The best WordPress themes that you should be using (2024)

When it comes to blogging or running a website, there is no doubt that WordPress is the best. If you are planning to make money with your blog, or you want to use your blog or website to attract new customers, make sales and more, the WordPress themes you use, can have a big impact on your goals.

In this article, we will cover the best WordPress themes that will help you grow. Whether it is to make more money or find customers. Irrespective of where you are: Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, the United States, India, the United Kingdom or anywhere at all, using the right WordPress theme can help you dominate your market and convert more. It can give you an edge over your competitors.

What to consider when picking a WordPress theme

There are important details that you should look for in a WordPress theme. A theme is beyond the fancy colours you see, there are important key elements that will help you succeed. That will help you make money. That will help you make sales. When picking a theme look for these elements.

These elements include:

  • Responsiveness: It is very important to have a responsive theme if you want to rank high in search engines such as Google. This is because Google prefers websites that are mobile-friendly. You can use the Google Mobile friendly tool to check if yours is mobile friendly.
  • Speed: Speed is very important. A slow theme is a deal-breaker
  • SEO friendly: The WordPress templates (Themes) you use must be SEO friendly
  • User friendly: It is important for your WordPress theme design to be user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate
  • Regularly updated: Your theme should be updated regularly for security and performance reasons
  • eCommerce-ready: If you are planning to sell on your blog or website, it is important to have a theme that is eCommerce-ready.
  • Browser compatibility: Be sure that the theme you are using works well on all browsers. Whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Opera mini and so on.
  • Plugin compatibility: WordPress is mostly powered by plugins. Be sure that your theme works well with essential plugins. There are important plugins like sharing plugins, SEO plugins, Caching plugins and a few others
  • Support: This is the most important. Buy a theme that has the developer’s support. In case you run into trouble, you can contact developers of such themes and get help.

Free WordPress themes vs premium Wordpress themes

When picking a theme, the choice is always between going for a free theme or a premium theme. The answer is simple, Premium themes. If you can afford it, by every means go for a premium theme.

There are many free themes that may work out so well but the support associated with free theme is mostly bad or non existence. Update is slow to come.

But with a premium theme, you will likely get support. Whenever your site run into trouble, you can contact for help. Where you need adjustments and so on, you can get them to help you. This alone is priceless! Premium themes are usually not very expensive, they are very cheap when you consider the benefits.

Taking everything above into consideration, let’s help you make the best choice. Here are the best wordpress themes.

Best Wordpress themes

Here are the best wordpress themes:

1. Schema

Schema wordpress Theme
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Schema is arguably the fastest loading wordpress theme. This theme is a very simple wordpress theme that is very SEO friendly. The truth is that simplicity is the best. When you keep things simple, it works better most time. It is always best to keep things simple.

The advantage of this theme is the speed. It is fast. Google and other search engine love fast loading website. Speed will help you rank high in search engines. And according to many researches, speed will also increase your number of sales. Users love fast loading websites or blog.

This theme is suitable for people who want to run a blog. The theme is light weight, responsive and Schema ready.

Schema is very important to generate rich snippets if you want to appear in Google’s structured data in search engine results.

2. Avada

Avada wordpress theme

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Avada is widely regarded as the highest-selling WordPress theme of all time. That alone should be a pointer to why this theme is very effective.

You may be wondering, what is the big deal? Avada is a responsive multi-purpose theme with up 48 pre-made designs to choose from. You can use this theme for a business website, for an eCommerce website, creative websites and so much more. The theme can also be used to run a regular blog.

You do not need to understand coding to use this theme. Just install it. There are up to 48 already made designs to choose from. The theme is SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

This theme is always updated and if you have a problem understanding any feature, the makers of the theme will help you out. It is multi-purpose, can be used to build different kinds of websites or blogs.

3. Newspaper

Newspaper wordpress theme

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Newspaper is a responsive newspaper wordpress theme. This theme is suitable for running a news website or a blog. Anything that concerns writing, this theme is very suitable for it. Newspaper is currently the highest selling newspaper theme. Used by many big newspapers and bloggers all over the world.

