Best online jobs to make money from home

One way that the internet has changed the world is that it has enabled many people from around the world to make money from home. Gone are the days when the only way to get rich is to dress up and walk around looking for a job. These days you can stay in the comfort of your home making millions from online jobs.

One good thing about working online jobs and making money from home is that you have full control of your time. You can mostly control how you work. You do not have to face the pressure of rushing through traffic, you can work when you want, sleep when you want and wake up when you want. And you make lots of money too.

I have made millions working online. Many readers of this blog have also made millions working different online jobs from home. In this article, I will show you how. But remember, it is up to you to take the decision and decide that you too want to be rich working from home.

Please note that, when it comes to working online, it does not matter who you are or where you live. It is all about what you have to offer. You can be in Nigeria, India, United States, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa or anywhere at all, as long as you are willing, you can make it.

Most of the online jobs listed here cost nothing to start. Some require very little investment, same amount you waste on coke a month or to see a movie.

People from around the world are making so much money from these online jobs.

Best online jobs to make money working from home

Here are the best online jobs to make money working from home:

1. Blogging

Without a second thought, this is my favourite of all online jobs to make money from home. Blogging is so dear to me. I bought my first car from the money I made blogging! I have made so much money from blogging but I will never forget the day I received a payment of $15, 000 from my blog. At that point I was convinced that this is the job for me.

For every student, house wife, unemployed graduate or anyone looking to make money from home, I recommend this online job for you. It is very easy and cool to do. I see a lot of people on Facebook with amazing contents they post everyday, I wish they could just be posting those contents on their blog and make money instead of helping Facebook make money.

Blogging is all about sharing information. You publish them on your blog. It could be news, gossip, inspiration, sport, motivation, skills, anything at all! You can share anything! It will cost you less than $100 to start a professional blog. That is less than the amount you spend at fast food with your friends.

You can go here to start a blog: How to create a blog is less than 20 minutes

Also read: How to become a successful blogger and make money

2. Online teaching Jobs

Everyone is good at something. If you have learnt something and you are very knowledgeable about it, you can teach it to others online and make money.

All you need to do is convert it to a course and you will make money from what you know. It could be anything. There is no limit to what you can teach. It could be how to start a business, how to play a music instrument, how to use a software, how to cook a particular meal, it could be basically anything that you are good at and that people are willing to learn.

On average, online teachers make $7000 from a particular course. There are those on the high end who make up to a million-dollar every year.  There are many platforms that you can use: Teachable, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, and more.

If you are interested make sure you read this: How to make money creating and selling online course

3. Online survey jobs

How does it feel to be paid to give your opinion? Cool right? Well, you can actually make a good passive income taking online paid survey.

If you are very committed, it is possible to make up to $1000 a month from online survey jobs. If you do not have much time, you can make from $200 a month in passive income.

The key to making money here is to be honest. At first, so many surveys will not be available to you, because you are new and have built no trust yet. As you answer more, a lot more will be available to you.

Out of all online survey websites, I have made most money from ySense. And I was paid without delay! Apart from survey, they also offer you opportunities to do some little tasks for money. You can read about them here: How to make money on ySense

If you are interested in making money from online survey jobs from your home then read: Best paying online survey website to make extra

4. Freelancing Jobs

You can make money from home working for people around the world. You decide which job to take and which not to take.

People are making $20 per hour working as freelancer online. You have to be good at something. It could be writing, programming, SEO, Social Media or anything useful. Get on freelancing websites and find people who are looking for your skill.

Charge them to work for them. You decide when you work and how long you work. People are making thousands of dollars every month from this. There are many freelancing websites that you can start from: Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and more.

If you are interested then read: How to make money as a freelancer online

5. Affiliate marketing

One of the best online jobs to make money from home has to be Affiliate marketing. I have made money from Affiliate marketing and am planning to increase my revenue from this online job.

Affiliate marketing is all about referring people to product or services online. When they buy or sign up, you get a commission. This job has the potential to make you so much money.

