Huh Token: Is it a good investment?

Ever since the success of Dogecoin, community meme tokens have been gaining ground in the crypto space and every week new meme tokens are launched by developers. In this piece, I examine the HUH token and establish if it is worth investing in.

Quick Facts

Current price: $0.00001068

Market rank: 5177

Maximum supply: 888,000,000,000

What is HUH token?

‘Crypto thrills with community feels’ is how the developers of huh token describe their token on the official website. This token was launched on 16th December 2021. HUH token is about recognizing influencers and rewarding them for the power of their community. It is the first-ever “Utimeme” cryptocurrency. “Utimeme” is a combination of “meme” and “utility”, so this project merges meme tokens with utility tokens and harnesses their power and usability.

HUH uses a protocol that harnesses blockchain technology to give equal opportunity for everyone to receive rewards. Huh is about challenging the status quo and creating a unique source of income that is available to everyone.

In this unprecedented referral system, you can earn cash directly to your wallet using BNB for every referral. When your referrals make their first purchase, you earn 10 BNB from the transaction. Also, your referrals get rewarded with a 10% reduced sell fee rate.

The smart contract will re-distribute both a portion of HUH on every purchase and sale to the holders.

Features of HUH token

A unique referral system

Huh token’s unique community referral system rewards holders for their referrals. Referrers earn 10% in BNB of the first purchase of their referees. Additionally, the earning potential is uncapped because there is no limit to the number of referrals one can have. 

More than one stream of income

Huh token is the first cryptocurrency project ever to distribute both BNB and the Token, so holders have more ways to earn. The HUH tokens go straight into the wallets in every transaction. 


The team has carefully laid out the roadmap to attain maximum impact for every milestone reached.

Thousands of influencers are being brought on board with a minimum 1-year contract for their influencing.

The HUH App, an all-in-one ecosystem has been created for the purpose of hosting the biggest Social Media NFT Platform. 

Also, Centralized exchange listings, targeting BINANCE and other major exchanges are in the roadmap. The HUH token team aims to take over the world.


Current Stage

Auditing by Certik Audit

Launching on Pancake Swap

Listing on CoinMarketCap

Listing on CoinGecko

Development of HUH Swap

Getting listed on Tier 3 CEXs


Second Stage

500 Influencer Marketing

HUH NFT Release

HUH NFT Release

Getting listed on Tier 2 CEXs

Contracting 3000 Influencers for posts

Development of V2 Website

Releasing V2 White Paper

Creation of HUH wallet

Develop Multi-Chain Bridge

19,000 Holders


Third Stage

Launching of an NFT Market Place

Launching of HUH Social CRM System

Launching of the HUH App

Creation of a Market place for Generating Gigs

Where and how to buy HUH

1. Open your trust wallet. If you don’t have it, you will have to download it.

Go to and download the application. It is a secure app that is used widely in the de-fi market. (Secure the seed phrase and don’t share it with anyone).

2. Buy BNB and then send to Trust Wallet

Buy BNB on an exchange. You can buy on Binance, Coinbase, Okex, etc. Then transfer the BNB token to your Trust Wallet address. Note that BEP-20 addresses always start with a ‘0x’.

3. Fill your wallet with BNB

4. Fund your Trust or MetaMask wallet by buying BEP20 BNB.

For Android devices, in your Trust wallet, simply open PancakeSwap

Pancakeswap is the leading DEX on the Binance Smart Chain and it is found in the DApps tab of your trust wallet. Click ‘Connect’ at the top right corner of the screen. Select Trust Wallet.

iPhone: Open the PancakeSwap section in the Browser

Click ‘Connect’ at the top right of the screen and select ‘Wallet Connect’. Please select ‘Trust’ and then ‘Connect’. Your wallet will now be connected to the browser. At the top of the browser, you’ll see a search bar. 

For iPhone/iOS devices, you’ll need to paste a phrase to enable the DApp browser. The phrase is ‘trust://browser_enable’, which will enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet. To begin with, paste ‘trust://browser_enable’ on the URL field of the browser.

Head to PancakeSwap to swap BNB for HUH Token

Use the Contract Address below in the search bar. Once you select HUH Token adjust the slippage at 21% (sometimes it may be a bit more, depending on how much demand there is).

View HUH Token and HODL

Once you swap BNB for HUH Token you must add it to your Trust Wallet to see it.

HUH Token contract address

Hut Token makes use of the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain network.

Ethereum: 0x86d49fbd3b6f989d641e700a15599d3b165002ab

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0xc15e89f2149bcc0cbd5fb204c9e77fe878f1e9b2

Tokenomics of HUH token

Total Supply: 888000000000

5% DEV Wallet

5% Marketing

Is HUH token a good investment?

HUH token was launched in the first week of December 2021 at the price of $0.0000055 and under two weeks, the price surged by 6000%. This price explosion is a sign that the token can be the next Shiba inu.

The referral rewards system is a huge plus for HUH token as more users would buy the token to reap the rewards. Meme tokens backed by influencers can perform well in the market as there is no shortage of holders and buyers.

An investment in HUH token will bring about profits in the short and long term. However one must not underestimate the volatility of the Crypto market.


Investments in cryptocurrency are risky and research should be done before plowing funds into any project. HUH token, a product of the meme culture backed with influencer marketing is a good investment.  

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is risky. You may lose your investment

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