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MTrading is a globally recognizable financial company that delivers top-notch services to both traders and the company’s partners. Debuted in 2012, the platform has proved its flawless online reputation. It delivers a rich feature set with some of the best market conditions and dozens of trading instruments to choose from. What’s more, the company has a superior partnership program that helps to make stable passive earnings.

Different types of partners are welcome to join the program. MTrading offers different reward types along with automated weekly payouts, free access to promo materials, simple registration process, and more. Traders will appreciate low spreads, fast order execution, and other options that let the platform stand out from main competitors.

This guide will introduce all the award-winning products and services delivered by MTrading out of the box. But first, let’s find out how it appeared to be one of the most reputable and longest-running platforms.

Globally Recognized Brand

MTrading is a well-established company with representations in different countries across the globe. The company boasts pretty good stats that are as follows:

  • 10 Offices around the Globe – MTrading has established its presence in not only South Africa but also Asia-Pacific, South America, and others.
  • 250,000+ Customers – a global community of traders is growing rapidly each month with a huge percentage of returning customers.
  • 5,000+ Partners – thousands of affiliates are making good earnings thanks to the flexible partnership opportunities and reward types.  

The next stage is to find out why both traders and partners love working with MTrading.

Benefits for Traders

The company was initially launched as a trading platform. Users can benefit from a range of top trading instruments including Gold, Forex, currency pairs, commodities, and other digital assets. What’s more, the award-winning MT4 platform is free to download and install. Traders can access the financial market from any device despite the OS, screen dimensions, or carrier.

MTrading 1

MTrading is perfect for beginners, who are making their first steps to become professional traders. The official website offers endless education opportunities. They include:

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

The Education section contains crucial info that may come in handy for both newbies and pros. They will find free materials, articles, guides, and tutorials. To put users at ease, the data is thoughtfully divided into three major categories:

  1. Webinars – free online educational events for beginners and experienced traders in South Africa. Participants will have a chance to discuss different topics and trading strategies with experienced financial analysts and experts.
  2. Financial Seminars – live events hosted by proven professionals in the trading field. Seminars come as the next stage of the MTrading education system. They include workshops, theory, and practical lessons to sharpen your knowledge.
  3. Articles & Tutorials – the best you can get of articles, guides, trading tactics with terms explained.

News & Analytics

It is a separate website section with regularly published technical analysis using various chart patterns. It will help traders to stay in touch with the latest news, promptly react to different events resulting in improved decision-making.

Additional Trading Benefits

MTrading delivers flexible solutions to exceed customers’ expectations. It does not matter if you are a novice or experienced investor, you will appreciate the following:

  • Over 100 Instruments – get access to more than a hundred assets to trade. They include Gold, Currency, Indices CFDs, shares, and more.
  • Great Conditions – MTrading offers spreads starting at 0 pips along with 1:1000 leverage, fast order execution, advanced MT4 trading platforms with integrated Expert Advisory, and safe transactions.
  • Different Account Types – benefit from risk-free trading with access to all major tools with a Free Demo Account. Work out a winning strategy and then open a Real Account or grab your chance to become an MTrading partner.

Copy Trading to Follow the Best Ones

If you do not feel like getting involved in all that Forex learning and education but still crave for a piece of the financial market pie, Copy Trading is the best option. It is a simple and cost-effective strategy for beginners.

Mtrading platform

The idea is pretty simple: all you need is to copy each and every action made by a professional trader. Every time he makes a profit, you make a profit as well. In other words, you are free to trade and generate revenues with ZERO trading experience or time-consuming software downloads. MTrading guarantees safe and secure transactions.

You can start earning in 4 simple steps:

  1. Open the Account.
  2. Look through available traders.
  3. Choose the one with the best stats.
  4. Subscribe and start earning.

You do not need to set up or configure trades manually. The system ensures automated order execution. Just lay back, relax, and wait for the profit to come up.

MTrading Partnership Program

Partners can choose a y type they want depending on the affiliate specialization. The referral program will meet the expectations of the following:

Coaches and Tactic Providers

Do you have a growing community on major social networks and want to share your successful trading strategy with others? No problem. Benefit from amazing earning opportunities while your subscribers keep trading.

Software Sellers

Are you a trading robot developer and distributor? MTrading offers great partnership functionality for development teams that create signals indicators, and other EA software.

Educational Organizations

Do you regularly host different events, seminars, or conferences? MTrading offers sponsorship opportunities for hosts and education centers.

Referring Websites

Do you have a blog with high-quality traffic? Make it work and let you earn. MTrading cooperates with more than 10,000 websites that use referrals to generate additional revenue.

MTrading commissions

How Partnership Program Works

The program comes as a simple tool to make daily earnings. It was designed to meet various affiliate and IB types from independent bloggers and coaches to trading software providers and education centers. The key program benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility – the program can be customized in accordance with your needs and partnership types.
  2. Out of Competition – unlimited earning opportunities for IBs despite the competition level in the niche.
  3. Various Reward Types – MTrading offers three different monetization models in addition to automated weekly payouts that include CPA, Revenue Share and Pat per Lot. 

Grab your chance to access all the described features within a single trading platform. Choose your way to financial stability. Trade yourself follow professional traders or became the MTrading partner to benefit from a stable passive income. 

MTrading Demo account

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