Here are 10 reasons why you should never give up

Sometimes when you have given your all to be successful, happy and accomplished, everything still seems not to be working in your favour. And you get tired of everything. You just want to quit. But there are always good reasons why you should never give up. There are always good reasons to hold on.

At times you may try to encourage yourself to stay strong but the people around you will always make you want to give up. There are times you may look for help, you cry alone and there is no one to reach out a hand. It is hard.

Then voices in you begins to whisper you some options. One is telling you to give up and the other is telling you to never give up. Ultimately the choice is your. But giving up is never a good option.

You can always achieve anything. You can always turn things around. It can always get better. Only if you do not give up.

10 reasons why you should never give up

The following are 10 reasons why you should never give up.

1. Think about many years from now

Before you give up, think about many years from now. Maybe five, ten or even twenty years from now. When you look back at today, will you be glad that you gave up? Would you wish that you had held on and give it your best?

The truth is that your future self will likely not be happy that your present self gave up. You will always keep wondering, what if I had not given up. What if I had done this. What if I had tried this.

2. Your dreams and goals are worth the extra mile

Your dreams and goals are worth more than giving up. They are  worth the extra mile. The truth is that the good things in life like your dreams are worth fighting for. They are worth going the extra mile for.

Do all it takes to make them come true. Don’t betray your dreams. If it means staying awake all night, do it. Because when they finally come true, you will be glad that you did!

3. Giving up is the easy option not the best option

Giving up is a very easy thing to do. Almost everyone can give up. I mean it. Anyone can give up. Holding on and never giving up is a stronger and more courageous thing to do. Not everyone can hold on but everyone can give up.

Sometimes, that is the difference between a winner and a loser.

4. Things can change at any time

Because things are tough and hard now does not mean it will always be this way! Anything can happen at anytime. It is popularly said that the only constant thing in life is change. Hold on, things will change. Never give up.

5. You are actually closer than you think

The race is always tougher when you get closer to the finishing line. It is sad that a lot of people give up when they are almost there. The truth is everyday brings you closer to your dreams than the previous day.

6. Regret always comes last

My daddy always told us “‘had I known’ comes last not first.”  That means we always regret our actions after we have taken it and see the consequences. We never regret before we take them. You don’t want to regret, so why not hold on and give it some more push?

7. Nothing compares to happiness and success

While it may be tough now. When success and happiness comes, you will forget about the pains. There are only few things in life that can compare to success and happiness. They are amazing. Imagine when the money or whatever it is finally comes, your life will change.

The truth is that success and happiness are your right. Don’t give up on them because of these tough times.

8. Obstacles and failures are part of life

Obstacles and failures are part of life. They maybe fatal but they are not the end. Most of the successful and happy people you see today have once failed. Then they tried again. Failed and tried gain. They have encountered many obstacles and still kept on going.

Giving your best at every time should be your best option.

9. It is better to die trying than to give up

Something dies in a man or woman when they have nothing to live for. It is a very bad position to be in. It is like dying inside but alive outside. Don’t let it get to that. Don’t let that happen to you. Keep going!

10. You will never know what would have happened if you held on

Sadly, if you give up, you will never know what would have happened if you had not given up. You would never know how successful you would have been. There are many great singers, scientists, engineers, leaders, sportsmen, entrepreneurs who would have been in the history book, but they did not, because they gave up at a point. Never give up.

Stay strong, stay focuses, stay committed, never give up!

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