This theme has many pre-built designs for you to choose from. Whether it is a tech blog, cryptocurrency blog and so on. The Newspaper theme is responsive, fast, SEO friendly, WooCommerce support and much more.

It is regularly updated and the support solid just in case you run into trouble.

4. Ad-Sense

Adsense wordpress theme

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Ad-sense is responsive theme by mythemeshop that has been specially optimized for Google Adsense. If you are looking for a Google Adsense optimised theme then Ad-sense should be your first choice. The theme was built with a plan to help users make money from Ads.

The theme is user friendly, fast, responsive, SEO friendly and comes with a lot of inbuilt ad spots. One special feature about the this theme is the inbuilt ad-blocker detector. A visiting that visits a site or blog with this theme will be detected. This can help anyone using this theme make more money.

5. Bimber

Bimber Wordpress Theme

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Bimber is a responsive wordpress viral theme that suitable for building a viral website or blog. You can use this theme for a community website, a viral blog, a video blog and user content run website.

The theme comes with many pre-built format to choose from. They specifically developed a plugin called snax that comes with the theme. This plugin allows your visitors to submit articles, videos, music, pictures and more from the front end. And as a viral theme, it comes with lot of sharing button. It has the ‘HOT’ ‘Trending’ and ‘Popular’ Category.

This theme is responsive, user friendly, SEO friendly and adsense optimized. They have inbuilt ad manager to help users make money from Google adsense and others. Theme is WooCommerce ready.

6. Enfold

Enfold wordpress theme

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Enfold is a multi-purpose responsive wordpress theme that is suitable for business websites, shop websites, photography websites and people who are interested in showcasing their portforlio. This theme is one of the highest selling themes of all time. You can also use it for regular blogs.

You can use Enfold to build diverse kind of website. This theme is fast, SEO friendly, Responsive, WooCommerce ready and it comes with so many already made designs to get started straight away.

7. Listify

Listify wordpress theme

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Lisify is a responsive wordpress theme that is suitable to build a directory website. This theme is definitely one of the best directory theme ever made.

If you ever want to build a directory website. Be it hotel directory, shops directory, location directory or any kind of directory website or blog then you should consider listify.

The theme is responsive, SEO friendly, WooCommerce ready and it comes with many custom built plugins. Compatible with Google map and so much more.

8. BeTheme

BeTheme wordpress theme

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BeTheme is a responsive multi-purpose wordpress theme that can be use to build almost any kind of website or blog. This theme comes with up to 400 pre-built designs. Whether you want a regular blog, news websites, video websites, photography websites, simple websites or anything at all, this theme has you covered

With just one click, you have the options to build 400 different kind of websites without being a professional. This theme is SEO friendly, responsive, fast and WooCommerce ready.

9. Jupiter

Jupiter wordpress theme

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Jupiter is a responsive multi-purpose wordpress theme powered by the Elementor page builder. You can use this theme to build regular blog, websites, online shops and many more. Jupiter is one of the highest selling themes of all time.

One thing that stands this theme out is the Visual page builder that allows you customize every part of your website in real time from the front end. Without being a professional, you can build a website like a professional. Just click.

This theme is responsive, SEO optimized, fast and WooCommerce ready.

10. X

X wordpress theme

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X is a  very popular responsive wordpress theme that is suitable for business or corporate website. This theme has many Unique designs with plenty extensions. It has a live customizer that enable users male live changes to their website or blog.

Currently one of the highest selling themes of all time. This theme is SEO optimized, responsive, fast and WooCommerce ready.


Using the right theme is very important for the success of your website or blog. Pick any suitable theme above. We will keep adding to the list. If you are looking for more options, we recommend that you look at themeforest or mythemeshop for other amazing themes. We will keep modifying and adding to this list.

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  1. Nice list you got here but I so much love and enjoy the theme am using oceanwp the best part is that its free and has so much functions for a free theme.

  2. Thanks for sharing amazing themes collections.
    I would like to suggest Kosmic WordPress theme. It is the best theme for an eCommerce store. It is a responsive multipurpose theme so with that anyone can create any kind of online store. It has many features available which anyone requires to beat the global competition.

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