I know many people who are making over $20, 000 a month from affiliate marketing! Imagine you refer 1000 people to a product worth $200 where your commission is 20%. That means you have made $40, 000!

If you are interested then read: How to make money through Affiliate Marketing 

6. Social Media Jobs

The truth is that so many of us spend more time on Social media than on any other place. There are people who are always on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But you can make money from Social media.

I have made a lot of money directly and indirectly from Social media. There are many ways you can do this. You can also be a social media manager working from home.

If you are interested, the following articles might be helpful:

Facebook: How to make money on Facebook

Twitter:  How to make money on Twitter

Instagram: How to make money on Instagram 

7. Search Engine Evaluator jobs

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others are constantly looking for people to help them improve their search results. As a Search Engine Evaluator, your job is to help improve quality of search results.

You get paid hourly. It is a big opportunity to work in one of the biggest sector on the internet. There is potential to make good income.

You can find this online job directly with Google but mostly it is through third parties like Lionbridge and others.

If you are interested then read this: How to find a web search evaluator job from Google and others

8. Video publishing jobs with YouTube

Vblogging is becoming a big deal. You can tap into this online job of publishing videos on YouTube and make steady income from home doing this.

All you need is to create a YouTube Channel, upload videos, get viewers and make money easily. You will need a good camera or a phone with a good camera.

There are people who make million of dollars yearly from this.

If you are interested then read:  How to make money on YouTube

9. Data Entry jobs

Online data entry jobs is simply about helping companies stay organised. Sometimes, companies need people to help them organize and arrange things online. All to achieve some aims and objective.

You get paid for doing this and the company gets a good service. Everyone wins!

You can find these kind of jobs at ClicWorker. Click here to go to ClickWorker

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk jobs

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. And they give you the opportunity to work with them and make money.

All you need is to join, once you are approved, you complete some tasks from Amazon and get paid. Some of the tasks are very easy: sharing links and stuffs like that.

You can earn up to $1 per task but mostly below it.

If you are interested, you can click here to sign up with Amazon Mechanical Turk

11. Transcription Jobs

People who are into this online job are known as transcriptionist. The job is all about converting content from audio or video format to text. So you listen to audios or watch videos and convert what you hear to text. That is all

It is a very lucrative online job to do. But you should be very good and fast a typing! You will earn more if you focus on medical and legal transcriptions.

You can earn over $2500 a month from this if you are good at it!

If you are interested then you may find the following platform resourceful as they offer these jobs.

Transcribeme – Click here to visit

Scribie – Click here to visit

You can also run a job search on Indeed, click here

12. Captioner jobs

This online job is very easy if you pay attention to details. You are paid to watch videos and make captions that sync with the content of videos.

It is an online job anyone can do to make money from home.

If you are interested then you should check out these websites: Rev and Vitac.

13. Online testing jobs

There are many online jobs that you can make money from home and one of them is online testing. You are paid to test products, software and apps.

Companies always want their product tested before it is released to the market. They need different people from different background. You can help them test their product and get paid.

If you are interested then these websites offer these jobs: UserTesting and UserZoom


There are many online jobs to make money from home and we have listed many of them. Every day, people around the world are making massive income from home working online jobs. Many of them are millionaires. You can too. Decision is everything at this point!

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  1. I have been following your post for sometime now and I could see the zeal and sincerity in almost all your posts… So far you are one very straight forward blogger…I really am interested in making money online but I really need help… For now, making money via smartphone and if all those survey sites is accessible through phones… Please do well to reply me…

    • Thank you, we appreciate. Yes, they are mostly accessible through phone. The major challenge that you will face is that initially, surveys will be few and you won’t qualify for a lost of them. Because they are targeted. Just keep going back and checking your survey invites to complete the ones that you qualify for. With time as you complete a lot, you will build trust, then you will get a lot of surveys. You can try Clixsense

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