AetherV2 (ATH): Is it a good investment?

Investing in cryptocurrency is a serious move that requires research because it is easy to lose money in the ever-volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Aether v2 is not as popular as the top cryptocurrencies so this article highlights what the coin is and if it is worth investing in.

Quick Stats

Current Price: $0.001386

Market rank: #5723

Market cap: $956,281

Self-reported circulating supply: 688,810,492.00 ATH

Maximum supply: 1,000,000,000

What is AetherV2?

AetherV2 is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2021 with space exploration at its core. It is built on the BNB chain. The project seeks to bridge science and technology by supporting great space exploration ideas.

The developers believe that human development right from the beginning of time is based on exploration and that it is only when the human race explores and surpasses all limits that the race can reach its true potential. 

AetherV2 use case

The Aether project will explore the limits of science and technology, directing all efforts to make the impossible become reality.

The white paper opines that by every step, every launch, and every satellite sent in space and using all the technology developed, the project will edge closer to fulfilling mankind’s primary dream of traveling to and conquering space.

The Aether Satellite

In 2022, the plan is to develop and send a small satellite into orbit. The satellite will be called AETHER. It will be used by other crypto blockchain projects to run nodes.

In 2020, Aether partnered with Arca Space, and helped test and developed Eurorocket, Arca Space’s ecological propulsion system. This rocket is expected to be launched in the second half of September 2020 alongside with Aether cryptocurrency satellite in space.

EcoRocket is designed to be a three-stage orbital vehicle while its first two stages are fully reusable. An environmentally friendly water-based propellant is used in the first two stages. This puts the third stage at an altitude of 50km with a speed of 5,400km/h. Fuelled by RP-1 and High Test Peroxide, the third stage propels a 10kilogram payload into orbit.

The AetherV2 Roadmap

The roadmap is divided into four phases:

Phase 1 (2021)

Partnership with tech & aerospace companies

Website and Social Media Channels Launch

Marketing & Partnership with influencers

Contract Audit

Aether being accepted as a payment method by partners

DxSale Presale

Pancakeswap Launch

Phase 2 (2021)

3.000 holders

Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko & Blockfolio Listing

The first crypto launched into space by January 2022

Launching of small satellites into the Earth’s orbit through a partnership with an aerospace company

White Paper release

10.000 Holders

Phase 3 (2022)

Listing on major exchanges

Development of Aether’s satellite

Launch of Aether satellite

Different blockchains join the ecosystem and run satellite nodes. 

Validators using Ather tokens and mainnet coins for the operation of nodes

Phase 4 (2023)

Development and release of Aether’s mainnet

Run nodes on Aether satellite/s.

Partnership rollout

Reaching the stars

What are the features of AetherV2?

There is a 14 % transaction fee reserved for the benefit of all Aether holders.

  • Keeping the dream alive

A 3% transaction fee is redirected to developing the Aether project through partnerships with aerospace firms around the world and all upgrades of the Aether 2.0 platform.

  • Buyback and burn

To keep negative price volatility to the barest minimum, 2.5 % is redirected to Aether Buyback and burn wallet.

  • Holder distribution

Aether automatically distributes 5 % of the token to every holder, correlating with the holdings in each eligible Aether token wallet.

  • Marketing

For the marketing and development of Aether, 3.5 % is set aside.


AetherV2 team is built on the values of transparency, honesty, trust, and dedication to achieving the set goals.

The team comprises young professionals living in Germany and Romania.

Peter Sabadac, an experienced global security professional is the head of the Developers team.

AetherV2 (ATH) contract address

Below is AetherV2 contract address for the BNB Smart Chain network.

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x6d3a0fb0070ea61f901ebc0b675c30450acac737

Is AetherV2 a good investment?

AetherV2 had an all-time high of $0.00482 in the last quarter of 2021. The price fell since then and at the time of writing this piece, it has not surpassed the all-time high price. But with market dynamics, that can change. The project has been audited by TechRate audit company and this should boost the confidence of any investor in the project.

As the first crypto project focused on space exploration, the price is expected to rise as interest in space travel increases this year. However if the Aether satellite is launched into space as stated on the whitepaper, then the price of the coin will skyrocket. An investment in AetherV2 today will be profitable in the long run.

The Tokenomics

Aether has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) coins with no mint function.

The team burns tokens when necessary to reduce the circulating supply. 

Aether was launched on Pancakeswap, a decentralized exchange at an initial rate of 1BNB per 1,800,000 ATH 

5% Static rewards in ATH

As a way of encouraging holders to keep their tokens, AetherV2 offers 5% static rewards. This reward is conditional on the volume of the token being traded. 

2.5% Manual burns and Buyback wallet

Like other Cryptocurrency projects, there is an occasional buyback of tokens and burning to increase the value of the token.

Funding for current expenses for completing the roadmap and developing the first satellite is sourced from the 3% project wallet.

No project can succeed without marketing hence 3.5% is set aside for marketing.

The liquidity pool is locked for one year.

How to buy AetherV2

AETHER can be bought on Pancake Swap using Trust wallet or Metamask.

Contract address: 0x6d3a0fb0070ea61f901ebc0b675c30450acac737


AetherV2 is a novel project with its sights set on being the first crypto project in space. An investment in this project can be profitable be in the long term, however due diligence by way of research is required.

Note: Crypto investment is risky, you can lose your investment.

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