BestChange marks its 15th anniversary of crypto, fiat and e-currency trading

The cryptocurrency market is made up of thousands of platforms offering exchanges at varying prices, conditions and demands. Having to browse the various crypto platforms and come up with an efficient exchange that meets users’ demands and is less bureaucratic can be almost impossible.

Users on various exchange platforms often get stuck with hindrances from the unavailability of their intended currency of trade, and the never-ending demands for verifications, not to talk of the hidden fee charges users get to pay on these platforms. 

With the crypto trading industry pulling gains more than ever before expected; there exists a cryptocurrency exchange monitoring platform that has excellently maintained the list of exchangers with the best practices in the market. BestChange is a crypto and fiat currency trading platform offering free access to its traders to source a suited exchange from its 250 listed exchange platforms.

The crypto exchange platform matches traders with the best cryptocurrency exchangers offering crypto trading at the most efficient rates possible with less bureaucracy. BestChange has over the last 15 years maintained a trust system with greater attention to ethics by offering users hand-picked crypto exchangers. For example, users can exchange BTC to bank account in NGN.

BestChange offers users increased opportunities through its e-currencies exchange. The platform also accepts transacting with some of the world’s most popular currencies ranging from the Euro, the US Dollar, the Chinese Yuan and any other currency. Electronic and other payment platforms like Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, WebMoney, Advanced Cash and others are accepted for payment on the crypto trading platform. 

Having to research through an extensive list of exchangers that suit users’ basic needs can be exhausting. Most of the time unethical cryptocurrency exchangers provide misleading information to users, once the user gets to know it was all a hoax, it might be too late. In addition, some crypto exchangers offer services to users in the most demanding ways possible, with excessive verifications, constant delays and unreliable user exchange interfaces.

Exchanges offering varying digital currency options that suit a wide range of users’ interests is yet another difficult task to accomplish, users often spend long hours in search of suited crypto trading platforms to match their interests; this is where BestChange comes to the help. The crypto exchange monitoring platform offers users the best possible option from the thousands of trading companies in the market for users to sell, purchase or exchange crypto, this task is accomplished in minutes with users leveraging the time-saving option provided by the BestChange platform.

For the continuance of a trusted and excellent service delivery, BestChange conducts extensive due diligence by surveying the crypto exchanges ensuring only the best options make it to the users. Users need not worry about stumbling into poor services with low ratings, BestChange assists users by offering only the top-rated exchangers with the best practices on its platform. This feature ensures the crypto exchange monitoring platform is reliable, safe and devoid of fraudulent or unethical practices that affect users in the long run.

The excellent user interface provided by BestChange is another feature worth watching for on the platform. This feature makes trading crypto at ease; one such interface is the provision of a cost calculator, which discloses to the user all the costs intended to be made or the gains to be made from trade after commissions have been paid.

This offers users an insight into the expected expenses and revenues to be made before the trade occurs; the calculator feature comes as a life-saving tool for first-time traders who wish to reflect on the expected gains to be made from a trade before investing their money into it. 

Using BestChange’s platform for crypto, fiat or e-currency exchanges has never been better than ever. Over the last 15 years, the exchange monitoring platform has improved the overall experience of users on its platform with strong detail on time management, efficiency and ethics to provide an overall platform users can rely. 

When exchanging on BestChange, the step begins with users selecting the appropriate currencies of choice intended to purchase and exchange. The currencies you choose to trade with determine, among other things, the varying exchange platforms to be recommended by BestChange.

BestChange lists the various most reliable and top-rated exchangers suiting your currency choices, these exchangers are displayed at the centre of the platform’s page. Recall the calculator feature that can provide the possible fees payable on conversions for planning. Once users are settled on the exchange they intend to use, users can click on it and be redirected to the exchange’s platform in less than a minute. 

The BestChange platform promises a variety of other unique features that are sure to provide users with a seamless trading journey. The platform offers easy-to-use interfaces with little or no prior knowledge or skill with trading interfaces required.

Also, there exist icons that guide users on the possible information required when seeking an exchange with some of the most convenient technologies known for trading being displayed on the platform. Users who do not fancy the bureaucratic process also have the opportunity of exchanging without going through the hassles of verification while still gaining access to the best rates possible. 

In addition, users on the BestChange platform can also track exchangers who offer reduced exchange rates or quote the required reserves needed by the user.

About BestChange

BestChange is a crypto, fiat and e-currency exchange monitoring platform founded in 2007. The platform offers more than 200 exchangers with over 30,000 exchange direction pairs offering users with more options to trade from when on the platform. The exchange monitoring platform offers users with the most reliable exchange platforms in the market.

With a 15 years track record, the company has succeeded in creating a benchmark for easy exchange tracking, together with its calculator feature, which calculates the expected fee and gains to be made from an exchange on the BestChange platform. The major benefit of the exchange platform would be the continuous reliability users have gained from the platform in the past 15 years. 


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