a938c2EdE4A7378D9875

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0xe4Cc45Bb5DBDA06dB6183E8bf016569f40497Aa5

GAL Price Prediction

GAL is a new crypto asset, so much technical analysis cannot be done on it. With BTC sweeping the $32.9k low of January 2022, and the June 2021 low of $28.7k, altcoins have continued to dump, and GAL is not exempted. A theory exists in crypto which postulates that candlestick wicks to the downside and upside eventually get filled because the points where they stopped usually indicate strong buy and sell zones that may be retested in the future.

If GAL can do 20x and retest its $200 all-time high price from its current price, then it will be ranked in the top 20 cryptos (GAL is currently ranked #233) and will have a market cap of $7 billion. In the short term, it needs to close high timeframe candles above $19 which might take time due to the current conditions of the market.

In Summary

Project Galaxy (GAL), like some cryptocurrency projects, helps to solve real-world problems which make it valuable in the crypto industry, and therefore, a good investment. Before investing or trading any crypto-asset like GAL, DYOR and always use funds you are ready to lose because the crypto market is very volatile, and can lead to a substantial loss of funds.


What is the Total Supply of GAL Coins?

GAL (Project Galaxy) has a total supply of 200 million tokens (200,000,000). You can find the GAL distribution and tokenomics on Project Galaxy.

Which Blockchain Network Hosts Project Galaxy (GAL)?

Ethereum network is the blockchain network that hosts Project Galaxy (GAL).

Does Project Galaxy Have NFTs?

Yes, Project Galaxy has a “My NFTs” section on their official website. Information from the project’s tokenomics shows that GAL can be used in NFT loyalty programs that are based on credentials, like sending NFT badges to engage and reward players’ participation in GameFi.

Who Founded Project Galaxy?

The key founders of Project Galaxy are Harry Zhang and Charles Wayne. Harry Zhang is the Project Lead of Project Galaxy and a Co-Founder, while Charles Wayne is the Strategy Lead and also a Co-Founder.

How Many Network Confirmations Does Project Galaxy (GAL) Require?

Project Galaxy requires 14 network confirmations.

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