Top 10 investment and wealth managers in Nigeria (2024)

Wealth management is a set of processes that should be part of the routine of individuals and businesses. Managing one’s wealth means managing the list of assets (items of economic value, such as real estate), rights (business transactions, sales, rents) and obligations (debts).

Why you need the services of a wealth manager

A wealth manager will help you to focus your energies on what is most important; you, your family and your work.

The wealth manager will also be able to optimize your investments, creating a more profitable portfolio that is better suited to your own funds. While the risk is not completely eliminated, it is likely that you will make more investment gains with hiring this professional. You will more easily reach your financial goals and your assets will be protected.

With a properly managed heritage and with adequate investments, the stability of your assets is guaranteed. It brings more security to your family, business or future plans. You will thus avoid significant losses due to administration errors. In short, a wealth manager is a very important professional to ensure the growth and security of wealth.

Hence, we have put together a list of top 10 investment and wealth managers in Nigeria.

Top 10 investment and wealth managers in Nigeria

1. ARM Investment Managers

ARM Investment Managers (established in 1994) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARM Traditional Asset Management Company Ltd (ARMTAM); the largest non-bank financial services institution in Nigeria. ARM Investment Managers partner with its clients to protect their wealth for the future and bring immense value to transactions.

The Firm is regulated by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). ARM is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with offices across the country. ARM’s wealth structuring and management services for individuals and companies include:

  • Financial advice consultations
  • Structuring a customised investment portfolio
  • Implementation of investment portfolio on your behalf
  • Annual reviews of and adjustments to your portfolio

2. FBNQuest Merchant Bank

FBNQuest Merchant Bank is one of the businesses of FBN Holdings Plc, located in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. FBNQuest Merchant Bank offers wealth management services with the aim to meet diverse financial needs of its clients by providing unique, wide and varying services to support their financial goals through wealth securitization and inter-generational wealth transfer.

The following wealth management services are offered:

  • FBN Premium Deposit: This allows customers to earn interest income on their deposits based on an agreed interest rate and a specified tenor or maturity date.
  • FBN Easy Retirement Package: This is designed to meet the specific financial needs of Retirees or soon-to-be retiring persons.
  • Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Securities: This avails customers the opportunity to meet their investment needs for government securities by bidding through FBNQuest Merchant Bank at FGN Treasury bill(both primary and secondary market).

3. Meristem Securities Limited

Meristem Securities Limited is a capital market conglomerate, that provides a plethora of distinct financial services through a range of products in wealth management, stockbroking, financial advisory, trusteeship, registrars, and probate management services. Meristem Securities Limited has been in operation for about 16 years.

Meristem Securities Limited offers ranging wealth management services, which include Goal-based investment management, wealth preservation, retirement planning, estate planning, philanthropy management, tax planning, succession planning, real estate service.

4. Matog Consulting Ltd

Matog Consulting Ltd has a crop of dedicated financial advisors that will help you build, preserve and manage your wealth. They make use of market-leading advice and funds selection to create personalized multi-asset portfolios. This will help clients to diversify and reduce volatility through a differentiated stream of returns.

Matog Consulting Ltd offer a broad range of wealth management services that evolve as the market does. They are:

  • Building a well-diversified investment portfolio.
  • Planning for a good life after retirement.
  • Trust services to take control of wealth and legacy.
  • Wills and estates planning.
  • Asset management services.
  • Ensuring an orderly succession of assets.

5. NOVA Merchant Bank Limited

NOVA Merchant Bank Limited is owned by Nigerian and Foreign institutional investors who have distinguished themselves in areas such as financial services and the real sector over several decades. NOVA provides end to end financial services solutions covering investment banking, corporate banking, advisory, capital markets, wealth and asset management.

NOVA targets private and public sectors, in addition to private individuals. NOVA has a wealth management offerings tailored to the investment goals and risk appetite of clients.

6. Lotus Capital Limited

Lotus Capital Limited is a full-service ethical investment management company specializing in Asset Management, Private Wealth Management, and Financial Advisory services. Lotus Capital is a pioneer in non-interest finance in Nigeria and duly registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as Fund Managers.

Lotus Capital operates as a traditional boutique investment firm where clients expect the highest-quality Wealth Management Advice addressing all of their financial planning needs. Lotus Capital’s expertise is in developing customized investment plans and actively managing assets.

Lotus Capital begins wealth management services with an assessment of client’s current financial position, investments needs and risk profile. Then, Lotus Capital analyzes the client’s current financial position and help to determine the best course of action for the client, without compromising the client’s beliefs and values.

7. Venerate Capital

Venerate Capital is a wealth management, private equity, investment and business advisory company regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria. Venerate Capital is committed to be the leading source for wealth creation and business transformation in emerging economies.

Every transaction with Venerate Capital provides a unique opportunity to redefine the boundaries of wealth creation by providing unconventional, integrated financial solutions that create and preserve wealth for the various clients bearing in mind their different goals, income requirements, growth challenges and overall risk tolerance.

8. Bulls Capital Ltd

Bulls Capital Ltd is a financial advisory, management consulting and wealth management company founded in 2008, offering wealth management, business advisory, Financial Advisory, transaction advisory, valuation, investment advisory, retirement planning, capital raising, advice on mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, etc.

Bulls Capital Limited offers astute Investment & Wealth Management services through its team seasoned wealth and investment practitioners with deep expertise. Bulls Capital target clients include individuals, families, SMEs and Large Corporations, and Non-Profit Organisations and NGOs.

Wealth management services offered include Retirement planning, estate planning, savings strategies, education funding, employee insurance benefits, insurance protection, tax and investment planning, lifestyle and unique investments, philanthropic investments, family offices, succession planning, and tax compliance.

9. Emerging Africa Capital Ltd

Emerging Africa Capital Ltd (EAC Limited) provides Wealth Management, Investment Facilitation, Business & Governance Consulting as well as Investor Representation Services. EAC Limited supports its clients through a combination of advisory services which incorporates financial planning, independent and transparent recommendations of long-term investment opportunities and estate planning services offered by its domestic and international partners.

EAC Limited begins its wealth management services with understanding client’s financial circumstances and longterm investment objectives and risk considerations. Thereafter the client will be given a recommended personal plan. EAC Limited services are tailored to client’s specific needs and instructions.

10. Alpha Morgan Capital

Alpha Morgan Capital is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC1049863) and managed by banking professionals with over 52 years of combined experience. Established in 2012. Alpha Morgan Capital’s wealth management leverages an array of dynamic services to provide its affluent clients with the required tools to preserve and grow wealth.

Our clients include institutional investors, High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) and retail clients. We offer various investment options to meet the unique needs of each client class.

We manage assets to achieve the greatest return of value to our clients and all stakeholders, ensuring the creation and preservation of wealth across generations.


Wealth management is an essential tool for business planning in the corporate world and from an individual point of view, it is a mechanism that allows the security of the individual and their family. When hiring a wealth manager, it is natural that you will have to worry less about managing your resources. But be careful, that doesn’t mean you should give up tracking your assets.

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