How to make money online in Kenya (2024)

Everyone needs and has a desire for money. Spending money on demands that often only provide momentary satisfaction is simple. However, if you’re seeking a means to increase your current income by making money online, this article will provide you with some helpful tips for getting started right away.

As we proceed, it is essential to remember that earning money online is a full-time profession that demands a lot of perseverance, patience, and hard effort.  It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

The top 10 ways to make money online in Kenya are listed below. Read on to discover more about them!

10 Ways to make money online in Kenya

  • Create a virtual store
  • Forex trading
  • Social media management
  • Crypto Trading
  • Surveys
  • Create a blog
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Write online courses
  • Create a personal website.
  • Get a transcription job.

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1. Create an Online Store

Kenya’s e-commerce economy is developing; experts believe it will be worth between 70 and 120 billion Ksh in the short term and 400 billion Ksh in the long run!

You can take the cake before everyone else by opening a virtual store on internet marketplaces! There are good-designed marketplaces to do this, like;  Avechi, Kilimall, Masoko, and Sky garden.

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2. Forex Trading

Being a trader on reliable websites can help you earn money online. You can learn how to trade through various websites, blogs, or vlogs in addition to experts.

In this situation, you must sign up with a broker and make sure your trading account is funded. One makes money by being able to predict how the value of various currencies will fluctuate throughout a given period. 

It’s important to remember that financial institutions like banks engage in forex trading, so you can profit significantly if you have the proper skills. One of the best sites for this business is Deriv.

3. Social media management

Today, it goes without saying that every business that wants to succeed needs to have a significant social media presence. This holds for small businesses that deal in used clothing and large architectural firms.

But the biggest issue is the need for more talented social media management personnel. Companies are constantly looking for social media managers that can produce content that connects with their target audiences and persuades people to act in the company’s favour.

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4. Crypto trading

Trading cryptocurrencies means buying and selling a crypto coin whose value swings significantly over time by doing so when the chart is falling and when it is rising. The dealer would buy bitcoin or any other crypto when the price is falling and sell when the price is rising. 

In this situation, the trader is intensely speculating on both market movements, and if the market goes in the opposite direction, they could lose their investment. 

Selling your coin won’t be a problem for you after you’ve registered with Kenya’s top app for doing so. Some of the best sites to carry out trading include; Binance for buying and trading and Cryptohopper for auto trading of crypto.

5. Surveys

Another option to earn money in Kenya without cash is through surveys. All you need to do is pick a particular question from any site you register with and provide the answer.

One of the best sites to carry out surveys is ySense, for every question you answer, you will be rewarded. Another option is Swagbucks.

6. Create a blog

Money will come your way through your passion for something and you can write persuasively. Many writers make money from their blogs through Google AdSense, which pays authors based on how many people visit their blog or how many clicks on ads on their site.

Alternatively, you can advertise a product or service and be compensated for each sale facilitated via your website. An example of a website where you may use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog and receive payment through M-Pesa is Jumia.

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7. Virtual Assistant

People can get assistance from a virtual assistant with their ongoing work and initiatives. These may include making plans for meetings, sending emails, or even writing content for social media accounts, writing blog posts and landing pages for companies’ running digital marketing campaigns, etc.

It will be advantageous if you have specialized SEO optimization or web development knowledge. You can get clients from Upwork, which has thousands of clients looking for help with all kinds of tasks they need on an hourly basis or long-term project-based contracts depending on what suits your schedule best.

8. Create online courses

Creating an online course might be a fantastic idea if you have knowledge or skills in any industry. People can learn from you how to accomplish things that you are skilled at. They’ll be able to increase their income and skill levels.

To build such a course, you must invest time and energy. You can begin by filming yourself delivering lectures on your topic area and then utilize those recordings as the foundation for your online course. 

Additionally, it’s critical that you effectively market your courses to ensure that buyers purchase them from you rather than from a competitor offering them at a lower price.

9. Create a personal website.

You should launch your website to earn money online in Kenya for nothing. When you launch a website, it can advertise services you offer, you can write about things you like, to attract more people to your site. You can start making money when you have enough traffic, and through ads.

10. Work as a Transcriptionist

Transcribing is a fantastic method to earn money online if you have a keen ear and accurate typing skills.

The payoff is good for something you can do at home, but it will require some skill and perseverance. 


The only assurance you will make money quickly is that some jobs can pay off quickly with little technological expertise, and minimal formalization. 

These 10 means of making money have been tried by different people in different places and it’s working for them. Don’t procrastinate, try one of them today to have financial freedom.

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