10 Best Apps To Save Money in Nigeria

Saving money has become one of the easiest things to do in Nigeria due to the advancement in technology. 

The tech industry has evolved so much that you can save money without visiting your bank or financial institution. 

While there are secure Fintech apps and platforms to save your hard-earned money, there are also others created by fraudsters to dupe people. So, how will you know the best legit apps to save money in Nigeria?

That shouldn’t be any problem as we shall be discussing the best saving apps with maximum protection for your money in this post. Therefore, seat-back, relax and pay attention while we dive into action. 

The top 10 apps to save money in Nigeria are PiggyVest, Cowrywise, Vestpay, Kolopay, Kuda Bank, Sumo Bank or Sumo Trust, Trove, Carbon, ALAT, and Kudi. 

Best money-saving apps in Nigeria

Here are the best apps for saving money in Nigeria:

1. PiggyVest

PiggyVest occupies the first spot on the list as it is the first mobile platform that gives people the chance to save their money online in Nigeria and West Africa at large. 

Launched in 2016 as Piggybank, it has since become a go-to option for everyone willing to save money without the fear of being scammed.

You won’t have issues depositing or saving your money on the app due to its user-friendly interface, easy operation system, and different impressive plans.

The platform has different saving plans that will benefit both high and low-salary earners.

Its target challenge plan allows you to set a certain amount you wish to save within a specific period.

Exploring its Safelock feature means you can’t withdraw your saved money until a certain period. Other saving plans available on the Piggyvest app include Flex Naira, Target, and Flex Dollar. 

Meanwhile, the most interesting part of Piggyvest involves its laudable interest rates. You will get between 10-15% interest rate depending on the amount you save.

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2. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is known for its simple and easy-to-use features. With Cowrywise, you can easily grow your financial status by accumulating more interest in your savings.

Meanwhile, the platform has three single plans, which include Regular savings, Saving Circles, and Halal.

The regular savings feature is more or less like a personal saving plan which isn’t visible to other users. 

This option enables you to decide how much you intend to save and how you wish to go about it whether daily, weekly, or monthly for the next three months. 

For instance, you can decide to save once a month for the next three months without missing or forfeiting one saving date. 

As for the Saving Circles, it offers you the unrivaled opportunity to join other users in a saving challenge.

All members of the saving challenge will have a unified target to reach or meet within a given period.

Meanwhile, Halal Savings is solely created for people who don’t care about interest because it doesn’t involve any interest rate whatsoever.

Like PiggyVest, Cowrywise is certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a secure and safe mobile saving platform for all Nigerians. Hence, saving money with Cowrywise isn’t risky. 

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3. Vestpay

Do you want to set financial goals and achieve them? Then, Vestpay might be the best app for you as it is known for its goal-setting prowess. 

You will get at least 15% interest on every target savings you made while you benefit from other investment opportunities by exploring all the available features like the regular savings, and Fixed Deposit plans. 

4. Kolopay

Kolopay is known for its ability to help you create a crowdfunding account where people can financially come to your aid. 

Saving with Kolopay automatically earns you 10% annual interest on your total savings. 

Meanwhile, it is easy to use and it is highly secure as it is also backed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and other recognized financial institutions in the country.

5. Kuda Bank

Kuda bank is inarguably one of the famous mobile banking apps in Nigeria and beyond. 

Licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Kuda is a trusted internet-based microfinance bank that can help you reduce your expenses. 

Apart from providing a risk-free saving template, Kuda also guarantees free money transfers to any bank in Nigeria. 

That’s not all, it gives at least 10% annual interest on your total savings if you explore any of its features, including flexible savings and fixed savings 

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6. Sumo Bank (Sumo Trust)

Also known as Sumo Trust, Sumo Bank is another trusted app that allows you to save money online using your Smartphone.

Featuring three plans, I recommend the app for everyone hoping to make money from their annual savings. 

The Main Savings and Fixed Savings plans guarantee between 10 to 15% annual interests rate; while Mission Savings doesn’t have any interest attached to it.

7. Trove

Trove is quite different from all the platforms listed above as it provides users the opportunity to invest in foreign companies in the United States and China.

Apart from saving money, you can invest as low as 1000 naira in foreign companies and get an awesome return within the specified time.

With its 256-bit encryption system, rest assured your data is secure from online hackers or intruders. 

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8. Carbon

Are you looking for an instant loan without collateral? Then, you should install the Carbon app on your device as it offers the chance to borrow money as high as a million naira. 

Apart from the loan feature, Carbon also ensures that all users earn money on their savings. You are guaranteed to receive close to 16% interest on all annual savings. 


The ALAT app is WEMA bank’s mobile version which means it is highly safe and secure for all users.

With the ALAT app, you can create a digital WEMA account, pay bills, and get a 10% discount on food without affecting your savings. 

ALAT offers an 8.75% interest rate on all the total money saved per year. Some ALAT saving features include Flexi goals, fixed goals, and stash. 

10. Kudi

Last on the list is the famous Kudi app which is another awesome platform to save your hard-earned money. You can also transfer cash, pay subscription bills, and buy products using the app. 


Which of the apps do you currently use? What will you say about security and overall service delivery? 

Feel free to share your thoughts with us via the comment section below. 

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