Top 10 Debt recovery companies in Nigeria (2024)

Debt recovery agencies are the most common providers of debt collection services. Debt recovery specialists work in debt recovery, which is the process of recovering bad debts or delinquent amounts owing to the debt recovery agency’s clients.

Different debt collection firms use various methods to recover debts successfully. A large number of creditors seek the help of a debt collection firm after attempting to recover debts on their own and failing to do so.

Debt recovery under the STMA act

If the credit agreement you entered into with the borrower was covered by the Secured Transactions in Movable Assets Act, 2017, all you have to do in the event of a borrower default is give the borrower and the guarantor notice of the default and intent to reclaim the collateral.

You have ten days from the date you submitted the notice of default to either take ownership of the collateral or declare it inoperative. If the grantor accepted to release ownership without an order from the court in the Security Agreement, you can repossess the collateral either by legal process or without it.

You might then proceed to request help from the Nigerian Police having power within the area of the debtor’s collateral if recovery without a court process is not possible. On presentation of a copy of the applicable security agreement and a legally verified confirmation statement, the Police will assist you in the peaceful repossession of the collateral.

If you plan to sell the collateral to pay off the debt, you must do so in accordance with the Act’s rules and without prejudice to the Borrower’s, Grantor’s, and another Creditor’s right to claim the collateral before the sale.

Best debt recovery companies in Nigeria

1. Argyle & Clover

Argyle & Clover is a full-service corporate and commercial law practice that offers a comprehensive variety of legal services to individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, SMEs, local businesses, and foreign businesses based in Nigeria and abroad.

Oluyemisi Dansu LLB, BL, MCIArb, the business’s Managing Partner, formed the firm in 2012. He is a talented legal practitioner with substantial expertise in commercial/corporate litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution. 

Oluyemisi Dansu previously worked as a Senior Associate at Strachan Partners (one of Nigeria’s leading commercial litigation firms and a recognized leader in transactional business, particularly in telecoms, maritime, energy, and significant land/property developments).

The main goal of Argyle & Clover is to safeguard clients’ personal, proprietary, and commercial interests by offering distinctive, practical, and effective legal solutions and services. They believe in providing excellent service, being diligent, and striving for excellence.

They, (i) ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements (ii) provide prompt, up-to-date, and sound advisory services (iii) take a proactive, enthusiastic, and expedient commercial approach in handling the needs of their clients, whether transactional, litigation, or otherwise, because they have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the commercial and legal industries in Nigeria.

2. Segun Awosanya and Co.

Segun Awosanya and Co. specializes in providing value-added services to their clients in the areas of Project Management, Public Finance Consultancy, Performance Enhancement Programs, Business Restructuring and Activation, Audit, Project Management Services, Financial Management Advisory Service, Information Technology Consulting, Training, Specialized Audits and Investigations, Tax Consultancy, Debt Recovery, Business Restructuring and Activation, and Human Resources.

3. Uphold

Uphold is a full-service debt management agency with a strong focus on service/market-based businesses.

They have a staff of experts that includes top-notch banking professionals, as well as legal practitioners and administrators.

4. Townsfield Consulting Inc.

Townsfield Consulting Inc is a well-known Nigerian consulting organization. Their services include human resources, branding and business development, financial services, and even health services and management.

They also serve as consultants to the Presidency, Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, the Presidency, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, and the Presidency, Federal Ministry of Mines and Power in Nigeria.

5. Attorneys from Case Ware

Attorneys from Case Ware is a virtual boutique law office specializing in corporate services, debt collection, taxation, real estate consulting, and general legal advice.

The practice was founded with the goal of providing smooth, high-quality, and quick legal services. They’re not just changing the perception of virtual legal services; they’re also putting their ideas into action to help even the most vulnerable firms. Integrity, trust, and selflessness are the firm mottos.

6. Mwanga

Their Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) services cover a broad range of cutting-edge solutions for a variety of business demands, including debt collection, business support, help desks, contact centers, and marketing campaigns (telemarketing, digital marketing), among others.

They combine cutting-edge technology, analytics, and innovative operating models to assist clients design, develop, plan, transform, and run their processes. 

Debt recovery, telemarketing, customer service, telemarketing, financial services, market research, business assistance, and other services are among their main competences. When serving Global Clients, they make certain to meet the following criteria:

  • Surveys and market research
  • Customer satisfaction is important.
  • Clients’ data is kept under the strictest of confidence.
  • Productivity in the workplace
  • Compatibility with different time zones
  • Staff with world-class service standards
  • Strategic importance
  • Creating a distinct brand identity

7. K. T. LAWAL & CO.

K. T. LAWAL & CO is a law firm that provides a ton of legal services. The firm has counseled a number of international customers in Nigeria on contracting, renewable energy, and electrical regulation issues. 

Kamoru Lawal is one of the firm’s partners. Kamoru worked for leading Nigerian law firms before founding the company with other like-minded lawyers. 

He most recently worked at G. Elias & Co., a leading business legal company in Lagos. Kamoru worked in the firm’s Oil & Gas, Energy, and Litigation/Arbitration Groups throughout his time there. 

8. Elthon Partners

Elthon Partners is a Nigerian law business that provides a broad range of legal services. They believe in taking brilliant measures to meet the demands and ambitions of our clientele.

They always put a specialized team of Lawyers at our Client’s disposal, combining substantial knowledge in the appropriate area of law with the necessary know-how to give high-quality legal services.

9. Pundit Recovery Agency

Pundit Recovery Agency is a debt collection agency that specializes in debt collection. They work on a performance-based model, with the goal of getting your money back into your hands, where it belongs. As a result, their motivation is driven by mutual success and focused on results.

Their firm is licensed by the Business Collection and Insolvency Practitioners Association of Nigeria (BRIPAN) to undertake debt recovery, and we also cooperate with the Lagos Multi-door Court House (LMDC) to settle debt claims outside of court.

They are experts in the business when it comes to dealing with significant claims and provide nationwide debt collection services.

In Nigeria, they have recovered over N200 million in debt collecting.

They employ a one-of-a-kind debt collection strategy that yields an overall success rate of 85 percent.

10. Doyin Rhodes Vivour

Doyin Rhodes Vivour is a boutique law company that serves a variety of customers. Government agencies, such as governmental regulatory organizations, as well as global corporations and individuals, are among their clients.


Loan recovery can be very tedious and tasking a lot of times, it is therefore advisable that you employ the services of certified debt collectors that will handle everything for you instead resorting to other means that might pose a threat or problem to you in the long run.

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