10 Best cities to invest in hospitality and entertainment in Nigeria

In its basic form, hospitality involves communication between hosts and visitors. The term “hospitality,” has taken on a broader meaning in the 21st century than merely “Inn-keeping.” 

Nonetheless, providing food, drink, a safe place to relax and generally entertainment remains significant on the list of demands by visitors across the world. The travel and hospitality sector is evolving thanks to a shift in consumer habits and technological possibilities. The skill to welcome guests is as important in modern hospitality as is the ability to tailor an experience to their specific interests. 

Starting a hospitality business allows the hospitality giver the opportunity to tailor the environment to each visitor’s ideal need. Opportunities exist to offer the services of a tour guide, learning the ins and outs of the city’s history to give visitors a taste of what it’s like to live there. In part because of its adaptability, the hotel sector is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing businesses. Today, a career in hospitality may take many forms, from bartending and escape room employment to museums, gift shops, cashiering and room service. 

Nigeria is home to many wonderful tourist and hospitable destinations. Vacationers from around the globe visit Nigeria every year to see the country’s many fascinating cities. This post will provide information on the best city to open a hotel in Nigeria. 

Nigeria’s best cities to invest in hospitality and entertainment

1. Lagos

We recommend Lagos as the best city in Nigeria to invest in hospitality and entertainment. The city of Lagos is widely known as the “Centre of Excellence” for many reasons. 

Lagos is the most visited city in the country and a renowned tourist destination in all of Africa. These hospitality hotspots have thriving music scenes, beautiful beaches, and a hopping nightlife. 

The distinctive culture of Lagos is worth capitalizing on if you’re considering getting into the hospitality business in Nigeria.

2. Abuja

As the political capital of Nigeria, this stunning metropolis offers a wide variety of exciting and interesting sights and activities. 

The city’s meticulous planning has resulted in an abundance of high-end dining options, exciting nightlife options, and jaw-dropping tourism destinations. Guests will fall in love with the city after their stay and would be longing to return. 

Putting money into the hospitality industry in Abuja is a secure bet.

3. Calabar

Calabar is nicknamed the “Canaan City” because of its tropical monsoon climate, laid-back ambience, and beautiful setting. 

This city’s relaxed vibe and wealth of historical landmarks draw visitors to the site that was once the capital of the old eastern protectorate. 

In Calabar, the hospitality business thrives year-round, especially during the festive periods. Attending the Calabar Carnival is an absolute must-see for fun lovers; the festivities are certain to leave an impression on every visitor.

4. Uyo

Uyo, the state capital of oil-rich Akwa Ibom, is renowned for its excellent road networks, easygoing culture, and peaceful environment. 

When people visit the state, they can’t bear to leave the beautiful city. Uyo ranks high on our list of recommended tourist-friendly destinations in Nigeria.

5. Owerri

In Nigeria’s east, Owerri is widely recognized as the country’s cultural epicentre. In addition, the city hosts the annual “Miss Heartland” pageant.

Although it has the highest concentration of hotels in the nation, the city’s vibrant nightlife makes it a great place to launch a hotel or other hospitality venture. Eastern cuisine, shopping, and lively nightlife would always be available to guests.

6. Port-Harcourt

Port-Harcourt, a city in Nigeria, comes as a strong force in the tourism sector in Nigeria. Its dynamic and ever-changing atmosphere makes it one of Nigeria’s most appealing urban destinations. Quite a good number of oil giants have set up their base in the city. 

There are several five-star hotels, unique dining options, and exciting nightlife venues. Port-Harcourt is a city in Nigeria that you should visit if you like going shopping and participating in outdoor sports. The city of Port-Harcourt offers a lot of advantages for those looking to start up a venture in the hospitality industry.

7. Enugu

Enugu, often known as “the coal city” because of the abundance of the resource inside the city, is a hive of activity for any tourist who happens to be in the area. 

Investing in the hotel and restaurant industry in coal city is a fantastic plan. You wouldn’t think a huge city would have as many natural features as it does, from waterfalls, caverns, hills, luxury hotels, and gardens.

Enugu is also Nigeria’s second city for movie making in Nigeria, claiming the spot just behind Lagos. It is argued that the city is also Nigeria’s second with the highest number of celebrity residents after Lagos. 

8. Benin City

Benin City also known as Benin is well-known for its historical landmarks, festivals, art galleries, hotels, architectural marvels, and dining destinations. This city’s rich history and many attractions make it a must-see. 

King’s Square (also called Ring Road), the Benin Moats, and Igun Street (renowned for bronze casting and other metal works for centuries) are just a few of the many centres of activity in Benin. It’s one of the best places in Nigeria to open a hotel.

9. Warri

Starting a hotel or other hospitality company in Warri would be a great idea since it is a major oil hub; thus, it attracts visitors and permanent residents alike all year long. 

Abraka Golf Course, Delta Ports, Effurun Garden Park, Main Warri Market, Nana Living History Museum, Red Mangrove swamp, Udu Bridge, Warri City Stadium, and Ovie castle are just a few of the places worth seeing in the city. While seeing the city, tourists may take in the area’s fascinating heritage and lively cultural activities.

10. Ibadan

Brown corroded zincs are a trademark of the old city of Ibadan. The city of Ibadan, Nigeria, is the country’s third-largest urban region and a popular tourist destination known for its rich history and many cultural attractions. 

Visitors will always feel comfortable while they stay here since the city is home to a plethora of pubs, lounges, and nightclubs.


If you are considering investing in the hospitality business in Nigeria, we have compiled a list of the finest cities to do so in this article. Investments in Nigeria are secure, but no more so than in any other country. Please use caution and good judgment to ensure a pleasant and safe experience.

All major cities are safe for tourists. Nonetheless, just as in every big city around the globe, certain criminal activities are in occurrence. It is advised that you take extra steps for your protection and follow guidelines from agents while visiting.

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