Top business blogs in Nigeria (2024)

With the internet, it is now easy for every business person and entrepreneur to have access to information and news that can change their business life. Whether it is grabbing business ideas, learning of new developments and growth opportunities, you can find all of this information online. Thankfully, there are business blogs in Nigeria that you can follow. And you will never miss out on opportunities, latest ideas, trends and money-making opportunities.

Business blogs are basically blogs that are targeted at business-minded people and entrepreneurs. Mostly a blog where you will find business ideas, business opportunities, ways to make money, business news and analysis.  Generally, this kind of blog should have a huge impact on businesses and entrepreneurs. Building a business blog is easy. Anyone can create a business blog. We have an article on that: How to create a blog.

In Nigeria, there are many blogs in this category that stands out and the aim of this article is to list them out. To help you find the right place to get your business intake online.

The top business blogs in Nigeria

Here are the top business blogs in Nigeria:

1. is a leading personal finance and business blog in Nigeria.  As the name suggests, make money is focused on helping people become financially stable. You can find in-depth articles on how to make money online and offline, business ideas, loan and funding opportunities. And so much more. So if you will love to make money online or offline, find business ideas or see the best loan and grant options available to you, you should be following

2. SMEtoolkit features articles that can help businesses and entrepreneurs in many ways. They have articles on how to grow businesses, legal issues relating to businesses, business planning and more. As the name ‘SME Tool Kit’ suggests, it is an assembly of articles and initiatives that is very useful for small businesses.

3. Fidelity managed SMEs

This blog is owned by one of the most business friendly bank in Nigeria, Fidelity bank. They also have a radio program. The blog focuses on ways to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs. They feature articles from the people who have made it  and how they made it. There are also opportunities for finding funding. They have many rich articles for entrepreneurs.

4. AgriIncome is a business blog in Nigeria that focuses on agriculture business which is also known as agri-business. They feature articles on how to start different agriculture business and also opportunities for conferences and funding. You should follow them if you have an interest in agriculture.

5. StartUpTipsDaily is a blog that is primary focused on startups. They feature articles that people starting out business should be interested in. The articles featured on this blog can help entrepreneurs run their startups successfully.

6. UtibeEtim is a blog that is focused on bringing financial opportunities available to entrepreneurs in Nigeria. The blog gives priority to listing latest funding opportunities and grant opportunities.

7. Entorm is a business blog that covers many aspect of the business world. They regularly share motivational articles to help entrepreneurs and business people.

In addition, they share business guides and other helpful articles.

8. NairaMetrics is a popular blog that writes about business, investing opportunities, stock market and all round business news. If you are interested in investment opportunities or the best stock to invest, then you should follow this blog.

9. BusinessPlanNigeria is a blog that is focused on bringing the latest business opportunities to Nigerians. In addition they give an idea of business plan. If you also wish, you can hire them to write a business plan for you

10. AfricaBusinessClassroom is a business blog that teaches the latest business opportunities to Nigerians and Africans. They have great articles on various businesses. They also write insightful articles.

Honourable mention:

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